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Last update: 12.01.2023

Agency: pioneers in video software development since 2005

Company: Fora Soft
Graduation: PhD Computer Science
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Languages: English (Full Professional)


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We develop e-learning, telemedicine, and video surveillance products. Augment reality, launch Internet TV, and recognize objects on video. Our specialization is video & multimedia software. We don’t work on anything else. 105 people team. Since 2005.

We don’t only develop, but also plan and wireframe your product so that users love it. We also do promotion so that they know about it.

Companies and startups come to us to create new products and improve existing ones.

❓How to choose a developer to get a cool top software product❓ Check that the contractors:

✅ Have cool products like yours in portfolio. Ours:
☺ Sony Music, Virgin Records, Universal use a DJ music pool
☺ is the 1st HTML5 + WebRTC virtual classroom in the world. Bronze at Brandon Hall 2017, after SAP and Dell :)
☺ Super Power FX has 4.6 of 5 in AppStore with 7500 reviews and 30 clones in Google Play. This video editor adds super powers to videos
☺ Video surveillance system works with 2000 IP cameras in 400 US organizations. Those are police departments, doctor education and child advocacy centers

✅ Develop for all the platforms you need. We cover:
- web
- iOS and Android phones and tablets
- smart TV
- desktop
- VR headsets
Develop web apps that work on mobile browsers, for example, video chats.

✅ Have the right processes you know in advance. Ours are:

1 - Sales managers are 1st level software analysts. They clarify your needs. Then give 3 results: user stories, recommended technologies, and estimations based on previous projects. User stories are what each type of user can do in your product. They describe your requirements more clearly than “functions”. It’s hard to say if a list of tech terms has all you need. But what you know exactly is what your users do.

2 - Analysts clarify details and draw wireframes. They are mockups of all the pages with clickable buttons. So you can play with your app before it’s developed and make cheap changes. We calculate project time and price estimation based on wireframes.

3 - Designers draw clickable graphic design prototypes.

4 - Team of developers, test engineer and project manager develops the product.

5 - The team installs it on your server and helps with app stores submission. We do maintenance - part-time work on minor improvements after launch.

6 - Promoting the product: SEO, ASO, SMM, paid advertisement.

✅ Estimate reasonably. We do it this way:
Estimate each user story. What we have done before - based on how much it took in the past. New ones - a Lead developer estimates. He splits tasks into small subtasks for accuracy and goes through checklists to not miss any potential problem. The CEO finalizes all the proposals. His article on estimation:

Message us to discuss and estimate your project. We give user stories and recommend technologies for free after a call. We reply on the same workday :)

Project history

07/2021 - Present
AppyBee - booking system for SMEs - developed by ForaSoft
AppyBee (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
My Profi App (AppyBee) is a platform that provides personalized application for business owners, where they can immediately see all customer bookings and payments, offer loyalty program, promotions, events and news to customers. Know how your customers perceive your service or product, and respond in direct messages. Includes admin panel to get an understanding of product usage and customer visits with updated statistics - you have everything clearly located in one panel on your phone.
Web App for shop owner and employees:
Apps for clients
iOS App:
Android App:

★ Desktop widget for clients ★
Make a booking on website using a side widget just in four clicks.

★ Complete analytics ★
Get to know an analytics of your bookings, income, promotions and many other things. Always be aware of situation in your business.

★ Get a feedback ★
Web App provides a reviews from your customers that visited your shop at least once. Clients would like to let you know what they thought of your service. They leave a feedback in application and you see that in Web version.

★ Mobile Native Apps ★
This is a business app where your customers can schedule an appointment, see a loyalty program or manage bookings. In Loyalty section interesting offers and discounts are published.

11/2017 - Present
CirrusMED - Telemedicine for a Nevada private practice - Developed by ForaSoft
CirrusMed (50-250 employees)
Pharmaceuticals and medical technology

All the 1500 practice patients video-chat with doctors there. The practice plans to grow by online-only patients.

?‍⚕️ Personal doctor by subscription
CirruMed is not for one-time visits. You find the doctor you trust and stay with him. So subscriptions are for 1 month, 3 months, and a year. One-time visit is rather a trial for newcomers.

?‍⚕️ Video chat by appointment
WebRTC-powered video chat is HIPAA-compliant. Works in browser, no software download. Doctor sets his availability, patients pick slots, and meet by video at the agreed time. SMS and email notifications help to not miss it.

