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Last update: 06.09.2022

Software Engineer

Graduation: Coursing Economics
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Spanish (Limited professional)




Hello, my name is Vinicius I live in Brazil and currently studying Economics in the Anhembi Morumbi University in São Paulo city (year 2/4). I became interested in programming while studying for a selective process in a financial institution. Despite not being accepted, I didn't stop studying and have developed my skills since then. At that time, I took a Google course on Coursera, which was an introduction to python automation. In this course I learned all the python basic syntax and have developed my logical thinking. 
After this, I started doing exercises and challenges in Kaggle, using python to do some data analysis and data engineering. Also during this time I learned SQL and have done some platform challenges related to Data Science. 
The reason why I wanted to learn about data analysis is because at that time I was really into quantitavive analysis, for the financial market, and for this reason I also learned about Machine Learning models at that time.
While studying financial modeling, using data science and ML, I was able to start a trainee in the accounting department of a technical assistance located here in São Paulo. 
I have been there for 3 months and recently left, because I wasn't able to use all the methods that I learned, even though I could do all my tasks much faster, my coworkers didn't understand anything related to programming and I was instructed to use the standard technologies (QuickBooks and RDStation mainly).
After this, I have started a new project, which is a mobile/web platform designed to provide all services needed for retailers in this field, in which I have noticed many things could be done faster and more precisely. I'm currently working on it.
While doing this project, I developed web/mobile development skills, using different frameworks such as Django and Flask. I also developed database knowledge using SQLAlchemy to integrate with MySql databases. In this project I also use the MVC architecture standard, which is directly related to Object Oriented Programming.

I have done one freelancer during this time. The task was to develop a facial recognition API to integrate with a school's camera system, located in India. I used the OpenCv library, which provide already trained ML models to recognize faces, objects, mood and many things. I choose this library instead of TensorFlow for this specific task because it was really simple, but for more complex projects, I also have knowledge to use TensorFlow.

Generally, I have experience with Full Stack development; Database/cloud architecture; mobile/web/desktop development; Machine Learning; Deep Learning; API(consuming/creating); Data Science; Data Engineering and Data analysis.

Project history

11/2021 - 02/2022
Accounting intern
Activities: Daily accounting and management routines, such as generating financial statements, paying taxes (Simples Nacional)
and general monitoring of accounts payable/receivable. Inventory maintenance, data analysis, contact with suppliers and
service providers.
Workplace safety experience.

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