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Bogdan Valentin Balan


Last update: 03.05.2022

Embedded Software Developer (C/C++)

Graduation: BSc. Computer Science
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Negotiable for remote projects depending on the duration of the project
Languages: English (Full Professional) | Romanian (Native or Bilingual)




C++/Linux, Yocto, APIs, CommonAPI, Nanomsg, FIDL interfaces, Android, NMEA, GPS, DLT, DBUS, UART, Version control, GIT, Gerrit, Bitbake, Debuggers, GDB, Linux, C++ / Linux, image processing, debugging, Tensorflow, algorithms, C, C++, Python, neural network, OpenCV, machine learning, encryption, GUI, WxWidgets, client/server, TLS, numpy, Jira, IPS, SPI, Linux/Yocto, RTEMS, routers, PowerPC, SDK, Lauterbach, VxWorks, RTOS, TCP/IP, memory management, Autosar, databases, embedded C, database, IMS, MKS Integrity, source control, Eclipse, Visual Studio, MISRA, Embedded Development, Networking

Project history

06/2021 - Present
Embedded Software Developer
Harman International (500-1000 employees)
Automotive and vehicle construction

Telematics project (C++/Linux/Yocto)

  • Responsible for development of data processing from the GNSS chip

  • Responsible for development of drivers for PPS

  • Responsible for creating FIDL and CDL interfaces for different client applications

  • Responsible for developing synchronization mechanism for different types of data using PTP

  • Maintenance of the already existing code on end of life products

  • Different feature development as requested by the clients

  • Development and integration of sensor interface and data processing

  • Development of shared libraries

  • Development of test applications for different features


Tools and applications used for projects development:

  • Protocols and APIs: CommonAPI, Nanomsg, FIDL interfaces, Android HAL, NMEA, RTCM, GPS,


  • Version control: GIT, Gerrit, Bitbake, CMake

  • Debuggers: GDB debugger, UBX Analyzer, ST Tracer

  • Process and methodology: Agile

  • GNSS chips: Ublox, ST, SLSI

  • OS: Linux/Yocto

  • Task Management: Elvis, Jira, Confluence

07/2019 - 06/2021
Embedded Software Developer
Wipro Technologies (>10.000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology

Intel Movidius Myriad X (C++/Linux/Yocto)

  • Develop and implement image processing pipelines

  • Assist client in developing and debugging different image processing pipelines

  • Maintain the existing code on multiple platforms

  • Develop methods for transforming NN models from well known frameworks like Tensorflow into

  • proprietary models that can run optimally on embedded devices

  • Develop and implement audio frameworks based on AI algorithms for noise canceling and noise

  • reduction

  • Implement well known networks for object tracking/recognition on embedded devices

  • Optimize the code for Leon co-processors working with proprietary image processing units

  • Development of unit tests using GTest


BMW POC (C/C++/Linux Embedded)

  • Implement PCKS#12 standard for encryption of authentication process

  • Develop server/client authentication process based on CA certificates

  • Develop GUI in WxWidgets for client/server

  • Develop secure connection using TLS between clients, server and ECUs

  • Configure target Linux OS in order to grant access to different features to clients based on access

  • level

  • Define the architecture of the project


           Oversee Internship program:

  • Offer mentorship for the students in the intership program

  • Oversee the projects that were part of the program


           Tools and applications used for projects development:

  • Frameworks: Tensorflow, WxWidgets, Intel OpenVINO, Myriad MDK, numpy, OpenCV, MTCNN

  • Change Management: Jira, Intel IPS

  • Protocols: TLS, PKS, MIPI, SPI, Leon IPC

  • Version control: GIT

  • Process and methodology: Agile

  • OS: Linux/Yocto, RTEMS

11/2018 - 07/2019
Embedded Software Developer
Luxoft (1000-5000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology

Hirschmann (Belden) (Embedded C/Linux)

  • Development of new software features for industrial routers and switches

  • Responsible for router configuration domain

  • Responsible for maintaining the code through bug-fixing for already existing products

  • Build toolchains for PowerPC

  • Integrate SDK updates


        Tools and applications used for projects development:

  • Change Management: Target Process, GIT, Bitbucket

  • Debuggers: GDB and Lauterbach

  • OS: Linux and vxworks (RTOS)

  • IDE: Eclipse, Visual Studio

  • Process and methodology: Agile

  • Protocols: TCP/IP stack, Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols for industrial equipment

05/2017 - 11/2018
Embedded Software Developer
Assystem (250-500 employees)
Automotive and vehicle construction

Continental VW project (Embedded C / Autosar Stack 3.6)

  • Responsible for implementation (development), bugfix, memory management, and testing of

  • software regarding door module (windows lifter, mirrors, locking system, illumination system)

  • Integration of CAN and LIN databases

  • Responsible communication database integration with Geny;

  • Responsible for rerouting the communication from LIN to CAN for rear modules

  • Responsible for integrating the new implementation in the application layer

  • Responsible for managing the version control system process (using IMS Integrity Client)


Tools and applications used for projects development:

  • Tools: Vector Canoe, DaVinci Developer and Configurator, Autosar Builder

  • Change Management: MKS Integrity

  • Debuggers: iSYSTEM iC5000 (WinIdea GUI), Lauterbach

  • Eclipse, Visual Studio

07/2015 - 05/2017
Software Developer
Freelancing (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology

Different freelancing projects(C++ / Python / Linux)

  • C++ application development for Linux

  • Python application development for Image Recognition systems

  • Development of automatizations for testing in Selenium and Appium

  • C++/Python GUI development in WxWidgets

  • Website building and management using Django and Python

03/2012 - 07/2015
QA Team Leader
Greenlink (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
  • Handled the communication with clients.
  • Negotiated the resources and costs with the clients.
  • Planned and oversaw the activity for several QA teams on different projects.
  • Trained new employees.
  • Met the client's expectations by delivering quality services and meeting all deadlines.
  • Helped the company grow by keeping the clients satisfied and improving the skills of all employees.
  • Implemented new technologies that were needed in the QA process

Time and spatial flexibility

I'm available for trips if needed.

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