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Last update: 11.01.2022

Web development, Mobile development, UX/UI design, Big Data, Computer vision

Company: Automacon
Graduation: not provided
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Languages: German (Elementary) | English (Full Professional) | Russian (Native or Bilingual)


Our mission is to increase the efficiency of the Customer's business and help him to reach a new level of manufacturability. «Automacon» is an IT company that performs a wide range of tasks.

We offer our clients advanced and science-intensive technologies: we are engaged in complex business automation of any scale, we focus on custom software development, big date, machine learning, video analysis systems, consulting and implementation of complex information systems. The work of our experts is used by millions of people around the world. Over 12 years, we have implemented 1000+ projects from different industries. We are proud to have a particularly deep understanding of the business processes of our customers in retail and distribution, manufacturing, transportation and the public sector.

Web and mobile development (we develop mobile applications and web services for companies from Russia, Europe and the USA)
1. Development of IOS and Android mobile applications
We develop cross-platform and native applications, we use a flexible approach in determining the technology needed for the project. We write clean and stable code in React Native, Flutter, Swift, Objective-C, Java and Kotlin. We use modern approaches and an automated development process, CI / CD.
2. Support and development of mobile applications
We provide comprehensive support for mobile applications, stable operation, optimize mobile products for iOS and Android updates and new devices, develop functionality according to the requirements of the Customer
3. Design and development of complex Internet projects, marketplaces and aggregators
A full cycle of work on the development of an IT product according to the requirements of the Customer. From analytics and design to operations and growth
4. UX / UI Design
We adapt the corporate identity of the Customer to the platform guidelines. We select the style, create the concept of the application and develop the design. We think over and draw the states of screens, design elements, a welcome screen. We prepare the necessary graphic material - icons, illustrations, photos.

Technological stack (for web):
Languages: PHP, C ++ (WinAPI, STL, TCP / UDP, multithreading), JavaScript, Less, Java / spring.
CMS: OpenCart, ModX Revo, Simpla, Hostcms, Wordpress.
Databases: Mysql, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite.
Other: Aja [, XML, XSLT, memcache, Git, bitbucket, docker, Telegram API, Google Maps API, Linux, Nginx.

Technology stack (for mobile):
We develop highly loaded projects.
Backend: java / spring, Go, php / symphony / laravel, python / django.
Front: react, Vue, angular.
Flutter for mobile applications or native development for platforms.

Big Data, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
1. Big Data
Extraction, data processing
Big data analytics
Development of scoring systems
2. Artificial intelligence
Development and implementation of classic ml-algorithms (regression, gradient boosting, etc.) Development and implementation of Deep Learning - models
NLP development
Time series analysis and forecasting
AI mobile app development
DL-based recommender systems
Voice assistants and chatbots
3. Internet of Things (IoT)
Predictive analytics, forecasting based on data received from IoT devices
Analyze data from IoT devices to improve efficiency
4. Data visualization
Analytical Dashboards
Power Bi Dashboards
Real-Time Big Data Monitoring

1. Predicting delivery time
A system has been developed that predicts the delivery time of an order. The system uses classical machine learning methods to predict delivery times based on 40 different criteria and is able to adjust the expected time in the process of passing some stages.
2. Recommender system
A system has been developed that recommends new products to the customer based on modern deep learning recommendation models. (NCF, autoencoders). The model learned to give out the most relevant goods to a person that he had not bought before with a conversion 3-4 times higher than the recommendation of random goods.
3. Definition of categories in the hotline
A prototype of a system has been developed that determines the category of a message in the hotline using an NLP transformer model. To train the system, 40 thousand manually verified calls were used.
4. Analytics of distribution of goods
We are working on optimizing the distribution of goods in darkstores to reduce write-offs.

"Computer vision, video analysis (WE CREATE THE RETAIL OF THE FUTURE) We develop computer vision and artificial intelligence systems capable of taking business to a new level"
1. Launch of the" Store of the Future "without cash registers and staff
A store without cashiers is one of the most technologically advanced retail solutions. A set of technologies that allows any retail outlet to be upgraded to autonomous sales without personnel.
2. Analysis of queues during the day
Thanks to computer vision, it became possible to optimize the process of opening additional cash registers.
3. Control of refrigerator sensors
Now your equipment is under the control of a system that is devoid of human factors. The algorithm will warn of a future breakdown when the prerequisites for a malfunction appear, which will significantly reduce the cost of repair and replacement of equipment.
4. Control of the uniform of cashiers
Monitoring compliance with service standards will improve the image of your company among customers.
5. fraud detection
Человек не может уследить за 10 одновременно открытыми кассами и торговым залом, а интеллектуальная система может. Он зафиксирует факты мошенничества и позволит оперативно на них реагировать.
6. Контроль поломок касс.
Оборудование 24/7 находится под контролем системы, лишенной человеческого равнодушия. При обнаружении поломки система оповестит ответственных сотрудников и позволит поддерживать качество обслуживания на высоком уровне.
7. Анализ заполнения прилавка
Отсутствие на прилавке нужного клиенту товара - убыток магазина и недовольство покупателя. Система уведомит вас о наличии свободных мест на прилавках, тем самым позволяя увеличить продажи товаров.

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