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Oracle database and E-business suite administration

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ITDotCom is a young, dynamic company, that employees high-level IT professionals with extensive experience of work with Russian and foreign companies.

What do we offer?

We follow the current of your business processes, selecting and preparing the best service and monitoring shedules of the key elements of your IT infrastructure.Due to many industruy-proven methods, we improve the quality of service, reducing the time spent on it, and thus saving you time and money. Our managers will choose the best service plan and suggest you the project developed specially for your needs. Our unique monitoring system will help you to cut support staff expenses, reduce incidents reaction time and decrease time spent on pro-/re-active support. Our techical support specialists will help you to resolve your problems in shortest time, with minimum delays, in most suitable way.

Working with us, you get a number of significant advantages, such as:

1. The resolution will be reached in the shortest period of time, several certified specalists with necessary specialisation may be involved.
2. Savings on IT service expenses.

Major expenses typically heppen in the first period, during system setup, existing system operation analyze, or its modernization, setup of up of monitoring and protection systems. On the next steps, most of the tasks will be executed automatically, minimizing human involvment. Based on the above major expenses are required at the beginning of implementation and system setup. Further phases of the project included the work. Finally working support and monitoring processes require minimal amount of time and money.


3. We use our great knowledge collected during the years of work with our customers, so our specialists do not waste the time looking for the solutions, but use expertise and knowledge addressing the problems, and in the executing various tasks.
4. You can create support tasks using access to our support and accounting system, either using the Internet or by e-mail or with a phone call to our technical support number.

5. Support is provided according to the agreement (contract). Support is being provided remotely by the phone /e-mail/Help Desk, as well as on site.

6. Saving time when installing / configuring new equipment (no more need to look for a different component suppliers everuwhere), saving time necessary to reslove arising problems.

7. Best value. (Reducing the cost of the systems administration with automatization of most processes and minimization of the human resources required for maintenance).

8. Stable performance of all system components.

To implement the enhanced technical support you need:
- pay for the services (to reach agreement and sign the contract);
- obtain user ID and password;
- enjoy our support (remote: phone, e-mail, online support system and on-site).

The specialists will start working on your problem within one hour (or within the time specified in the agreement) after receiving support request. You can follow the progress of your request resolution using online system.You can follow the progress of your request resolution using online system.

Additional advantages of cooperation with us: We can provide the full range of the technical services you need.
If you need to new software or scripts, our specialists can create it in very short terms. Every task is being executed according to the developed, coordinated and signed and technical project.
Our company develops software in the following languages: Java, C ++, PHP. We provides full range of development, implementation, support and maintenance services for the software projects.
Project works include development of the technical specifications according to the customer requirements.
If you need a team of professional developers that can deliver the project on time, then you should use our services to make your plans come true. Effective usage of the available resources will help to cut the cost of development while keeping constant the quality of the final product.

We have designed and implemented data protection and adaptive monitoring system implementation projects.
For companies that are using Oracle RDBMS we offer our clone and support product (solutions for the RDBMS on UNIX), etc...
ITDotCom implements and supports third-party products and solutions, also is the official representative of XITEX Software company in Moscow.
We are working 24x7x365

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