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  • Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Limited professional) | Italian (Elementary)
  • Last update: 19.12.2019
Profileimage by Alex Ennemoser Service as a Passion from AugsburgWien
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Coaching / Training
Project management / Organisation / Coordination
Administration / Support
Quality assurance / Testing
Documentation / DTP
*** Professional main focus: Concepts, security, rating and support on multibased networking environments

CD-Writer / Burner
Data Entry Terminal
Embedded Systems
IBM RS6000
Video Capture Card

SUN OS, Solaris
Windows CE

Gupta, Centura
Java, JavaScript
Lotus Notes Script

Gupta, Centura
Lotus Notes
MS SQL Server
mSQL / mySQL

AppleTalk: usability
ATM: backbone-connectivity
Bus: conceptions and integrating
CICS: no programming solutions!
EDIFACT: support on installation and backup
Ethernet: VoIP, segment balancing
Fax: hardwarebased solutions and implementing of software
FDDI: servers communications - redundancy
HDSL: (un-)synchronized, T1 T3
IBM LAN Server: OS/2 - Trustix - eBusiness - iSeries
Internet, Intranet: setup, configuration, updates, support
ISDN: integration and account-balancing
LAN, LAN Manager: according to NT 3.51
Message Queuing: exchange - sendmail - postfix - smtp - LDAP
Novell: NetWare on IPX/SPX, alternate TCP/IP
OS/2 Network
Parallel Interfaces: access, sharing
PC-Anywhere: installation - rights management - remote access
Public Networks: efnet - IRC - NNTP - newsgroups
Router: Nortel, Cisco, Bay
RS232: configuration, optimizing
Shadow: since Windows .NET-Server 2003 Enterprise
SMTP: sniffing, packet-checkup
Token Ring: already when needed (not preferred)
Windows Network
X.400 X.25 X.225 X.75...: data replicas, VPN
TimeLine: 08-2014 - 03-2015
Branche: automotive
Project: Hardening of a windows based Kiosk system, documentation - deployment of operating system (Windows 8.1 Pro) with user specific automatisms, securing of functions and data (policies, services, routing). Integration of car workshop applications based on .NET Framework 4.5, verifing hardware, implenting BitLocker, closed mangement of certificates, preparation of the system image for industrial deployment - feasibility tests and detailled documentation.
Software: manufactor specific drivers and configurations, UEFI options, Windows 8.1 Pro, .NET Framework 4.5, MDT/MDOP
Environment: Panasonic ToughBook, specific peripherals, Assigned Access (Kiosk mode), Auto-Recovery, BitLocker
Status: aktuell (part time)
Projectleader: Porsche AG, Raum Stuttgart

TimeLine: 09-2014
Branche: Health Care
Project: Intune & Office.365 Troubleshooting - option templates, policy compliance, configuration dependencies, documentation of the acquired work items
Software: Intune, Office.365
Environment: Microsoft Onlineservices, HP EliteBook, Dell Inspiron, Lenovo Thinkpad
Status: paused caused by change of companies name
Projectleader: iSoft GmbH, Mannheim

TimeLine: 07-2014 - 09-2014
Branche: public sector
Project: SCCM 2012 HealthCheck - functional and mandatory relevant checkup of the existing SCCM 2012 environment including quality and test systems - analysis of the modules dependencies depending on the defined organizational requirements, detailled documentation with tutorials for optimizing
Software: SCCM 2012.SP1-CU5, Windows Server 2008.R2, SQL Server 2012, Windows 7.SP1-Enterprise
Environment: Active Directory, SCCM 2012 (without WSUS integration), Windows Server, SQL Server 2012, Recovery options, administrative console
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: Regional Tax Office Karlsruhe, Freiburg/Brsg.

