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Lucas Ferreira


Last update: 18.09.2021

Motion Designer, director and video editor (logo creation, 3D animation)

Company: @lk13records
Graduation: not provided
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
Open to proposals.
Languages: English (Limited professional)


I am a professional in directing and editing video, among other jobs that involve audiovisual art.
I've worked in several areas of filming and photography, such as advertising videos, weddings and parties, as well as video clips by famous and amateur artists.
I currently work in the artistic area, but I do any kind of work related to filming and editing.
Brazilian, 27 years old. The willingness to work!

Link to portfolio:

Considering my ability to direct a “video clip” with few resources and still present a work that places me as a reference in my city; and knowing that in the filming business the "video clip" is the biggest problem for cameramen and editors....
I'm very professional in the execution of projects that are under my responsibility, I'm sure I'll be able to collaborate for the company's success...
Now, thanks for the opportunity!

Lucas Ferreira
Instagram: @lk13records
whatsapp: (32) 9 9930-9391

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