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Oracle DBA, Application-Developer (Oracle APEX / HTMLDB, PL/SQL, SQL, Web, HTML)

Profileimage by Alexander Bela Oracle DBA, Anwendungs-Entwickler (Oracle APEX / HTMLDB, PL/SQL, SQL, Web, HTML), CRM-Consultant from Fuerth
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Oracle Programming
Oracle DBA
Installation, configuration and administration of Oracle 9, 10 and 11; backup & recovery with RMAN, performance tuning SQL scripts, export / import, SQL*Loader, Oracle Datapump, data base security, data base migration, Change Management (Critical Patches, release change), creation of system documentations
Web Design and Development
System consultant and developer for web environment (PHP, mySQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS)
Very dedicated and adaptive. Readiness of mind.
Experience at hosting, operating and administrating data bases (Oracle 9i-11g, MS SQL Server 2000/2003/2005, mysql 4-6),
Experience at migration of data bases, migration planning
Very high Know How in SQL, PLSQL and Shell scripting and expertise at Oracle Enterprise Manager
Conception and building local area networks
Extended knowledge of the Windows-Server-Environment
(administration, maintenance and implementation), Basic knowledge of the Unix-Server-Environment, good knowledge of the Linux environment
Longtime experience developing with Oracle APEX, migration of HTMLDB on APEX
Experience as tutor
Very good overview of the current technologies:
XML, SOAP, Ajax, WebDAV, Web Services, Content Management,
Integration, Caching, Managing and Maintenance- Work flow.
Knowledge of the modern system development:
Unified Modeling Language ( UML ), Entity Relationship Modeling,
Process Modeling, Function Hierarchy Modeling

Expert knowledge at the Oracle product range
Oracle HTMLDB/APEX: very good knowledge
Oracle SQL: very good knowledge
Oracle PL/SQL: very good knowledge
Oracle Designer: basic knowledge
Oracle IAS (9i): good knowledge
Oracle Application Server 10g: good knowledge
Oracle Developer (Forms/Reports): good knowledge
Oracle Internet Directory: good knowledge
Oracle 10g data base: very good knowledge
Oracle 11g data base: very good knowledge

Expert knowledge of the Microsoft product range
MS Office products: good user skills (helpful at application integrations)
Visual Basic: good knowledge
Active Directory: good knowledge
Exchange Server: good knowledge
IIS: good knowledge
Windows Terminal Server: basic knowledge
SQL Server: basic knowledge, setup
ODBC, MS Access

Developer tools:
TOAD, SQL-Navigator, ER-Modeler (Quest Software)
PL/SQL-Developer (All-round Automations)
Incident Management:
ARS (Action Remedy System)
Peregrine Service-Center
E-Tracking-Systems (ITIL):
Configuration Management / CMDB
FNT Command
Expert knowledge of the Open Source product range
Star Office products, very good knowledge
PHP, very good knowledge
Linux Shell Scripting, basic knowledge
Java, basic knowledge
Apache, very good knowledge
Tomcat, good knowledge
KDE Xserver, good knowledge
mySQL, good knowledge
openSSH: good knowledge
openVPN: basic knowledge
- Debian GNU/Linux: good knowledge
- Mandrake Linux: basic knowledge
- Oracle Enterprise Linux: good knowledge
- Redhat Enterprise Linux: good knowledge
- openSUSE: good knowledge
- Ubuntu Linux: good user skills

Automobile Industry
Services (retail and whole sale)
Software Industry (EDp)

Nürnberger Versicherung (insurance)
August 2008 - October 2008
DBA as vacation replacement at the central Oracle Operations with Windows and AIX servers:
Monitoring of more than 100 Oracle databases with several releases. Daily monitoring of the Log- and Trace Files, performance and troubleshooting if necessary (ORA-600 etc.).
Contact person for the all Oracle environment projects
Backup & Recovery with RMAN
Export / Imports monitoring / configuring
Design of new project databases / entities
Design of system- and software documentation
Project assistance for the whole time of development (testing ->
preproduction -> production)
Setup of Oracle-Patches and -Software
Development of a small CMDB (in Oracle APEX) for saving data bases, servers and persons:
- automatic fetching of Oracle system data (Tablespace-
Workload etc.) as well as setup data (software versions,
patch level, critical data base objects i.e. DB-Links)
- automatic generation of Client setup data to be centrally allocated

