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Dmytro Logvynov


Last update: 16.05.2021

C++ Qt / C# .NET Junior

Graduation: not provided
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Languages: German (Elementary) | English (Limited professional) | Russian (Full Professional) | Ukrainian (Full Professional)


-knowledge of the basics of C, C ++, C #, HTML / CSS / JavaScript, Python;  -understanding the principles of PLO;  -speech skills with the Git version control system;  -work skills C # .NET, C ++ Qt;  -ability to understand other people's code, use of Open Source in projects;  -ability to quickly enter the topic and perceive new information;  -writing easy sites, layout;  -good mathematical base, knowledge of the basics of matanalysis;  -professional skills, Microsoft Office, GIMP, Visual Studio.

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Ready to acquire new knowledge and self-development, ambitious, I adequately accept criticism. I usually program in C ++ (3 years) and C # (1 year). I have experience working with C # .NET and C ++ Qt. Desired vector of development: software development, development of mobile applications. I am currently planning to study Xamarin. I want to gain new experience.

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