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Last update: 02.09.2021

Marketing specialist, analyst, researcher, business developer

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I am an experienced business development manager. with a wide experience in marketing, business analyzing, financial, and product management. 
i have perfect analytical and technical skills both. Also, I am a product developer who likes to bring really required and qualified goods for everyone.

Project history

06/2015 - 09/2021
Marketing and business development executive
3 years 2 months
Marketing and business development executive

Hardware distributor and partner of a lot tech brands (as a CISCO, HP, IBM etc).

-Management of the marketing and advertising (BTL, ATL) processes;
-product matrix control;
-margin and product profitabilitys management;
-management of the projects, business communications, business chains (logistics, distributors, retailers,
customers services etc.);
-management SEM, ebay, CRM systems and analyze reports;

Opening new company parts and units abroad:
-Company filings;
-Staff selections;
-Manufacture steps and logistic chains development;
-Optimization of the staff management and production through remote tools of the management (technical,
human resources);
-preparing reporting tools of mutual settlements for employees and external contractors;

Areas of responsibility and activity: Europe, Russia, the United States.

The company is a supplier and integrator of telecommunication equipment of leading IT brands (CISCO,
HP, IBM etc).

My tasks:
-Coordination and control of marketing and advertising (BTL, ATL) processes
-management of the product base;
-managing profitability of the products;
-key project management, business communications, functional business development (logistics, suppliers,
retailers, service departments, etc.);
-Management of SEM, ebay, CRM;

Opened a production site in Europe and a warehouse in USA:
- Including staff hiring;
- Developing the manufacture line;
- Developing the quality control system and its launch (with next controlls);
-Local suppliers and partners relationships;
- Payroll, rates, KPI management.
- Refunds management in conjunction with quality controll system;
-Developing and tunes of tools for the remote business management, ensuring and monitoring their stable

07/2014 - 09/2021
Product and marketing manager
Vink LLC
-Entering new product groups (LED technology, high impact polystyrene) to the target markets;
-Product evaluations for the: profitability, margins, potentials;
-Product full costs calculations;
-Full-cycle marketing support: advertising, design, printing, samples, web promotions, brand orientation;
-Interaction with: customers, sales analytics, feedbacks;
-Staff trainings, sales department technical and marketing support;
-Inventory management;

During the contract time in the company were planned and achieved indicators:
-Increased numbers of monthly active customers: + 148% (calculated by monthly average from the calendar
-new and old customers that was introduced in to the new brand and products, with positive feedback.

03/2010 - 09/2021
Adastra sport LLC
3 years 5 months

Start Up project.

Business development from the scratch.
-Full trading chain from the new retail order up to the deliveries most famous brands in to the market;
-Product list building;
-Web-shops managing;
-Pricing, logistics, marketing, advertising, wholesale policy.

-Unique and wide choise of products (~500 items at the average market positions ~50-100).
-High level of returned customers (25-30%)
-1-5% of non satisfied customers;
-Stably high level of positive feedbacks.
-Was build a well-known brand in the target customers sector;

Business was sold due to competitive pressures. Further development has required a serious investments.

06/2017 - 12/2019
Start Up Baraban; Saint Petersburg
2 years 7 months

Start-Up project.

-Developing product promotion strategy;
-New product line developing and analysis the implementation strategy in to existing target markets;
-Pricing policies developing and the short/long terms profit strategies analyses;
-Planing the product technical and consumer advantages;
-Interaction with future customers;
-Interaction with future investors;
-Financial planing of the company;
-Project presentations and justification of investments;
-Substantiation of the needs for: investments in to the fixed assets, current assets; upgrading technical
parametres of the product and, as a result, updating of the production line.

Investment technology "Start-Up"

1. Full packaging of the project:
-financial planning;
-business modelling;
-product design, engineering, production, prototyping;

2. Carried out:
-Funds raising. Including presentations in Russian and English, protection of the project for experts and

Resume updated 20 January 2020 at 11:19

-preparation the PR materials (ru / en);
-customers base creation from 0; DM levels - CTO, CEO.
-Development and analysis of a new product line, pricing policy;
-Modeling of technical and consumer characters of the product;
-Interaction with potential customers, investors;

The project was closed due the of the investment market condition and high competition from IT investment

12/2008 - 01/2010
Business development manager
1 year 2 months

Start Up project.

-New customers base development from the scratch;
-Hot sales. By the phone and on the meetings;
-Pricing development;
-Sales tactics development;
-Customer searching scripts development;
-Promotional offers and pricing strategies development;
-Participation In the contest and tenders;
-Business competitions;
-Staff training (cold calls, phone sales);
-Technical specification preparations;
-Business offers and technical calculations.

09/2007 - 12/2008
Sales manager
UTS group
1 year 4 months

Sales manager

Management of wholesale and retail sales:
-Business competitions;
-long-term cycle (3-7 years) projects support;
-pricing and calculations;
-work with claims and reclamations;

Marketing development:
-New customers searching (cold calls, meetings)
-Marketing materials preparing (brochures, catalogs, banners etc)
-Exhibitions participation;

In 2008-9, company changed sales department model and staff on a new one.

03/2005 - 12/2006
Active sales manager
Garant intl.
1 year 10 months
Active sales manager

The company is distributor and developer of the information system about the laws.
Name of the system: "Garant".
Functions - hot active and aggressive sales under the SPIN std. techniques.
Managing the customer base.
Serious business competitions.
The skills and techniques of sales certified.

Time and spatial flexibility

russia, usa, europe

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