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Norbert Ehreke

not available until 04/30/2022

Last update: 22.04.2021

Security Solution Architect, Tech PL, Senior Analyst, Full Stack Developer, SQL Developer

Company: be.solid GmbH
Graduation: Dipl.-Ing. (~MSc)
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
Negiotiable with respect to task topic / project duration / project scope & responsibility / remote work availability
Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional) | French (Limited professional)


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ITIL, ISO2700x, IT Governance, Security Management, Business Analysis, Management Consulting, Git, MS SQL Server, ASP.NET C#, Nexpose, Windows, Release Management, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Visual Studio, C#, IIS, Security Monitoring, Application Security, XML, Web Application, SQL Server Tools, Razor, JavaScript/JQuery, HTML5, Hotfix, IT Security, Data Warehouse, Windows Services, T-SQL, Redgate Developer Suite, OOA, OOD, DevExpress, AngularJS, Vue.JS, Subversion, MS Excel, MS Access, VSTO, Java-based software toolkit, Programming, Java, JQuery, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, C, C++, MySQL, IntelliJ IDEA, BPM, Azure, Remediation Managment, Vulnerability Management, Data Leakage Prevention, DLP, TypeScript, Data Vault, SOLID

Project history

10/2019 - 02/2021
Security Solution Architect
Business Field Financial Services (Deutsche Bank
Business Field Financial Services (Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt)
Roles Management Consultant, Systems Architect
Activities Lead architect for security enrichment & aggregation layer in combination with remediation
frontend. Solution design of configuration finding remediation process and its automation.

" Workstream Lead
" Business Analyst
" Process & Solution Designer

Tools & Technologies Applying ISO2700x best practices
MS Office, Git, MS SQL Server, ASP.NET C#

04/2019 - 10/2019
Vulnerability Remediation Architect
Business Field Financial Services
Business Field Financial Services (Helaba, Offenbach)
Roles Management Consultant, Systems Architect, Developer
Activities Due to a transformation process within the client's organization, the active management of
security vulnerabilities as detected by a Nexpose Scanner is being targeted with a team of
security experts. Analysis of vulnerability impact, setup of a coordination database and proactive
interaction with stakeholders.
" Design & Implementation of Remediation database
" 1st Line of Defence Operator
" Vulnerability Impact Analysis
" S-CERT Notification Management
" Operations & monitoring concepts

Tools & Technologies Windows, MS Office, Git, MS SQL Server
Applying ISO2700x best practices

01/2014 - 12/2018
Project Lead, Senior Analyst, Lead Developer
Business Field Financial Services (Deutsche Bank
Activities Responsible for entire solution architecture, design and implementation. Implementation and
Team Lead. Solution architect for dbDAM, which is a global strategic service to monitor all
critical databases for non-compliant access and security relevant misuse. Design of security
event bundling and management. Technical liaison for business department.
" Service & Solution Architecture
" Implementation Lead & Release Management
" Stakeholder Management
" Business Analysis
" Framework Development
" Team lead
Tools & Technologies tiggs BPM, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Visual Studio, C#, IIS, Git

06/2012 - 12/2013
Process Automation Manager, Software Architect & Developer
Business Field Financial Services (Deutsche Bank
An onboarding automation support for application security monitoring configuration
was requested. Solution architect & implementation lead.
Activities " Business analysis of security configuration lifecycle management
" Process design and automation using tiggs BPM
" Implemtation of various support tools and documentation

Tools & Technologies tiggs BPM, ASP.NET, SQL Server, C#, XML, Git

01/2012 - 06/2012
Architect, Development Lead, Senior Consultant
Business Field Consumer (tiggs GmbH)
Activities " Design & Development of an internet web application to organize events based on the tiggs
BPM platform.
" Customizing of tiggs BPM with ASP.NET & SQL Server
Tools & Technologies tiggs BPM, C#, Razor, JavaScript/JQuery, HTML5, SQL Server

11/2011 - 12/2011
Roles Security Analyst, Software Developer, IT Security Consultant
Business Field Financial Services (Eurohypo)
Activities " Analysis and remediation of existing J2EE 1.4 legacy application vulnerability that could lead
to identity theft
" System reverse engineering
" Vulnerability Hotfix
Tools & Technologies Java, JAAS

01/2010 - 10/2011
Roles Lead Developer
Business Field IT Consultancy (Impetus)
Activities " Software rollout planning & tracking
" Installation management and software deployment
" Client infrastructure analysis and improvements
" Data migration from legacy system
" Tutoring and lecturing on new software
" Database Activity Monitoring
Tools & Technologies Windows Services, C#, T-SQL, Redgate Developer Suite, XML, OOA, OOD

08/2009 - 12/2009
Business Analysis, Sub-Project Manager
Objectives: System Analysis, Design of Foreign Unit Integration into existing
provisioning system; Code reviews & optimizations; business analysis and
liaison to business units
Tools: Java, PL/SQL (Oracle)

01/2008 - 12/2009
Architect, Lead Developer, Budget Responsible
Business Field Business Process Management (tiggs GmbH)
Activities " Lead Systems Architect and Developer
" Team Lead reporting to senior management
" Lead presenter of tiggs BPM to clients and customers
Tools & Technologies Java, C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, DevExpress, Subversion

02/2009 - 07/2009
Project Lead, Lead Developer
tiggs GmbH
Objectives: Design, Development, Deployment
Tools: C#, Java, ASP.NET, Swing, MS SQL Server

12/2008 - 01/2009
Eurohypo AG
Objectives: Design & Implementation of a transaction optimizing engine
Tools: Excel, C#, VSTO

03/2007 - 01/2008
Developer, Analyst
tiggs GmbH
Objectives: BPM Engine Development
Tools: Java, MS SQL Server, Oracle, ASP.NET

12/2006 - 02/2007
Developer, Analyst
Union Investment
Objectives: Development of a Java-based software toolkit that is configured
dynamically via Oracle database
Tools: Java, PL/SQL (Oracle)

(Further CV details upon request)

Time and spatial flexibility

Willingness to engage in an near-shore/off-shore project is directly coupled with the following criteria:
  • Is the project scope and objective of high interest to me?
  • Is the team cohesive and welcoming?
  • Is the compensation adequate?


Freiberuflicher IT-Berater (Andreas Krupinski)
"Großer technischer Background, hohes persönliches Engagement, absolut vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit"

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