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Last update: 06.09.2022

PLM Consultant (Digital Data Digitization) in space of SAP and Dassualt PLM

Graduation: Bachelor of Engineering
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Languages: English (Full Professional)




PLM, SAP, ERP, CAD, CADENCE et, Matrix One (version :1.6), Enovia, Java/J2EE, TCL, MQL, SQL, C#, Hadoop, Map, Reduce, Premise, HTML 5, JSS Data Transportation Language/Services: JSON, XML, REST Domain, Change Management, SAP Integration, BOM, MBOM, Unit testing, Load testing, Digitization, Data Migration, data strategy, bug fixes, TFS, Server configuration, UML, Cloud, Catia, wrapper, Junit, quality assurance, SVN, ArcGIS, CAS, Java-J2EE, Struts, Mainframe, Siebel, database

Project history

03/2016 - 12/2018
Management Consultant
Accenture Consulting; Capgemini Technology Services

04/2016 - 12/2018
Senior Consultant
Environment Enovia V6 and 3D Exp
Activities Customization, Integration, Upgradation and Migration

GEMS is the project which involves with execution of complete business process of
Schlumberger from its Designing to its implementation. It is data source for
Manufacturing Units and engaged with monitoring the change management of the
lifecycle of products. With integrations to ERP's and SAP it acts as PDM to
provide data and meta data information and thus governs business.

* Responsible as Senior Consultant to implement and suggest Manufacturing
governance for Schlumberger, by implementing XBOM Central with inculcating
Schlumberger business process model.
* Responsible for SAP integration among other team members.
* Responsible for Engineering side customizations and to implement engineering
specific solutions to customer.
* Completely responsible for Migration loads to push site related data to SAP for
SAP go live.
* Responsible for bug fixes and to provide alternative approach to users for
business continuity.
* Responsible to automate Sync between Pro-E designs/documents with Single GEMS by
populating unique Item number on the respective part.
* Single point of contact for customer for all migration related estimates,
approach and proposals.
* Providing demo to customer on the developments and feeding the suggestions to
dev team and understand the lack in required vs developed and filling that bridge.
* Responsible to maintain tasks in TFS and to follow agile methodology for project
* Involving in discussions related upgrade approach and the functionalities which
can be retained, and the necessary changes needs to be done to achieve same data
model as it is now.

09/2015 - 03/2016
Senior Project Engineer
Wipro Technologies

09/2015 - 03/2016
Senior Project Engineer
Client Leading Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturer
Environment Enovia V6- 2013x
Activities Knowledge Gathering, Server configuration, Client interaction and customization

Haliburton is pioneer in Oil and Gas services; project includes transition of L3
support and development work from the counterpart. Which includes taking the
knowledge transfer, understanding the process both technical in terms of
functionality and release process. Documenting the same and then to provide
visibility to other team members on their respective roles and responsibilities
with respect to application.
It also includes establishing new server configurations, customized "Exalead"
search and understanding related integrations with SAP.

* Responsible to coordinate with other team to understand the current business and
application process.
* Responsible to draft the data flow and UML diagrams for the application.
* Responsible to understand the technicality involved in the application and to
deliver clear understanding of the same to team.
* Responsible to clear or discuss doubts from the team with counterpart.
* Responsible to implement the customer stack and application on local servers.
* Responsible for code fixes raised by customer during transaction cut-over.

07/2014 - 09/2015
Senior Developer
3DPLM Software (Dassault Systems)
Environment Enovia V 6 (13x) and 3D Exp (15x and 16x)
Activities HF Implementation lead, Senior Product developer, Cloud and On-Premise implementations

3DPLM is the second largest Research and Development lab for Dassault System
(after Dassault System), now referred as Dassault System.
Dassault System is the product company for tools like Enovia, Catia, Stimula which
are intensively used for designing and change management.
"Program Central" is the project which includes Project, Effort and Work Breakdown
Structure Management control. It categorizes the changes based on the Project and
thus provides and outer wrapper to the associated tasks under that project.
It also includes other Project management activities includes: Risk analysis,
Effort analysis, Time sheet Management, Gate/Milestone/Tasks management and

