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Last update: 10.05.2021

Performance Test Expert, Performance Engineer, Test Tool Consultant

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Agile, webservices, http protocol,jenkins, Dynatrace, cloud, Neoload, jmeter, Loadrunner Gatling
more then 15+ year experience with all kind of loadtest tools en complex projects

Project history

01/2015 - 05/2021
Performance Test Expert

2015 - Performance Test Expert

Job Description

Independent (performance) test automation expert
I provide independent consultancy (and engineering) on all aspects of performance testing in
Agile/DevOps - Teams. Specialties: effective automated performance testing for any system, using any
tool. (Loadrunner, Neoload and Silkperformer). Also more than 4 years' experience with functional test
automation (QTP, HP Business Components, UFT and Selenium).

Experience in several aspects within the performance testing area, including:
* Gathering performance requirements
* Creating performance test plan
* Using cases/click paths, model production usage patterns
* Loading models, designing tests with proper random test data
* Developing/writing robust performance scripts
* End-user error detection in case of failure
* Code loading test scripts with reusable components to reduce script maintenance
* Monitoring all application layers during test
* Continuous integration - running performance tests during sprints
* User story test within sprints
* Root cause performance analysis: application code, memory, database, query, network,
firewall, Java script, etc.

Test automation and performance tests will be integrated more and more in the near future. I reuse a
(subset from the) functional test suite that allows the client to create the performance test. Moreover,
rich Ajax-based internet applications often require 'single user' performance tests as well, to validate
the client end-to-end response time (e.g. browser memory leaks and resource usage on each and every

01/2014 - 01/2015
Performance Engineer
Rabobank IT Group
Job Description

Performance Engineer/Specialist
Worked in the internet portal development group responsible for and mobile
banking apps for smart phones. Designed performance tests for Rabobank's website and applications
(based on Wepshere) to test all new features developed during sprints. Main task was to design and
implement automated load tests within sprints. Tasks also carried out during sprints:
* Analysing performance test results and root cause analysis
* Also load testing within a stub-based environment, to isolate application layers
* Analysing Java memory usage (and investigating memory leaks)
* Investigating front-end (Java script) performance and stability (also for mobile devices)
* Implementing performance regression tests

* Reporting test results to product owner
Carried out performance tests until they met the team's acceptance criteria; worked together with the
team to find performance bottleneck root cause issue. The main goal was delivering good performance
quality software faster.

03/2013 - 12/2013
Test Tool Consultant
Job Description

Test Tool Consultant
Worked in the Test Automation unit at Sogeti, the market leader in Software QA & test services.
Worked here as an experienced (performance) test automation professional.


* Advising large clients1 about (Performance) Test Automation (Tools).
* Analysing (Business/User/Technical) risks related to load testing and writing risk-based test
* Working with NEOLOAD and Silkperformer within several performance test projects.
* Reporting performance test results to several stakeholders (Project Management, Scrum
Teams, Programme managers, etc.)

1NS (Dutch Railways), the Dutch government, KPMG, EVIDES Waterbedrijf (Water Utility Company),

The main goal was to test faster and more effectively and to eliminate the test execution time. Advised
clients which tool to use to automate both functional and non-functional tests, but also about knowing
when NOT to automate tests.

02/2012 - 03/2013
Agile Test Engineer

Job Description

Agile Test Engineer
Worked in an Agile Development Team as a Test (Automation) Engineer. I worked in a small SCRUM
team with talented senior Java developers, collaborating also with other teams in India. I was actually
part of an Agile Development Team and process, so I joined all scrum sessions such as daily stand-up,
planning and retrospective. Worked closely with developers. Performed a variety of tasks together
with all other team members. Responsible for developing and maintaining automated API testing,
using SOPAUI, and testing web services (WSDL).

Also tested a transaction management system that offers basic support for JDBC/XA pools, JMS/XA
pools and JTA/XA to enable a transaction processes outside of the application server. So, real in-depth
API testing and reliable Atomiq transactions with MSMQ and ActiveMQ.

Also WebGUI-based (also AJAX-based) front-end testing and many other responsibilities. When
required, also carried out exploratory testing of test all system 'borders'. All user stories were tested
within the sprints.

