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Profileimage by Joerg Brand Projektleiter, Supervisor, Konstrukteur, Baustellenleiter, Solar, Photovoltaik, USA, Inventor from Philippsburg
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Profileimage by Joerg Brand Projektleiter, Supervisor, Konstrukteur, Baustellenleiter, Solar, Photovoltaik, USA, Inventor from Philippsburg
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Construction of automatic palletisers, remote-controlled vehicles, waste disposal machinery and compactors, heavy goods vehicles, robotic arms, plants and containers for liquefied gases, cryogenic engineering sensors, stress calculations, handling systems, woodworking machines, fuel tank processing equipment, rectification plants in the field of applications involving radioactive tritium and deuterium, flow diagrams for refrigeration plant schemes, the creation of R&I schemes (MSR technology).
Twenty years’ professional experience in canvassing new business, purchasing, sales, sales marketing, calculation and project management in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Experience and day-to-day contact with DIN EN standards. Familiar with patent search techniques. Special expertise in sensor technology, frequency converters, linear electric/pneumatic drive technology and automation. Involved with terms such as cost and progress tracking, purchasing, worldwide distribution, cross-financing, preparing quotes, placing orders, and work scheduling and production tracking. Special expertise in the field of regenerative energy, principally as regards wind power, PV systems and solar thermal power.


Project profile in the field of Construction Project Management, Supervisor:
1999                Expresso Deutschland GmbH, D-Kassel:         Developing, constructing and putting into operation multiple remote-controlled vehicles for Hanover Airport.
01/2000            Molex GmbH, D-Ettlingen:         Devising SPC measurements. Preparing the quality assurance for the ISO9001 audit recertification. Basic measures for entering and storing SPC data.
09/2000            Pretema GmbH (Tyco), D-Niefern:
                       Construction of handling devices (feeds, sensor scanners, positioning units) for punching machines, plastic injection machines, bending machines and welding robots.
                       Developing test apparatus for a truncation device for signal inserts of Bosch. Developing a rapid gripping device.
01/2001            NUKEM Technologies GmbH - Karlsruhe Scientific Research Centre, Germany: Constructing accessories for concrete saw machines in the completely contaminated building sector of the WAK reprocessing plant. Topic: Demolition and renaturation (green meadow).
05/2001            D. H. Frank Gesellschaft für CAD-Engineering, Konstruktion und Fertigung mbH, D-Nussloch – DIEFFENBACHER GMBH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, D-75031 Eppingen: Constructing a brush scarification unit as a successive unit to a particle board press. Constructing a pick-and-place unit for a car control unit. Items for inclusion in the unit were chokes, resistors and conductor paths. Investigating the procedural reliability of further pick-and-place and conveyor units. Optimising a pick-and-place robot employed in engine production.
Objective: Shortening the robotic arm routes, and thus speeding up the throughput rates. Altering and extending exchange components of a pick-and-place robot for a gluing operation on the rear lamp section of cars. Constructing a handling unit for motor shafts, complete with sensor-monitored “reject part probing”.
01/2002            Langhammer GmbH, D-Eisenberg: Constructing a new floor panel packaging work stand with previous pallet feed with elevating platform combination. Utilising drive roller conveyors and gravitational roller conveyors.
01/2003            WES IBS GmbH, St. Michaelisdonn:
                       Introduction to the project management with the installation of four wind turbines (Repower) in Nettetal. Planning, routing, cabling, site management and directing cranes there.
                       Thereafter: Southern Germany - searching for and acquiring sites for wind turbines. Planning the Hammelburg site on my own initiative. Five wind turbine plants of a capacity of 2 MW each. Project volume approx. € 12 million.
                       Contracts entered into there with five municipalities, approx. 20 adjacent area contracts.
                       Planning: Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG), regional plan, accompanying landscape gardening plan, land-use plan amendment, project-related development plan.
From 2004        Karlsruhe Scientific Research Centre, Germany:
to 10/2008        Pipeline construction. Carrying out and accompanying the manufacturing and preparatory steps, site supervision in regard to assembly and final inspection for putting the equipment into operation. Close co-operation with TÜV Südwest (Technical Inspection Authority) in regard to component design in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive.
                       Newly developing, managing the construction of the prototype and putting into operation activated carbon filters for low-temperature gases in the ultra high vacuum isolation field.
-   Constructing and designing pressure vessels in accordance with the AD2000 regulations, vacuum tanks, nitrogen shields, phase separators and components for use in the low temperature range.
-   Handling the calculation in regard to stainless steel containers and parts
-   Static calculation and construction of steel structures
-   Expertise in the field of low temperature with liquid helium (-269°C)
-   Basic knowledge about temperature sensors in the field of low temperature, optically and capacitively
-   Creating and altering R&I schemes for process engineering (MSR technology)
-   Designing pipelines, expertise in pipeline construction in the field of plant construction
-   Expertise in the field of arc welding, laser welding and spark eroding

