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Summer Abu Shareh


Last update: 22.10.2022

Automation developer/ Back End developer

Graduation: B.A Management Information System
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Languages: Arabic (Limited professional) | English (Full Professional) | Hebrew (Full Professional)


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JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, Java, Python, Design patterns, Selenium, Playwright, Cucumber, Cypres, SQL Server, SQL, MongoDB, NoSQL, FireBase, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, API, Jenkins, AWS Amazon ec-2, Linux , Visual Studio, Jira, TestRail, Xray, Postman, CSS, Git, Ruby, Redis, PCI, Kali Linux, Jmeter, dotTrace, Unity, Jenkins (CI-CD), NET, server side, Microservices, REST, Nunit, DB , Entity Framework, refactoring, automation testing, unit testing, Java Script, test scripts, Postman API, big data, databases

Project history

01/2020 - 01/2021
Automation developer/ Back End developer (.NET Core C#)
* Development of end-to-end automation on the server side with Microservices, API and REST API.
* Unit tests with Xunit and Nunit.
* DB - SQL and Entity Framework.
* Development Automation in Selenium using POM.
* Development back end validation, Code Refactoring.
* Using Docker, Kubernetes and Redis.
* System Manager and configuration new Merchants, Banks and Users.
* Performance & Memory Optimization and Analyze with dotTrace, Load test with JMeter.

01/2018 - 01/2020
Automation developer
CodeOasis LTD
* Coordinate and set up appropriate test environments and perform integration, functionality, system,
regression, load and acceptance testing using manual methods and automation testing tools.
* Write test documents (STD). (TestRail, Cucumber)
* Work on multiple projects under tight deadlines.
* Automation develop ,Unit Testing in C# - Selenium.
* Automation develop in Java Script - Cucumber, Cypress.
* Write test scripts with Postman API in JavaScript.

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Profileimage by Summer AbuShareh Automation developer/ Back End developer from LOD Automation developer/ Back End developer