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Last update: 16.11.2020

Embedded Engineer

Graduation: BTech
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Hindi (Native or Bilingual) | Japanese (Limited professional)


Embedded Embedded Systems Matlab Simulink Verilog Sales Lead Generation AUTOSAR ADAS C programming


Simulink, Targetlink, Matlab, DSPACE software, Matlab R2011b, Model Based Testing, VCR, TargetLink 3.3p3, Code Coverage, code review, VERILOG, VHDL, Embedded systems, VLSI design,Autosar,C programming,Adas,Sales

Project history

11/2020 - 11/2020
Project 2:
Title : Model Based Testing-Verification and Validation for VCR In Powertrain Department.
Client : Hitachi Automotive Systems, Gunma,Japan
Role : Tester

Worked with the environment Matlab R2011b, Simulink , TargetLink 3.3p3 and Embedded Tester(BTC)
Simulink Model and Target link Model were verified for Model-in-loop and Software-in-loop Testing.
Understanding and providing the evidence for range restriction of particular models provided by the
specifications from the client.
Analyzing the Simulink and Target link models.
Profile Creation with BTC - Embedded Tester.
Achieving Code Coverage(C0,C1 and MCDC) for ETCode.
Providing Test data for Coverage Report.
Involved in SIL and MIL Testing for Simulink , Targetlink Model using Matlab 2011b and BTC EmbeddedTes ter.
Verifying the Testing results, Coverage reports and troubleshooting thebugs.
Involved in NG analysis, code review, documentation and project release activities.

Acadamic Project

Hybrid Cleaning and Air Quality Bot :
Abstract - This project aims at the fabrication of Hybrid Cleaning machine, where a robot cleans all the hazardous
chemicals presents in the industries and monitor the air quality level of an industrial environment at the same time.
The major advantage of this system are keeping pollution free environment.
Robot can be operated manually or automatically with sensors involved in it, and also it will create an alarm, when
the air quality level of an industry reaches the threshold limit. This robot can be used for general household work
also like cleaning and mopping the floor etc. While cleaning, the bot automatically avoid all the obstacles coming in
its way without human need. it is a low cost effective system by the usage of sensors combined with embedded
systems and app monitoring.

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