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  • Last update: 22.01.2021
Profileimage by Nathan Wilson Enterprise Solutions Consultant, Enterprise Solutions Consultant, Enterprise Solutions Consultant from Rugby
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TCP/IP, JMS, Interfaces, EntireX, Java, NT, Unix, SunSolaris, AIX, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Development, WTX, XML Parsers, MRM, Message, Schemas, Mappings, FoxPro, SQL Server, Sybase ASE 12.0 & 12.5, Oracle 8, 9i, AutoTester, SWIFT, RUP, Rational Unified Process, Programming, Visual Basic, C++, DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98, Windows NT 3.51/4, Windows 2000, XP, Solaris, z/OS, iSeries, Linux, RedHat, Suze, WebSphere MQ, WebSphere, Message Broker, FTP, MQ, file transfer, SFTP, Backups, WebSphere Message, BizTalk, IBM, WebSphere Message Broker, Kingfisher, Datapower, WebSphere MQMFT, MFT Servers, Encoding, WebSphere MQ 7.5, TCP/IP connectivity, WebSphere MQ Administration, SAP, databases, Integrator, Database connectivity, Multithreading, Ariba, WMB, Linux SUZE 9, mainframe, CRM, MQ Series, IBM RUP, MQ Series / WMQI, Visual Modeller suite, MQ/WMQI environments, regression testing, middleware, Visual Basic GUIs, internet application, SyBase ASE 12.0 and 12.5, SAP R/3, FI, test scripts
  • 01/2021 - 01/2021

    • GEC Electrical Projects / Cegelec / Alstom Drives and Controls
  • Cost Investigator / Accountant

  • 07/2013 - 01/2021

    • Parker
  • Enterprise Solutions Consultant
  • Consultancy on WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Message Broker on implementation of international systems.

    Customer required consultation on their inbuilt systems to allow for multi-national data
    transmission. The source and target systems required that multiple code pages (CCSID) were utilised
    within the global solution. Customer required aid in resolving correct CCSID and Encoding to allow
    for double byte characters in conjunction with iSeries systems.

  • 06/2013 - 01/2021

    • RMG
  • Enterprise Solutions Consultant
  • Installation and Configuration of WebSphere MQ 7.5

    Customer required a re-installation of WebSphere MQ on their Pre-Production environment post OS
    upgrade. Once installation was completed, configuration of WebSphere MQ was required to allow two
    way communication across secured network with business partners. Once configuration was completed,
    initial testing of the communications was required in both Pre-Production and Production
    environments. This was achieved whilst working with remote users at the business partner location.

  • 06/2013 - 01/2021

    • National Bank of Abu Dhabi
  • Enterprise Solutions Consultant
  • Implementation of WebSphere Message Broker in an environment heavily reliant on TCP/IP.

    Customer required consultation on WebSphere Message Broker with regards to improving TCP/IP
    connectivity. Alongside this issues with installations and current developments were resolved
    including WebSphere MQ Administration. Issues with deployment were resolved alongside design of
    Broker Topology.

  • 06/1998 - 01/2021

    • Alstom T & D
  • Senior SAP R/3 FI/CO Training Consultant

  • 11/1997 - 01/2021

    • Okidata Systems
  • Senior SAP R/3 FI/CO Training Consultant

  • 01/2020 - 03/2020

    • Tryg Insurance
  • Enterprise Solutions Consultant
  • Consultancy on WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Message Broker on implementation of internal and partner
    facing systems.

    SME for MQ and IIB on internal projects.
    Designing and Implementing FTP(S) solution as an upgrade to current process.
    Consultancy on MQ and IIB matters as well as problem solving and support. Implemented procedures for
    IIB Upgrade and re-design of partner facing interface.

  • 01/2017 - 01/2020

    • Nationwide
  • Enterprise Solutions Consultant
  • Consultancy on WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Message Broker on implementation of internal systems.

