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Sr. Software Engineer, Sr. Software Developer, Software Engineer

Graduation: MCA
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Microsoft Application, N-Tier Architecture, Visual Studio 2017, NET Core, ASP.NET MVC Core, Angular 7, Angular CLI, NPM, Type Script, Visual Studio Code, C#, Web API Core, MS SQL Server 2014, Entity Framework Core, LINQ, JQuery, High charts, JavaScript, Design Patterns, JSON, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, AJAX, OOPS, Kendo Controls, TFS, VSTS, GitHub, SVN, Jira, Agile, unit testing, debugging, scalability, coding, code coverage, ASP.NET Core, Typescript, Web API 2.2, C# Tools, VS 2017, Agile Scrum, ReSharper, database, angular, web api, API, ASP.NET MVC, Highcharts, MS SQL Server, Entity Framework, Scrum, Avocet, VS 2015, Enterprise, VS 2013, mobile devices, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Data Import, MVC, VS 2010, ASP.NET, VS 2008, MS SQL Server 2012, VSS, agile methodologies, programming, refactoring, requirement analysis, test case, version control, VSTS/ GIT, Design Pattern, Git, Postman, MS Unit Test, Frond-End, Back-End, UI, High, DI, Repository, Singleton, Factory Method, Re Sharper, TFS//VSTS/Git, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, Database Role, SQL Server Database Design, Database Maintenance, T-SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers, SQL Server 2014, Swagger, Fiddler, Test Framework

Project history

09/2022 - 09/2022
Sr. Team Lead
Project: Daily Operational Report(DOR)
Client: Schlumberger Oilfield Services
Client' Client: Petronas
Technologies: ASP.NET Core and Visual Studio Code, Angular 7, Angular CLI, NPM, Typescript, Web API 2.2, C#
Tools: VS 2017, MS SQL Server 2014, Entity Framework Core, LINQ, GitHub, VSTS, Agile Scrum, ReSharper.

Key Result Areas:
Business: Client want a software which is uploading multiple files and save to a particular location then reading files
and save data to database.

Functionality: This project has two parts: Reader and Writer.
In reader part we have web pages for selecting or dragging dropping multiple files. User can select only doc and xls
files. These pages are created in angular and web api. From angular making call to web api method using httpclient.
After successfully uploaded files reader part will start. From API method we are invoking reader program. We are
reading data from uploaded files based on some business logics and save the data to a temporary database with some
templates and configurations.
Now writer program will start and fetching data from temp db based on templates and keys. Finding corresponding
tables in main database and save the records to main db.

09/2022 - 09/2022
Sr. Team Lead
At Persistent Systems
Client: Schlumberger Oilfield Services
Client' Client: Petronas
Technologies : ASP.NET MVC, C#, Highcharts, JQuery, JavaScript, JSON, MS SQL Server, Entity Framework, LINQ,
Bootstrap, CSS, AJAX, OOPS
Tools: VS 2017, MS SQL Server 2014, GitHub, Agile Scrum, Avocet, ReSharper.

Key Result Areas:
This project is developed to get information about Oil and Gas inside land and undersea water.
There are wells and reservoirs in sea water. These wells contain Oil and Gas.
So how much oil remaining in any well and what is the current well status. We will see this info in dashboard.
Dashboard is showing different types of charts like line charts, column charts, bar charts, pie charts, area charts and
more combined of charts. We used High charts to develop these charts. We need to make some configuration for
showing types of series.

This dashboard is used to enhance oil recovery. There are Oil injector, water injector and gas injector. There are many
types of wells like Active, Idle, Shut-in. Active well is currently producing oil, Idle well have very less oil and it's not
producing, Shut-in is stopped oil production.
Schlumberger giving this information to client PETRONAS with the help of this project.

09/2022 - 09/2022
Team Lead
Project: Compex Legal Services
Client: Compex Legal Services Incorporation (USA)
Technologies:ASP.NET MVC, C#, Web API, JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JSON, MS SQL Server, LINQ, CSS, AJAX,
OOPS, and Unit Testing
Tools: VS 2015, MS SQL Server 2014, TFS, Agile Scrum.

Key Result Areas:
Compex Legal Services, Inc. is a privately held corporation, owned by a prestigious group of venture capital firms, with a
strong multi-million dollar annual revenue stream.

Record Retrieval
Our extensive understanding of Discovery Law and HIPAA requirements allows Compex to follow a well-defined process
to provide timely records in a variety of formats. These disciplined steps ensure orderly progression from order
acceptance, legal document preparation, service of legal documents and location follow-up to electronic capture and
delivery of records.

Medical Record Summarization
Utilizing our expertise, Compex has designed well-defined Medical Summarization products, TruSummary . This
revolutionary tool drastically reduces the amount of attorney, paralegal and claims personnel time spent sorting and
reviewing documents.

Successful record retrieval of records nationally and internationally.
Maintaining a complete secured document repository in both electronic and paper format.

09/2022 - 09/2022
Team Lead
At Persistent Systems
Project: Enterprise Learning Management System (ELMS)
Client: Sumtotal Systems (USA)
Technologies:ASP.NET MVC, C#, Web API, JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JSON, MS SQL Server, LINQ, CSS, AJAX,
Tools: VS 2013, MS SQL Server 2014, Jira, SVN.