TimeLine: 07-2014
Branche: chemical industry
Project: SCCM 2012 Workshop & Troubleshooting - Updates for the SCCM environment; SCCM in actual versions: what makes sense, how to apply the possibilities, what are the options for the future to the admins...; packaging: when to use which alternate (packages, applications, streaming or complete virtualization)...; software lifecycle management isnt a slogan, but a real important tool for the admins of the affected systems
Software: Windows Server 2008.R2, SCCM 2012.SP1-CU3, Windows 7.SP1 Enterprise
Environment: CAS, PRI, Active Directory, SCCM 2012
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: Bilfinger SE, Linz

TimeLine: 04-2014 - 05-2014
Branche: public sector
Project: Following migration topics from Net Install to SCCM some new packages for configurable client modules with service packs and patches for SAP BusinessObjects wer needed. Along Wise install packages (MSI) recurring packages were prepared by an individual wrapper.
Software: Active Directory, SCCM 2012, Windows Server 2008.R2, SQL Server 2012, Windows 7.SP1 Enterprise, SAP Business Objects
Environment: CAS, PRI, SEC, SCCM 2012 (without WSUS integration), several Desktop systems, Lenovo Thinkpad, Toshiba Satellite
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: Department for Finance and Economy, Stuttgart

TimeLine: 04-2014 - 05-2014
Branche: public services
Project: Evaluation of homogene Windows Phone management solution within SCCM 2012 (Intune) and analysis against requirements catalog – documentation for updates of the diffent systems
Software: Active Directory, SCCM, Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Server 2012
Environment: Primary Site Server (virtualized), Microsoft Onlineservices
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: Lausitzer Wasser GmbH & Co. KG, Cottbus

Timeline: 11-2013 - 02-2014
Branche: public sector
Project: Operation System Deployment through Migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 64bit – Packaging, documentation and advertising of applications and packages – driver implementation, special focus on mobile devices and applications - Patchmanagement with WSUS and Secunia - Security extensions through GPOs, McAfee client management, firewall and optimized system hardening – software packages with configured wrapper for 32 and 64bit systems – certificate exchange – detailed documentation for preparation and running under the view of mandatory partitioning
Software: Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, MS SQL Server, SCCM, SCOM, Secunia, McAfee, VMware, Windows 7, Windows Server, WSUS, ZenWorks
Environment: Compaq/HP Workstation, Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebooks und Workstations, Lenovo ThinkPad, Motion Tablet, Panasonic ToughBook, Panasonic ToughPad, Toshiba Tecra
Status: abgeschlossen
Projectleader: DU-IT GmbH, Duisburg

Timeline: 09-2013
Branche: public services
Project: Patchmanagement with WSUS – Software packages with configured Wrapper for 32 and 64bit systems – detailled documentation for patching of the different systems
Environment: Active Directory, SCCM, Windows7, Windows Server, Windows XP, WSUS
Status: stopped
Projectleader: TUEV GmbH, Munich

TimeLine: 02-2013 - 08-2013
Branche: Fashion & Retail
Project: Worldwide migration of about 3.000 Server systems to Windows Server 2012 (partly VMware ESXi 5.x and in addition Citrix XenApp 6.5), management with System Center 2012 (SCSM, SCCM, SCVMM, SCOrch in PoC - SCCM & SCOrch in Productive) at three continental locations (EMEA, AP, AM) in interaction with SQL 2012 SP1. Monitoring via SCOM 2012, in future Integration and management of the complete 30.000 clients worldwide.
Software: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008.R2, Windows Server 2012, RedHat EL
Environment: BYOD, XenApp, SCCM 2012 SP1 CU2, SCOrch 2012, Windows Server 2012, MDT, PowerShell 2.x/3.x, SQL 2012 CU1 & SP1 (clustered), VMware vSphere 5.x.
Status: set productive
Projectleader: Adidas AG, Herzogenaurach

TimeLine: 04-2013
Branche: Automotive
Project: Planning and Integration of an user based PKI for authentication against Cisco VPN Concentrator as migration step from existing (expensive) solution with RSA tokens to handle external employees. Integration to certificate services of existing Windows Server 2003 environment, addition and consolidating documentation.
Software: Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Environment: PKI, Certificates (Migration from machine based to user based), Cisco Router, VPN Gateway
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: WABCO GmbH, Hannover

TimeLine: 01-2013 - 03-2013
Branche: national Provider of IT services
Project: Planning and Integration of a SCCM 2012 environment for national requirements. Software deployment and management via flexible wrapper for virtual (VMware) and physical clients (Lenovo). Configuring on Windows 2008.R2, definition of patch packages and update catalogues (WSUS and SCUP), definition of Management Point, Distribution Points, implementing Reporting Services (SQL 2008.R2). Preinstallation Service Manager 2012. Preparing and addition of documentation.
Software: Windows Server 2008.R2, Windows 7 MUI
Environment: SCCM 2012, indiviual Wrapper, VMware ESX Server 5.x
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: Kapsch AG, Vienna