?‍⚕️ Messaging
No need to schedule for quick questions. Write to your Primary care physician 24/7 on the website. He gets notifications by sms, email, and on the website and answers asap.

?‍⚕️ Electronic Medical Record
New patients get a “get-to-know-you” video chat. They fill in the EMR together with their doctor. Allergies, past diseases, surgeries, relation to tobacco-alcohol-drugs, family diseases - all structured, on its own tab. Separate tab keeps CirrusMed prescriptions. And vitals are on another one: temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, height and weight. Body mass index calculates by itself. Data is protected and used according to HIPPA.

?‍⚕️ Orders for tests
If MRI, imaging referral or another lab test is needed, the doctor sends the order right to the testing center. You come and complete it, and the doctor gets the results.

09/2016 - Present
ProVideoMeeting - video conferencing WebRTC platform - Developed by ForaSoft
ProVideoMeeting (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
★ A true meeting multitool ★
Check out all the awesome features here:
Online meetings with any number of attendees. No installation required. Switch modes to meet the changing needs of your meeting. Spotlight one speaker in a Podium mode. Watch up to 9 participants together and share screen in a Webinar mode. Or use a feature-rich Whiteboard.

★ Join on cellular or Internet connection ★
Join the room on a website or by phone: dial a meeting number and you’re in. SIP server processes calls to the indicated phone numbers.

★ Videochat solutions ★
Modern HTML5 and WebRTC technologies are responsible for high operating speed. Picture quality automatically stays in sync with the internet connection: when it’s low, quality decreases accordingly, if it’s high, HD quality is guaranteed. Stream to YouTube and Facebook to attract more attendees.

★ Advanced participant roles ★
Apart from regular roles Meeting host-Guest, there is also a Presenter - the one who can manage the meeting by authority of the Host. The host can delegate holding of a meeting completely and leave the room. Or, choose and limit the features to delegate.

★ Digital signature ★
We are business-oriented. Thus, if your partners are away, but there is a document to sign here and now - you can do it in the platform during the meeting. ProVideoMeeting uses the latest digital signature software and ironclad 12-AES encryption.

★ Translate voice and chat ★
Meetings with foreign partners have never been that easy. Chat messages are translated into your language, powered by Google Translate. During the call, Google Speech API translates the presenter into your preset language straightaway.

★ API for partners ★
Don’t want users to leave your website for the meeting? We’ve got an API to build ProVideoMeeting right into your website. Just paste unique API key onto your website’s code and enjoy the features.

11/2013 - Present
IVS - Video Surveillance SaaS product - Developed by ForaSoft
Intelligent Video Solutions (50-250 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
★Video surveillance, Software-as-a-Service, state-of-the-art★
iOS App:

★As simple as you want, as complex as you need★
Live stream IP cameras, record, watch the recordings. Simple as 1, 2, 3 - on the first view. Closer look fascinates by scale and smart, carefully thought over details. They are what differ professionalism and true dedication.

★450+ client organizations★
  • Police departments - observe interrogations (must be cheaper than that one-side-transparent mirror :) ). Detectives value security, marks, reports, and hardware controls.
    • Case study video:
  • Medical education institutions - supervise patient consultations with PhD students, for quality assurance and second opinion. They also record simulations, e.g. of nursery skills. Doctors like permission control, schedule, and scalability.
    • Case study video:
  • Child advocacy organizations - monitor kid interviews, to not frighten them by a concilium. Some recordings go to police. CD burn, reports, and statistics are helpful here.
    • Case study video:
★HD video streaming★
Live video from 9 IP cameras on one screen. Pan, tilt, zoom. Speak through the camera to the room where it’s installed. On big screens in auditoriums you spot fine details on the video - that’s the quality. Cameras are industry standard, mainly Axis, the market leader.

★Record & watch★
Record video and audio from multiple cameras and microphones with perfect AV sync. Zoom in to especially good or problematic moments on the video. Create clips, e.g. main mistakes in nursery training for reflection.

★Security & permission control★
SSL and RTMPS encryption protect client-server data and video streams. LDAP integration. Severe access control. E.g. in medical PhD training, students must not access other students’ videos. Otherwise, they’d gathered other patients’ sensitive information. And supervisors must access the videos of their students only.

