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Mohammed Al-Maghazachi


Last update: 11.02.2021

Chief Flight Instructor Assistant

Graduation: not provided
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Hourly rate chosen based off work and handling experience, this is flexible to the employer's conditions.
Languages: Arabic (Native or Bilingual) | English (Limited professional)


INSTRUCTOR manage a team redundancy Design Operations technical Training Sales Marketing Reporting Compliance Strategy Research Analytical Policies Budget Finance Project Management Customer Service Documentation Content Presentations Brand SAFETY Certification Regulations Legal Engagement Database Distribution Coaching Testing Writing Control Scheduling Regulatory Contracts Consulting


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Inherited Skills
    Leadership and Management
          •  Ability to lead a team of workers by use of proper training or motivation in a timely manner.
          •  Can generate a consistent factory process when assuming the role of management whilst
           • placing colleague opinion into consideration to ensure satisfaction and best performance.

    Instructional techniques
          •  Aiding less trained colleagues and coaching students to adapt and learn new concepts 
             effectively both in virtual & in-person learning models.
          •  Task confirmation, regularly consult more experienced workers or management when I -
             face tricky tasks.

  Effective communication
          •  Active feedback for enquiries to ensure improvements to the workplace environment if needed (Weekly).
          •  Conformation using readbacks & critical observation to colleagues and senior staff of work facility.

Computer technology Analysis
          •   Ability to work with all standard Microsoft Office applications, specialize in swift & authentic presentation making.
          •   Capable of managing multiple Security Feeds & Cameras whilst effectively utilizing safety procedures with absolute caution.
          •   Can navigate multiple Social media platforms in the designated objective of advertising business or products to a certain audience mainly in Canada and the United States.
                                      •  Facebook
                                       •  Instagram etc
         •   Manage Data and Precise E-Calendar Appointments & due dates or emails accurately as advised.

Project history

02/2019 - 12/2021
Chief Flight Instructor Assistant
Royal Canadian Air Cadets 364

02/2018 - 12/2019
Senior Manager
Imam Hussein Foundation

Time and spatial flexibility

Availability & hours

 -Monday - 1600hrs - 2200hrs (4pm-10pm)
-Wednesday 1600hrs - 2200hrs (4pm-10pm)
-Thursday 1600hrs - 2200hrs (4pm-10pm)
-Friday 1600hrs - 2200hrs (4pm-10pm)
-Saturday 0900hrs - 2100hrs (9am-9pm)
-Sunday 0900hrs - 2100hrs (9am-9pm)


Contact Information

Cell: +1 (519) 566-5897
Home: +1 (519) 915-2378


Looking forward to a bright future and career opportunities!

Best regards.

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