TimeLine: 11-2012 - 01-2013
Branche: Public Sector
Project: Multipointed Citrix services based on XenApp for desktops and applications in Windows 7 Pro to use mobility clients with UMTS services.
Software: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008.R2, Word 2010
Environment: Citrix XenApp 6.x
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: Gouvernment Agency for IT Services, Ilmenau

TimeLine: 10-2012
Branche: Banking
Project: Planning and Migration of an existing SCCM 2007 environment at three european locations to the next version of System Center 2012. Parallel the migration of the system environment from physical to virtual (based on Windows 2008.R2), movement of the patch packages and update catalogues (WSUS and SCUP), definition of Management Point, Distribution Points, implementing Reporting Services (SQL 2008.R2), customizing and converting software packages. Preinstallation of the System Center modules Orchestrator 2012 and Service Manager 2012. Preparation of the migrations documentation.
Software: Windows 7, SCCM 2007.R3, SCCM 2012, Orchestrator 2012
Environment: Main Site and two Distribution Points in UK
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: wirecard GmbH, Munich

TimeLine: 03-2012 - 09-2012
Branche: Assurance
Project: Companywide Citrix-prepared virtual Desktops Windows 7 MUI based on different Thin/Zero Clients and High Mobility Clients. Evaluation, package management, drivers, Task Sequences, Updates, Images and customization, Delivery/Deployment and Monitoring incl. Active Directory, SCCM 2007.R3, Security/PKI, reporting, testing, ERP integration, compliance, process review and redesign, documentation incl. Release Notes.
Software: Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Server 2008.R2, SCCM 2007.R3, SCCM 2012, Windows 7 Enterprise MUI, Office 2010
Environment: MDT, XenApp/XenDesktop, GCa-Client, Citrix Tools, quality management, SharePoint 2007, Remedy, Mind Manager
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: Allianz AG, Munich

TimeLine: 11-2011 - 01-2012
Branche: Public Sector
Project: Conception and realization of safety measures for global rollout of Windows7 including preboot properties, peripheral rights, system permissions, rollout preparing, pilot definition, automatic software deployment upon SCCM 2007.R3, monitoring and also lifecycle management. Definition of services, classification of active directory, definition and explanatory statements of GPOs. Also packet assembling and building of task sequences for automatic software deployment in consideration of remote maintenance options.
Software: Windows Server 2008.R2, SCCM 2007.R3, Word 2010
Environment: modular security concept client, AD, GPO
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: State Department for Foreign Affairs, Berlin

TimeLine: 08-2011 - 10-2011
Branche: Banking/Assurance
Project: Migration preparation or preinstallation of x86-based virtual servers (about 1.200) including Citrix farm environments, Novell eDirectories, Windows 2003/2008 Database services. Mainly was the coordination and planning (also of external resources) and the hands on virtualization (P2V) based on VMware ESXi v4/v5 (vSphere), sometimes with Dongle servers,, SAN connections, load balancing for mostly three locations with two computer centers. Additional: administration and documentation for IP relevant themes.
Software: Excel, Windows XP, 7, 2008.R2, VMware converter, AiXBOMS, Lotus Notes, Suse Linux EE 9
Environment: Based on Blade centers there were tools used as VMware ESXi (clustered), Terminal services RDP), Citrix XenAPP Presentation server, Oracle DBs, DB2 DBs, web services, iLO, knowledge about networking infrastructures, DMZ, Cluster, Novell based on SuSe Linux Enterprise servers, Active Directory Services, System and Software Deployment (ZENworks).
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: GaVI GmbH, Munich

TimeLine: 02-2011 - 05-2011
Branche: Media
Project: Migration of several access based databases to PostgreSQL (Oracle compatible on SUSE Linux) with Single-Frontend (i386/x64).
Software: 2003/2008, XP, Win7
Environment: Sinix, HP-UX, Access 2007/2010, Postgres 9.x
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: Stroeer InfoScreen GmbH, Munich

TimeLine: 10-2010 - 02-2011
Branche: Automotive
Project: Implementing of an add-on for patch management for servers within defined maintenance windows + docs
Software: SMS/SCCM/SCOM, XP, Win7, 2003, 2008, SharePoint 2007/2010
Environment: Active Directory, SQL
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: Daimler AG, Bremen