12/2008 - 01/2012
Test (Automation) engineer
Job Description

Test Automation Engineer
Test automation Engineer within a large financial company. I designed an automated regression test
suite enabling thorough regression testing of the system with each change. This was a really complex
financial mortgage system with more than 100 screens (Web - HTML, AJAX and CSS). All screens where
automated within QTP (UFT) as scripted components (together with HP Business Process Testing
(BPT)). BPT provides the framework for designing and developing reusable test components and flows,
enabling non-technical subject matter experts to build and execute tests quickly. Business Process
Tests were defined centrally within the HP Quality Center/ALM. Both manual and automated tests
could be run. I also developed a procedure to provide test sets easily with test data (excel

Implemented an automated test-mindset within the test department. Focus shift from manual testing
to automated testing.

Senior Engineer for performance testing, assisting other project members with infrastructure and
application performance tests. Monitored and analysed (evaluated) overall system capacity during
end-to-end load tests. Worked closely with the application development department, the architect
and the infrastructure group to solve performance issues found during tests.

05/2004 - 11/2008
Performance Test Engineer

Job Description

Performance Test Engineer
Worked for a software infrastructure vendor that provides business process management suites
(BPMS). A cloud-native BPMS solution that will enable customers to re-engineer key processes as part
of their transition to a digital business. I developed a sophisticated performance test approach, which
consisted of several tasks, including:

* Working collaboratively with technology teams and key stakeholders from all disciplines
* Designing and creating test plans, test data, automated test scripts and test scenarios
* Executing load and stress tests on all application layers, API and end-to-end tests
* Understanding the BPMS platform, applications, architecture and underlying components and
* Ensuring systems perform at acceptable performance and resource utilization levels
* Installing, configuring and maintaining performance testing solutions and monitoring tools

* Working directly with Architects and Software Development Engineers to improve
performance and reliability

Another task was to advise clients which hardware they need, sizing advice and how to deploy their
system to attain a certain transaction rate/volume. Also implemented Mercury/HP Load
Runner/Performance center within a distributed development environment (India / Netherlands).

06/1986 - 05/2004
Test Engineer
Several (International) Companies; several roles:

Test Engineer
Technical Support Engineer
System Administrator
Network Administrator
Support Engineer

Job Description

Test Engineer / Technical Support Engineer
During this role, I worked within the Research and Development Department of a large IT organisation.
Managing software development environments was one of the main tasks. Software Configuration
Manager/Build Master. This role consisted of supporting developers in the software configuration
management area, e.g. management of artefacts (source code) with a version control system
(ClearCase). Also responsible for an isolated acceptance environment, so that (unit) tests ran
automatically after each build every night. Here I also gained my first experience in performancetesting,
creating test scripts and running tests to check software reliability and robustness. Reported
and communicated defects and issues to developers and other stakeholders. By working closely
together with a development team, I clearly contributed to improving the software quality. It was
already in a type of agile structure, delivering working software every day.

During this period, I worked for several companies, fulfilling several roles, which provided me with
broad experience in different market branches, IT - Software development companies, government
bodies and chemical industries.
System Administrator

In my first role as a system administrator, or 'Sysadmin', I was responsible for the configuration and
reliable operation of computer systems, especially multi-user computers, such as Unix and Windows
servers. Ensuring the uptime, performance, resources and security of the computers and managing the
needs of the (end-)users. As a system administrator, I installed or upgraded computer components and
software and provided routine automation; maintained security policies; troubleshooting; problemsolving,
frequently under various types of constraints.

Network Administrator
As a Network Administrator, I was able to quickly and correctly diagnose what the problem was and
how best to fix it. Network administrators are generally mid-level support staff within an organization
and do not typically get involved directly with users. Network administrators focus on network
components within a company's LAN/WAN infrastructure ensuring integrity. Depending on the
company and its size, the network administrator may also design and deploy networks.

Network Administrators are often involved in proactive work, such as: network monitoring, testing the
network for weaknesses, evaluating and implementing network management software and
monitoring network traffic and bottlenecks. My service-minded approach meant that I was successfully
able to handle all tasks mentioned above, resulting in satisfied clients.

Time and spatial flexibility

Due to Covid 19, availabe for e.g. one Day / week. Helping agile teams to setup performancetesting / performance engineering...

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