  • Software used: AutoCad, Inventor 3D, Catia V5, CorelDraw, Access database
  • Languages: German and English - full professional proficiency
8/2008 - 10/08   Guth engineering, D-Landau Customer EFES Vitanta, Brewery, Chi?in?u, Moldova:
                       Six weeks spent as a supervisor in regard to the installation of electric switch panels for the extension of new brewing equipment. Site supervision in regard to construction work concerning cable routes and pipelines.
                       Project volume in my sphere of responsibility approx. € 1 million.
                       Project completed in good time
1/2009 - 03/09   Alpha Konstruktion GmbH, Consulting Engineers, Customer: Flexlink GmbH, D-Offenbach.
                       Creating layouts and production drawings of flexible conveyor systems for customers in the field of solar technology.
Constructing additional and adaptation components, handling systems for material transported of up to 40 kg in weight and drive units up to a capacity of 500W.
Adjustment of customer applications.
Software used:
  • 3D Autodesk Inventor 2011
  • AutoCAD Mechanical 2011
  • Vault 2009, database
  • MS Office

4/2009 - 12/09   KIT, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie:
                       Pipeline construction. Carrying out and accompanying the manufacturing and preparatory steps, site supervision in regard to assembly and final inspection for putting the equipment into operation.
10/2009            Lecturer at the Duale Hochschule Karlsruhe (Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University) in the field of the theory and practice of design and construction.
2010                Philippsburg: Planning, developing, constructing, calculating, site supervision and assembly of a 100 kWp photovoltaic plant in Philippsburg.
                       Planning, constructing and erecting a 750 m² car port with construction of the foundation.
                       Supplier planning, financial planning and implementing the project.
                       Successfully putting the plant into operation in December 2010.
As from 1/2010  KIT, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie:
                       Monitoring the construction and handling responsibilities in the quality assurance of the construction of a superconductive high-energy magnet.
                       Production monitoring, checking the calculations, monitoring the preliminary tests and checking the documentation in regard to the preliminary tests, checking calculations of pressure vessels, thermal transfers and material flows. Preparing the infrastructure for installation in a hall. Site supervision in regard to the installation.
As from 1/2011  KIT, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie:
                       Inventions in the field of HTS (high-temperature superconductors). These included laminated conductors which support the superconductor and the matching devices for the tests.
The prototypes carry a superconductive band (HTS), the current-carrying capacity of which is tested:
Constructing various parts for such devices.
Researching new materials for applications in the cryogenic state (-269°C).
Evaluating individual parts and components following laboratory tests.
                       Percentage participation in the patent rights.
                       Constructing pressure vessels for cryogenic operation.
6/13 - 08/13      Providing technical assistance for a humanitarian project of Engineers Without Borders at Karlsruhe University (KIT Campus South). Constructing a water cistern in Haiti.
Solar planning of a water cistern in Haiti. Building specification, planning, implementation on site. Planning the supply of the electric pump with solar energy.
                       Creating the reinforcement drawings for the base plates.
As from 9/2013  KIT, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie:
                       Taking over a project from the colleague until completion:
                       Monitoring the assembly of a pilot plant for power leads in the range of 10,000 A for operating cryogenically down to 4 °K (-269°C). Monitoring, adapting and changing the plans of pipelines, valves for liquid helium and nitrogen.
                       Altering and constructing flange covers for vacuum tanks in accordance with AD2000.
Controlling the positions of the measuring devices, such as a flow meters, bus systems and sensor systems.
Constructing and adapting positions for water-cooled high-current lines of HOMA for the testing plant. Constructing stainless steel/glass fibre reinforced plastic/isolated combinations of cable routes and guides for 1kV and 5kV operation.
Statics and construction for a steel stage extension.
Checking and altering the exhaust pipes for helium and nitrogen. Further alteration and adaptation of the safety installations, as well as safety valves.
Constructing additional measuring components, introduced into vacuum tanks, taking into account corresponding impermeability in the range of 10^(-9) mbarl/s.
05/14               Direct involvement in the establishment of the “Sunesty, Corp.” subsidiary in San Francisco, USA:
                       Handling tasks as CEO in the field of solar energy, photovoltaics, Net Zero Energy House. Project planning of rooftop installations, Rental Property Energy Systems.
12/15         https://www.sat1bayern.de/news/20151228/supraleitende-erdkabel-statt-stromtrassen/
                       This link showes you my works in Super Conducting Systems

International traveling up to 100%.
CAD Design in Autodesk Inventor in:
- Industrial automation - handling systems
- Industrial techniques - conveyor technology
- Robotics techniques, gripper techniques
- Radio controlled car systems
- Maintenance 3D design
- Heavy duty trucks and carriage cars
- Feed control systems
- Sensor techniques
- Gadget design
- Design for woodworking machines
- Automatic placement machine
- Progress and cycle time optimizing
- Plant engineering, flow chart design
- Cryogenic systems, pressure vessels
- Ultra high vacuum insulated vessels
- Stainless steel and GFK (G10) pressure vessels
- Deep temperature fluid techniques
- Super insulation structures
- Tritium and Deuterium test equipment
- Liquid Helium, Hydrogen and Nitrogen cooler
- Analysis with Finite element method (FEM).

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