TimeLine: 09-2010
Branche: Industrial Automation, Waste & Recycling
Project: IT coordination for trade fair - Preparing and GoLive of a network environment at the trade fair incl. telecommunications, user access, security policies, automatisms for presentation an at least implementation of HDMI converters.
Software: XP, Win7, Office, Firewall
Environment: Workstations, Router, Telecommunications, HDMI-Switches
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: Siemens AG, Munich

TimeLine: 05-2010 - 12-2010
Branche: Health Care
Project: Reorganisation of a static Web presence, further based on Typo3/Drupal, which includes the complete authorization concept and also the complete membership society - short project remote.
Software: SUN, Typo3, Drupal
Environment: SUN, Linux, Typolight, Drupal, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, SEO
Status: handover
Projectleader: Charite, Berlin

TimeLine: 11-2009 - 03-2010
Branche: alternate Energiy Cells (fuel cells)
Project: Hardware/Software Engineer
Software: XP SP3, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 R2, MS SQL-Server, LabVIEW, Origin, SolidWorks
Environment: Workstations based on Windows XP SP3 und Windows 7, special applications for research/developement/production of fuel cells (LabVIEW, Origin, SolidWorks)
Status: successfully done
ProjectLeader: HAYS AG, Munich

TimeLine: 11-2009 - 01-2010
Branche: international telecommunications provider
Project: administrative documentation
Software: SUN Solaris 8.x, Postfix, Individual-CallCenter-Application
Environment: SUN Container, Workstations based on Windows XP SP3, special applications for telecommunications, Telefonica-Support-Tool
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: SUN GmbH, Munich

TimeLine: 03-2009 - 01-2010
Branche: Medien (Movie, Radio, TV)
Project: Software Engineer
Software: XP SP2 & SP3 * Office 2003 & 2007 * SharePoint * Citrix XEN * Novell * Exchange
Environment: User consulting on special software problems with primary focus on Microsoft Office Professional 2003/2007 incl Outlook, Visio and Project. More specifics onto the main stream product line of Adobe (Premiere, Flex, Acrobat, Cinema, Photoshop), basics of AutoDesks family as AutoCAD/Architecture, AutoSketch or DWGViewer, additionally Pinnacle Studio.
Information providing via SharePoint Services (2003/2007; Portal and Designer) plus services on Access databases. Administration and documentation of software delivery and inventory by Spider, Remedy, NetInstall.
Basic Helpdesk on SAP-related Themes on R3 4.7 Enterprise and Netweaver incl Portal. Also consulting on virtualisation questions on Citrix XEN.
Status: succesfully done
Projectleader: Cancom AG, München

TimeLine: 02-2009 - 03-2009
Branche: Touristics
Project: Hardware-Rollout with individual settings, documentation, Asset-Management
Software: XP SP3, Amadeus Vista, TOMA, AS/400
Environment: Workstations Windows XP SP3, special applications for Touristics(Amadeus Vista includes Licenses, TOMA)
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: FTI GmbH, Munich

TimeLine: 09-2008 - 11-2008
Branche: Industry/Automotive
Project: Customer Care, BackOffice, RollOut, Virtualisation
Software: Vista * SAP * Exchange 2003/2007 * Server 2003/2008 * Client-Server * VPN
Environment: workstations with Citrix-connectivity
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: Simona AG, Kirn

TimeLine: 09-2007 - 11-2007
Branche: Banking/Assurance
Project: application support BackOffice at regular updates
Software: MS Excel * SAP * Lotus Notes * Webapplications * Client-Server * VPN
Environment: workstations incl. group security levels
Status: done
Projectleader: GULP, Munich

TimeLine: 10-2006 - 04-2007
Branche: Pharmaceutical Industry
Project: Documentation and preparation of Validation templates
Software: MS Excel * MS Word * SAP
Environment: decentral workstations incl. group security levels
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: CHN, Biberach

TimeLine: 04-2006 - 07-2006
Branche: IT-Consulting
Project: Creation of complete websites - Performing Test Environment based on SAP/LINUX
Software: Redhat Fedora * Contenido * SAP-Linux incl. ABAP-optimizing of modules
Environment: decentral secured Workstations incl. VPN-based data replication
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: IMBA GmbH, Reutlingen - Showroom Ltd., Reutlingen - Computer-Inspektion GbR,