★Marks and reports★
Heard a confession on live stream? Add a mark! You won’t have to re-watch hours of footage again to spot it. Plus, marks are searchable. Hand out PDF printable reports with all the marks to all the interested. ★Easy administration and statistics★ Control user access, how long the videos are kept on the server. Two-click reports e.g. on the number of children interviewed - for a particular police department, for domestic violence, by a particular worker.

★Additional features★
+ Schedule: automate the recording completely: it’ll turn on and off at your schedule.
A great help for scheduled classes. Cameras are even pan-tilt-zoom adjusted on schedule.

+ CD burn: burn mp4 videos on CDs to hand out to a colleague department in minutes.
Helps when a child interview video from an advocacy center is passed to police department for investigation. Keeps all the attached data, marks and notes!

+ Hardware controls: want to stop recording right from the room?
Just flip the switch. Interrogations must not be interrupted. So, the real “In use” sign highlights on top of the door when the recording starts.

+ Point’n’click intuitive: no installation required, just open your browser.
Log in - see the permitted videos - press Play. Modular interface shows just what users need and hides all the extra. Clients say, they train new users in 10 minutes. And with all the functionality burden, it works Flash-fast! ;)

05/2012 - Present
BrainCert - award winning e-learning system - Developed by ForaSoft
Braincert Inc. (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
★Triple Bronze Award winner in Excellence in Technology at Brandon Hall★

World's first WebRTC powered HTML5 Virtual Classroom on 50 languages. Bronze award at Brandon Hall 2017 and 2021 Technology Award for Virtual-Classroom, Conferencing Technology and Learning Management Technology - competing along with Adobe, Allianz SE and HP :)
1st prize on DC Tech Day 2014 Best in Education.  

Virtual classroom for the all-in-one LMS with any tool you can imagine - whiteboard, recording, sharing, quizzes and more - on any device.

★Interactive whiteboard★
Whiteboard gives teachers the freedom of a regular class board: write, draw shapes, pin images. And lines really smoothly follow your mouse, so your handwriting is still your recognizable handwriting :) Wait, you can pin YouTube videos on BrainCert board, but you can’t in class! So, it’s even better.

★Video Communication★
Chat by full HD video, audio, and text. No plugin installation needed. Media servers with 40 cores and modern technologies like WebRTC make video and audio streams smooth and stable.

★Lesson recording★
Watch any lesson as many times as needed or attend the missed class. The video, the chat, all materials, and the whiteboard are recorded, so no information is missed.

★Mobile friendly★
Classroom works on iOS and Android devices as well as Windows and MacOS.

★Document sharing★
Upload any document and present it to your audience. Pdf, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Bonus: use any whiteboard tool on it!

★Screen sharing★
Share the whole screen or a single app only, to keep your cat pics private. Just a button click - no plugin installation.

★Wolfram Alpha★
Calculator meets dictionary on the whiteboard. Solve equations and insert detailed articles for any word, object or person - with definitions and images.

★Equation editor★
Transform vague keyboard-typed one-line math equations into a reader-friendly view with LaTeX tool. For example, it produces images of complex equations where symbols stand above and below the fractional line as needed.

★Custom branding★
Rebrand the LMS with your logo, color scheme, even domain. Integrate the platform into your branding style without any special design efforts.

Assess how well students learned your lesson - or evaluate employees. Test with open ended or closed questions works inside the whiteboard.

★Code editor★
Separate window with code writing style for all major programming languages. Specially to educate our young colleagues programmers :)

05/2016 - 10/2020
Simplii - VoIP solution for your CRM - Developed by ForaSoft
Simplii (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
Voip For the Modern Business. Top CRM Integration Features

★ Click to Call ★
Gain speed and accuracy as phone numbers in your CRM and across the web are converted to call butons.

★ Screen Pops ★
Accounts, leads, opportunities, and more across all your CRMs pop to your attention as calls come in or go out.

★ Activity Logs ★
Log unlimited conversations within your CRM whether they are voice calls or SMS messages.

★ Business SMS ★
Send and receive business SMS to your direct number.

★ Business MMS ★
Send mms messages and pictures to your customers from your business phone number.

★ Contact Creation ★
Unknown info can be added to new or existing contacts.

★ Number Select ★
Choose from multiple phone numbers per contact.

★ Group SMS ★
Message as a group and see the history in your CRM.

★ Memberships ★
Assign members and phone numbers to new groups.


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Only available for the countries Hong Kong
Remote work only, working worldwide

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