Various Oracle databases with several releases, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle APEX, Unix, Windows Server

endlichferien (Online Booking System)
March 2005 - Now
Web-based booking system for the tourism industry (commercial renting agencies of holiday homes)
Analysis, concept and data modeling
Realization of the user interface at first with Oracle HTMLDB, later on with Oracle APEX
Migration of the existing Oracle-Designer-Webinterface to Oracle Apex
Migration of Oracle HTMLDB to APEX
Hosting and maintenance (Oracle APEX 1.5-3.1 to Oracle 9i/10g/11g) on Linux for development and Windows servers for testing: Oracle Enterprise Linux, XEN virtualization
Migration Oracle RDBMS 9i at Windows to 11g at Linux
Oracle DBA with common DBA tasks like monitoring, export/import, Sql*Loader, Backup & Recovery, installation on Windows and Linux, administration of storages. Performance tuning
Developing various XML import-/export interfaces, I.e. for a gateway with a MS SQL data base
Connection of PC operated renting systems to the Oracle data base via XML, Sql*Loader etc.
Interface planning and implementation to other Internet providers
This project acts as reference project (Success Story) for Oracle Germany. More than 3.000 visitors per day and hundreds of Users.

Oracle RDBMS, Oracle APEX, SQL, PL/SQL, PHP, XML, HTML, CSS, AJAX, Linux/Windows, Batch programming

Sparschwein AG
October 2007 – July 2008
Development of an Oracle APEX application for finance department / chief financial officer.
Application for transferring data out of the central Financial systems and KPI reporting within Oracle APEX. Hosting and operation of the application.
Concept and implementation of a datawarehouse; implementation of various ETL processes
Hosting and operating the Oracle database and Oracle APEX application at a central Oracle server.
Various common DBA Tasks within the scope of hosting and operation.

Oracle APEX, SQL / PL/SQL, Oracle RDBMS

BMW Group – Project “CMDB Reporting”
Mai 2007 – January 2008 (hourly basis until Mai 2008)
Realization and implementation of the CMDB (Configuration Management Data Base) Reporting: Creation of KPI and quality reports for about 10 data sources (via SQL, PL/SQL and Oracle APEX)
Development of about 150 SQL Views; Performance tuning of already existing procedures/functions/views of the CMDB
Configuration of the Oracle APEX environment, integration to BMW SSO
Implementing CSV importing with subsequent processing within the CMDB
Internationalization of the CMDB reports with XLIFF Feature by APEX
The CMDB Reporting is the largest APEX application of BMW.

Oracle APEX, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle RDBMS, SSO, Tomcat, CMDB: Command/C6000 of company FNT

Siemens AG, Project „Data Migration“
September 2007
Application to modify text data based on various parameters
Development of loading scripts, filter options and various update statements

Oracle RDBMS, SQL, Oracle APEX

Siemens AG, Project 20keys
(Benchmarking to evaluate the companies grade of quality)
March 2007 – June 2007
Concept and implementation of a Datawarehouse and the necessary ETL processes
Development of an application to record questions, content care and implementation of evaluations based on Oracle APEX
Creating an internal permission system including user management
Implementation of multilingualism; Binding SSO and inquiry of user data from the Corporate network (LDAP binding)


Bridging Gaps
November 2006 – April 2007
Implementation of an Oracle Forms and Reports application to manage projects and their respective billings:
Costumer and project administration, work hour logging inclusive reporting, bill creation etc.
Development of a permission system

Oracle Developer 6i, PL/SQL, Oracle Data Base 9i

Franchise Restaurants
Concept an implementation of an Internet presence; Request analysis, creation of an own Content Management System based on mySQL data base
Creating the internet presence with HTML and PHP


BMW Group
April 2008
BMW specific Oracle APEX 3.1 workshop based on self-provided documents for various BMW departments

Primescale AG
October 2007
2 day Oracle APEX workshop (Basics)

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