Single point of contact for the Hot Fix scheduling with coordination to onsite
customer coordinator.
* Interaction with product users (like JLR, PNG) with respect to the issues they
faced in the product. Also identify if the issue related to our team (in scope)
else forward it to the relevant team.
* Responsible to create priority list of the work planned to be delivered in the
specific hot fix release with discussion to the onsite team (Dassault System
* Manage the issues related to clous set-up
* Involve in discussions related to the addition of new features planned for
future product release, based on customer feedback or queries they faced on
previous release.
* Packaging the complete hot fix package and upload it to the remote location to
get it delivered to customer.
* Responsible to urgent and pin-point fixes for priority customers.
* Responsible to track the project status and to address team member issues.
* Responsible to interact with QA team for their GO/NOGO decision and to
coordinate with Gate keepers to make final GO/No GO decision.
* Responsible to develop the new feature on the new product release.
* Responsible to execute Junit test cases on the entire build to ensure the
regression free release.

07/2014 - 09/2015
Senior Software Engineer
3DPLM Software

03/2011 - 07/2014
Software Engineer
Tech Mahindra

01/2001 - 08/2013
Software Engineer
Environment Enovia V6, 2013x
Activities Customization, Cadence integration.

. Target PLM involves upgrade from Matrix one to Enovia V6 along integrating two
separate PLM.
Valeo used to maintain one system to maintain their Mechanical changes with
integration to CAD and one separate system for Electrical components with
integration to Cadence. Under this project both the systems were unifies under one
system and the platform was upgraded to Enovia -V6 version 13x.

* Responsible for the developments on the requirements provided by onsite
* Responsible for Cadence related changes with respect to integration for
electrical components creation.
* Responsible to fix the issues reported by quality assurance team.
* Responsible to review code and pass review comments.
* Responsible to tune performance of the application with respect to code tuning
and to implement suggestive setting from Dassault System in the application
* Responsible to adhere time guidelines for the deliverables and to monitor SVN
builds within stipulated timeline.

03/2012 - 06/2013
Software Developer
Environment Matrix One : 11x
Activities ArcGIS, NDFF, Compliance

GE Power is wing of General Electrics which deals with Water and Power Management,
It's project Release 5.0 was related to customizing the Enovia V6 as per their
business process flow with respect to Engineering Bill Of Materials, Work
Breakdown structure, CAS integration and Single Sign-on add on.

* Responsible to coordinate with client with respect to the business requirements.
* Responsible to hold discussions to freeze and define the scope of the
development, based on the functionality.
* Responsible to document the functional specification and getting the same
approved from the customer.
* Responsible to plan the alternative measures to achieve the business work flow
wherever the given requirement is not feasible in technical perspective.
* Involved in application customization as per the customer business process.
* Involved in Go-Live phase of the deliverable along post go-live support.
* Responsible to design and implement roles and access governance mapping over the
* Responsible for the server installations with complete package and all
components of the product along its integrations.

03/2011 - 03/2012
Software Developer
Thomson Reuters
Environment Java-J2EE, Struts, SQL
Activities L3 support and enhancements

Thomson Reuters is United Kingdom largest information selling company which own
their own products.
EDTK is an application of Thomson Reuters which deals with purchase orders from
the customer for the PLI (product) based on the feature called DAD. It has
integration to Compass (old legacy system - Mainframe) to which the purchase order
information needs to feed and that happens using Messaging Queue.
GPDMS is the PDM system that deals with product creation and their costing. It
defines Reuters product definition and manage the costing for the same. It also
has integration to Compass.
B2CC Wave: This was to decommission legacy mainframe application to Seibel and
thus to re-form the integration. This was scheduled in waves which target AMERS,
APAC and REMA region wise.

* Responsible for entire Applications level-3 support, including data and code
* Responsible for Enhancements related to addition of functionalities to the
existing application.
* Act as the chain process master to govern the guidelines related to change
followed with-in the project.
* Responsible to shift integration from Messaging Queue to Siebel links.
* Tracking the System and Unit Testing flow and targeting the change till
production deployment and post validation of result.
* Monitor and provide knowledge transfer to new joined resources.
* Act as transition responsible resource and provide complete project transition
with relevant documents and knowledge to customer.
* Providing ad hoc and regular reports to customer related to revenue and
compliance extracted from application database.

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Profileimage by Kulshrestha NishantKulshrestha PLM Consultant (Digital Data Digitization) in space of SAP and Dassualt PLM from Jaipur PLM Consultant (Digital Data Digitization) in space of SAP and Dassualt PLM