Key Result Areas:
Enterprise Learning Management System manages all aspects of education and training by optimizing the
administration, management, delivery, and end-user experience of blended learning programs. With an engaging
application interface, easy-to-use functionality and enhanced content performance, can offer content and courseware
across a wide range of Smartphone and mobile devices. Supported devices include iPhone, Android and Blackberry with
native LMS style-sheet support for notebooks and other tablet and appliance devices.
Recently LMS product has been released with Talent Management as integrated solutions to the customer which
provides lots of functionalities.

Worked on Data Import Module. This module is used to Import Data into system with using Source files. In Source file
we are providing Column names and Values. It's taking time in seconds to import thousands of records. For this we used
Web API, Window Service and Rest API.
Window service is reading the uploaded files and validating the records. After Validated the records is passed to Web
API. In Web API we used Fluent Validation to validate the records. After validation done in Web API records got
Inserted/Updated into Database.

09/2022 - 09/2022
Sr. Software Engineer
Atos India
Project: Metric System
Client: Atos
Technologies:ASP.NET MVC, C#, JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JSON, MS SQL Server, LINQ, CSS, AJAX, OOPS
Tools: VS 2010, MS SQL Server 2014, TFS.

Key Result Areas:
Business Case: Advancement of new metric tool which includes a simple tariff calculator to find the correct
tariff from the table for processing jobs, dashboard display with few charts and tables to track daily volumes & user
activities and detailed user & Queue wise reports. Dashboard: we also made a dashboard in this system which shows
data for: Tariff Calculator, Volume Dashboard Metric Volume Meter, Volume forecast in hourly intervals, Volumes -
Supplier wise, Volume Received vs Job Types TAT Calculator, User Activity Report. Job Booking System: Here user can
book a job.

09/2022 - 09/2022
Software Engineer
At IT Integrated Solutions
Project: Bharti Axa investment Management (BAIM Cash Flow)
Client: Bharti AXA General Insurance Company
Technologies:ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, MS SQL Server, CSS, AJAX, OOPS
Tools: VS 2008, MS SQL Server 2012, VSS.

Key Result Areas:
This site is used to manage the cash flow. This is mainly banking site in which we can transfer the funds from one
scheme to other scheme like one account to other account. In this site many modules are used like trade settlement,
UCR module etc. Here a RTGS report is also generated. For this user do transaction with selecting source bank account
and destination bank account and fill all data's and transfer amount.

Role and Responsibility
* Experience working based on agile methodologies.
* Collecting the software requirement by customer and developing the application as per their requirement
* Writing the high-quality code to meet customer requirement
* Coordinating with other software professionals and developers
* Performing complex programming, designing and analysis to meet business requirements
* Identifying and correcting the software defects and to maintaining the existing software systems
* Developing the code guidelines and conventions
* Participating in Analysing and gathering requirements

* Revising, debugging, updating and refactoring the code
* Providing technical support as an expert
* Fixing issues raised in the application and unit testing & code reviews
* Understanding the new change requests, estimations & deliverables
* Supporting in recruitment of technical resources/ technical Interviews
* Making Proof of Concept for New requirements
* Doing Code review, to ensure team follows standards and procedures
* Working closely with the technical lead & developers
* Doing Proper documentation of development activities
* Supporting the business with effort estimations and feasibility studies
* Performing code reviews and sharing results with colleagues
* Analysing root causes of incidents and provide answers
* Working in different roles across the whole solution lifecycle (requirement analysis, front- and back-end
development, design, system integration, architecture, support, etc.)
* Managing multiple tasks simultaneously with the ability to appropriately prioritize tasks as needed
* Participating in all design reviews, test case reviews, interaction with BU, clients and stakeholders
* Providing technical guidance to team members
* Including code reviews and version control software such as VSTS/ GIT
* Keeping up to date on latest software development technologies and methodologies
* Validating, prioritizing tasks and technical changes/improvements for products

06/2010 - 03/2015
Sr. Software Engineer
Atos India IT Services Pvt. Ltd

01/2009 - 02/2010
Sr. Software Developer
Smartech Global Solutions Ltd

04/2008 - 12/2008
Software Engineer
IT Integrated Solutions Ltd

09/2007 - 04/2008
Jr. Programmer
Tasaa Netcom Pvt Ltd

01/2007 - 07/2007
Software Developer
Emlink Technologies Pvt Ltd
Key Result Areas Fixing issues raised in the application and unit testing & code reviews
Understanding the new change requests, estimations & deliverables
Moving the customizations from test environment to production
Written unit test cases and mocking objects when writing unit test cases
Performing research on new features, implementation and developments
Addressing the client's needs with any feasible solutions for developing
their product
Building & maintaining healthy business relations with clients and ensuring high
customer satisfaction matrices by achieving delivery & service quality norms
Analysing user needs and software requirements for determining feasibility
of design within constraints, undertaking the design & the development,
testing, debugging and troubleshooting of the application
Resolving integration and interfacing issues between various applications or
systems with focus on optimizing application performance and scalability
Interacting with team members for ensuring progress of project work
Designing, developing & implementing the workflow program,
presentation and managing various phases of interface development
based on technical specification
Highlights Highlights:
Received Client Appreciation Award ' Brave Individual Award' from
Received Client Appreciation Award ' You Made A Difference Award'
from Sum total Systems
Played a key role and got appreciations in Petronas EOR during the
execution of projects
Scoped & delivered several releases of Petronas EOR
Improved application efficiency by design, coding, debugging, unit testing
code coverage
Projects Completed

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