Timeline: 01-2005 - 03-2006
Branche: IT-Consulting
Project: Repair and optimizing of smaller companies IT-Environment incl. security depending on
ISO900x/Basel II
Software: Windows 2000/XP * Office 200x * Client-Server * special applications like AMADEUS Vista
Environment: Workstations with server based data replication, special applications (travel
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: Computer-Inspektion GbR, Reutlingen - Reisebüro Maichle, Biberach

Timeline: 02-2004 - 12-2004
Branche: Housesaling
Project: Optimizing Business- and IT-Environment on Basel II
Software: Windows XP Pro * Office 2000 * Client-Server
Environment: decentral Workstations with WebServer based data replication
Status: succesfully done
Projectleader: IMBA GmbH, Reutlingen

Timeline: 09-2003 - 11-2003
Branche: Housecleaning
Project: safe network based on Server Windows 2003 Standard and RedHat 9.0 Server with 8 clients
Software: Windows Server 2003 Standard * RedHat 9.0 * AVG AntiVirus * Software Update Service
Environment: Domaincontroller Windows Server 2003 Standard, separated Router based on RedHat Linux 9.
0 Server, Clients based on Windows XP Pro
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: KABS GmbH, Albstadt

Zeitraum: 08-2003
Branche: Housing
Project: Data recovery of a local HDD with included damage
Software: Windows XP * * Recovery
Environment: heterogen peer network with clients based on Mac-OS 9, Windows 98, Windows XP
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: Fiedler Gewerbeimmobilien GmbH, Reutlingen

Timeline: 07-2003 - 08-2003
Branche: Company Training
Project: Serverintegration Terminalserver 2003
Software: Windows Server 2003 Standard * CA ArcServe BrightStor * Symantec AntiVirus * Software
Update Service
Environment: Domaincontroller Windows Server 2003 Standard, separated Terminalserver based on
Windows Server 2003 Standard, Clients based on Windows 2000 Pro
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: omniplan AG, Reutlingen

Timeline: 12-2001 - 02-2002
Branche: Computing Industry
Project: Rollout ClientMigration to Windows 2000
Software: Windows Server 2000 Advanced * NetInstall * NetDeploy * Windows 2000 Pro
Environment: Domaincontroller Windows Server 2000 Advanced and Standard, separated Backupserver
(within the conclosed segment), Clients based on Windows NT 4.0
Status: succesfully done
Projectleader: allbecon IT, Stuttgart

Timeline: 04-2001 - 11-2001
Branche: Banking/Assurance
Project: Support for the external colleagues on Rollout planning Windows NT 4.0 as a full featured
migration from OS/2 included Support Level I/II
Software: Windows Server NT 4.0 * xLink VPN-Integration * Java applications
Environment: IBM-Notebooks * Windows NT 4.0 * OS/2 v3 * server sided Java applicationen * User
restrictions * CICS integration (Mainframe)
Status: Rollout planning successfully done
Projectleader: Sparkassen Versicherung Informatikdienste GmbH, Stuttgart

Timeline: 07-1999 - 11-2000
Branche: Steel industry
Project: testing and verifying Year2000 Compliance (Y2K) * server sided Software developement *
Supportlevel I/II/III
Software: Windows NT 4.0 * IBM AiX 4.x * Novell NetWare 5.0 * individual indicated applications *
Environment: local and mobile workstations based on Windows NT 4.0, several Software applications
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: Rieber GmbH & Co. KG, Reutlingen

TimeLine: 01-1997 - 07-1997
Branche: Pharmaceutical Industry
Project: client structure migration from a heterogen network (Novell NetWare and Windows Server 3.
51) to the homogen environment based on Windows NT 4.0, Support Level I/II
Software: Windows Server NT 4.0 * VAX * IBM OS/400 * Apple MacOS 7.x/8.x * several individual
Environment: Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51, Lotus Notes 4.5x, SQL docking (based on
several systems)
Status: successfully done
Projectleader: PIDAS AG, Basel
full time up to 80% on site
home office recommended

also possible: combined home office with a complete server environment.
On request additional skills and cvs are available.

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