    SME for MQ and IIB on internal projects. Consultancy on MQ and IIB incorporating mass file transfer
    via FTP and SFTP matters as well as problem solving and support. Projects also required
    recommendations on future work. Design and Implemented automated, via scripted process, in
    implementing Performance control in IIB to aid BAU teams to make instant changes via command lines
    as WebGUI was not implemented.
    Management of Environments Security via Keys and Certificates to ensure non relative connectivity
    was enforced.
    Developed, Tested, Implemented and Oversaw migration of IIB 9 to IIB 10 across 42 environments with
    multiple IIB instances. Created initial approach to migration from IIB 10 to IIB 11 (ACE).
    Environment Investigation
    Process Creation
    Taking of Backups
    Detachment of Policies
    Re-attachment of Policies

    Controlled deployments of code via Urban Code in multiple (42) environments.

  • 02/2016 - 01/2017

    • Pets at Home
  • Enterprise Solutions Consultant
  • Consultancy on WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Message Broker on implementation of internal systems.

    Acting as Designer, Architect, Developer and Tester on building from scratch a complete pattern
    solution for Pets at Home. Currently working alongside customer in implementing complete migration
    from existing BizTalk solution into IBM product suite as per design.

  • 07/2015 - 02/2016

    • Celessio - Engand
  • Enterprise Solutions Consultant
  • Consultancy on WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Message Broker on implementation of internal systems.

    Led team in migrating MQ, IIB and WAS to latest supported versions including recompiling of existing
    code to run within confines of newer versions. Built environments alongside existing to enable a
    quick switchover between them. Dealing with external third parties..

  • 12/2013 - 06/2015

    • NAG
  • Enterprise Solutions Consultant
  • Consultancy on WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Message Broker and IBM WTX on implementation of internal

    Acting as consultant, developer and tester on multiple projects simultaneously as customer was in
    middle of major product and application rollout.
    Developing multiple interfaces in both IBM IIB and IBM WTX (whichever was appropriate) and internal
    architecture solutions on projects whilst working with other design, development and testing teams
    to ensure that all projects rolled out on time and with a little impact as possible.
    IBM WTX involved generating Schemas, Mappings and Configuration Variables to ensure the overall
    solution was efficient and accurate when interfacing with Adapters and Databases (via DID).

  • 09/2013 - 12/2013

    • Kingfisher
  • Enterprise Solutions Consultant
  • Consultancy on Datapower, WebSphere MQ, WebSphere MQMFT and WebSphere Message Broker on
    implementation of international systems.
    Customer required Datapower support for newly rolling out project along with, WebSphere Message
    Broker consultancy.
    Alongside this, customer required the build and configuration of multiple WebSphere MQ and MFT
    Servers and Clients (40 in all) over a short period of time in order to re-build the Development and
    Testing Infrastructure.

    Working alongside the architects the servers were configured and tested for functionality over a
    period of 3 weeks alongside carrying out support work for other projects.

  • 08/2012 - 04/2013

    • Marks and Spencer
  • Enterprise Solutions Consultant
  • Upgrade of WebSphere MQ from to across multiple environments, servers and versions.
    Provided consultancy on WebSphere Message Broker upgrade from 6.0 to via 6.1.
    Managed teams and provided mentoring to new starters on MQ and upgrades via BladeLogic.
    Developing scripts for deployment as well as trouble shooting issues on migration including
    resolving issues at code level and environment level & co-ordinating with IBM on PMR issues.

  • 01/2012 - 07/2012

    • BP; Danone
  • Enterprise Solutions Consultant
  • Onsite client consultancy and training around new installation of WebSphere MQ.

    Danone - France January 2012 - June 2012

    Key tasks were as follows:
    Designing, developing & supporting Message Broker flows for a key roll out in Brazil. Designed flows
    from specifications then developed, unit tested and promoting them to further environments.
    Message flows consisted of data to and from a SAP adapter instance and to and from legacy based
    The flows utilised ESQL code as well as message mapping nodes. Interaction with databases and stored
    procedures was key as well as using a central set of ESQL files.

  • 12/2009 - 10/2011

    • TNT
  • Principal Systems Integrator
  • Joined an established team in a senior role in order to mentor new members within the Systems
    Integration Team. Main tasks were the developing, and designing solutions within the company in a
    multi platform/region/application environment.

    Was part of the team involved in the migration from V6 to V7 in both MQ and Message Broker.

