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Unnati Pandit


Last update: 20.09.2021

Lead DevOps Engineer

Company: Cloudstakes Technology
Graduation: not provided
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Languages: English (Full Professional)


My previous experience of working with similar projects has solidified my command on AWS, Azure & GCP cloud consultation and deployment by making use of Agile methodology (DevOps Integration).  
One of the similar ?projects that I have taken in the past included Fore-Most Digital where I helped my client by successfully deploying a high-performing MongoDB cluster cloud on Mongo Atlas. The backend was in .Net. Next, I integrated the Docker code into it. The deployment process included building AWS code and running it through the AWS CDK pipeline. S3 buckets were employed for static images. The whole application was deployed on a cluster on EC2 servers by implementing auto-scaling and load balances. I further established a backup and disaster recovery program along with the execution of SNS and SES (Simple E-mail Service and Simple Notification Service) to enable user notification.
Another similar ?project that I have taken in the past where I helped my client by successfully deploying a Java application on AWS with the help of Jenkins, AWS, CI-CD, Docker container. I have also used configuration management tools like Ansible, Terraform.
Another similar ?project that I have undertaken in the past where I helped my clients by containerizing the whole app of Timesheet tracking on Kubernetes with the help of docker orchestration where the infrastructure was provisioned using Terraform, Python scripting languages and had set up the monitoring over the infra using Prometheus server with a combination of Grafana and Pager duty.
My expertise and area of interest revolve around your project needs.  
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➢ Analysis of project’s requirement ➢ Time and cost evaluation ➢ Discovery of possible solutions ➢ Rigorous testing ➢ Successful delivery ➢ Maintenance and support after the delivery

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