    Error Handling, Database connectivity, Multithreading, Development, Design, were all part of the
    work involved.

  • 02/2004 - 12/2009

    • Erebor Ltd
  • Technical Consultant
  • Joined Erebor as a Technical Consultant in the WMQ and Message Broker arena. Dealing with multiple
    clients at the same time involving installations, configuration and support of new and older
    installations including the implementation of Message Broker with adapter interfaces including Ariba
    and SAP.

    Typical tasks included implementation, development and support for a series of customers in the
    WebSphere arena. Including a complete upgrade from V5 to V6 of Message Broker in a 3 month period
    with a successful problem free Go Live.

    Also acted in a pre-sales role with clients defining solutions and advising clients on possible
    solutions and actions.

    Acted as Project Technical Team Lead for a project in South Africa for a major bank which resulted
    in a 5 month start to finish rollout of Workflow, WBI and monitor. The project was implemented on
    time and has been running successfully since implementation.

    Acting as customer liaison Nathan, installed and developed a complete MQ and WMB across Linux SUZE
    9, EPOS and iSeries platforms involving 250 separate locations and multiple, clusters to enable live
    data to be entered into the mainframe systems.

    In addition to his WBIMB roles Nathan has also taken on development, testing and production support
    on several WBISE projects including taking on projects from other companies when they have failed.

    Nathan also delivered various training courses to clients and aided clients in developing their own
    solutions by mentoring the staff and guiding them in development.

  • 10/2002 - 09/2003

    • Glue Ltd; BSkyB
  • Lead Consultant / Project Manager
  • BSkyB

    After 6 months on Kraft, Nathan was asked to spearhead the glue: involvement in the BSkyB CRM
    project in Edinburgh working with MQ Series and WMQI. Nathan was the lead consultant from glue: on
    the project, paving the way for further placements. Within a very limited period of time Nathan
    acquainted himself with the procedures at BSkyB and aided in the design, development and testing of
    various interfaces between multiple systems involving various applications. Nathan also ran the QA
    department for the returning code build developments from the outsourced facility in India, checking
    the source code and compatibility and ensure change management was carried out correctly using in
    house procedures and the IBM RUP standards to ensure uniformity and deliverables. Subsequently
    Nathan was asked to lead the support organization from the MQ Series / WMQI perspective and enable
    the BSkyB employees to learn from experience and allow a level of self development with the
    integration side of the project.

    All documentation was governed to ensure RUP compatibility and all data process diagrams were
    created to ensure that all knowledge was carried over via the Visual Modeller suite of IBMs RUP.

    As part of the initial role Nathan was involved in developing interfaces with WMQI, JAVA Connectors
    with MQ Series and JMS.

    The environment was varied and included XP, Windows 2000 and Solaris. With development taking place
    on DB2 with production running on Oracle and Solaris.

    The support environment was in its infancy and Nathan developed the appropriate team connections and
    support organizations as well as writing the documentation on supporting the MQ/WMQI environments.

  • 05/2000 - 10/2002

    • SyBase / NEON (New Era Of Networks)
  • Global Technical Trainer
  • Nathan joined the company as a trainer for the expanding library of middleware products. In a 3 week
    period he learnt the software and was training candidates both internal and external clients. The
    training involved extensive use of both NEON's own products as well as IBM's MQSeries products.
    Nathan is now main point of contact for IBM software in the EMEA branch of this NASDAQ quoted
    company as has trained people from all over the world in our London offices. Nathan has also acted
    as a consultant and developer of software and courseware, including troubleshooting products with in
    house consultants and IBM's own consultants.

    Regular contact between NEON and their banking customers meant that a lot of Nathan's students were
    the banks themselves who understood the importance of Middleware but not how it affected their
    systems. Nathan trained the students in Middleware and how S.W.I.F.T. and FIX were handled by the
    Middleware applications. This allowed them to fully rationalise their in house projects completely.
    Once completed with the training Nathan was also involved in implementations on projects and the
    recent upgrade of S.W.I.F.T. to ISO15022.

    Whilst working on site at projects for the NHS and Nathan was involved in developing Visual Basic
    GUIs for existing legacy systems including adapting to green screen applications, screen scraping
    and data loading, as well as connectivity to Middleware applications and external apps eg. Web and
    secondary legacy systems.

    Nathan has also been a driving force behind developing new product courseware and was asked to
    create, write and deliver the first worldwide on a new product. He completed this and received rave
    reviews. Within this Nathan developed the software required to enable complete compatibility with
    existing products and software suites.

    Nathan is also the lead contact and trainer worldwide within NEON for MQSI V2 and has not only
    delivered the course in the UK but also in Germany and USA. As well as consulting with clients in
    Norway at short notice when they had problems, Nathan flew out and helped them sort of their

    With recent changes in staff Nathan has become lead trainer in UK and Europe as well as continuing
    his role as a consultant and technical support for all products in the NEON / IBM catalogue
    including assistance and consultation on customer sites for extended periods.

    Recently Nathan was the first western visitor to the Sybase China office in Beijing to deliver a
    week long course to consultants on NEON products and aid them in sales, pre-sales and consultancy.
    After this he spent a week in the SyBase Korea office training, and configuring systems to enable
    fast deployment of products to customers as well as aiding the consultants there in configuration
    and design problems.

    Being the sole representative for New Era Of Networks training within Europe, Nathan has taken on
    the role of delivery courses internally to all SyBase Europe employees as well as delivery remote
    classes via the internet using the Placeware internet application. At the same time Nathan has acted
    as main point of contact worldwide within SyBase for New Era Of Network training.

    The course catalogue continued with Nathan Learning Ebiz 2000 and Visual Basic to deliver courses
    for the Scottish Health Service in their Sky program to enable true integration with the different
    regions and beyond.

    Nathan has recently self studied for certification in SyBase products including SyBase ASE 12.0 and
    12.5 and has delivered the training for these products to clients to a high success.

    Logica / Team 121 - SAP R/3 Training Division

    The following are some of the projects that Nathan was involved extensively in: -

    Glaxo Wellcome - SAP R/3 Implementation (MRPII Project)
    SAP R/3 FI/CO Testing & Training Data Consultant

    April 1999 - April 2000
    Nathan's role was to program and produce AutoTester scripts / outlines for the CO module. The bases
    of the outlines were existing test scripts from earlier project phases. In total approximately 50
    outlines were required and these were completed ahead of schedule.
    Nathan also managed a subsidiary project involving dataloading for all 8 sites involved in the
    initial rollout in the UK and multiple sites worldwide on the next phase. This involved acquiring
    data requirements and programming AutoTester to input data at various stages for the training. The
    numbers involved were large and Nathan managed this on time and accurately.
    The entire project at Glaxo Wellcome was the largest single SAP/IT implementation in Europe. At one
    point 1,400 people were working on it simultaneously.

  • 02/1999 - 03/1999

  • SAP R/3 FI/CO Training Developer
  • Nathan developed CO and CO-PA training documentation to a company generic standard and delivered
    courses to internal employees to improve their working knowledge of SAP in the FI and CO modules.

    The internal courses covered overview and transactional activities within FI and CO as well as
    developing the individual consultants' attitudes towards training end users and improving their
    methods. The consultants ranged from raw recruits to semi and fully experienced consultants who had
    some or no experience within the training field.

  • 07/1998 - 09/1998

    • Boots Healthcare International
  • Senior SAP R/3 FI/CO Training Consultant

  • 09/1997 - 09/1998

    • Campbell Distillers Limited
  • Senior SAP R/3 FI/CO Training Consultant

  • 06/1998 - 07/1998

    • Electricity Supply Board
  • Senior SAP R/3 FI/CO Training Consultant

  • 03/1998 - 05/1998

    • DDS Europe
  • Senior SAP R/3 FI/CO Training Consultant

  • 11/1997 - 03/1998

    • Motability Finance Limited
  • Senior SAP R/3 FI/CO Training Consultant/Project Leader

  • 10/1997 - 11/1997

    • Schneider Systems
  • Senior SAP R/3 FI/CO Training Consultant

  • 05/1996 - 09/1997

    • Conoco Oil / Andersen Consulting
  • Product Accountant
  • Pipeline and Rail
    May 1996 - September 1997

Available to travel when permitted.