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Last update: 12.10.2022

Tech Leader, Sr. Software Engineer, Sr. Software Engineer

Graduation: MS Computer Science
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APIs, Java11, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Docker, Maven3, AWS, sqs, sns, rds, s3, GraphQL, UI, software quality, sql, McAfee, Gradle, Maven, Kafka, eks, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Neo4JDB, ec2, design patterns, CQRS, concurrency, quality assurance, Python, JAVA 6, JavaScript, Jquery, Python scripts, IBM Web Sphere, Globant, bugs, JAVA6, JSP, Computer Science, desktop application, Java, Programming, GO, UNIX Shell Scripting, Memcached, DynamoDB, Spring Framework, Apache Kafka, Tomcat, AWS SDK, sqs, sns, iam, s3, Git, GitHub, Git Lab, Kubernetes, Docker-Compose

Project history

10/2021 - 07/2022
Sr. Software Engineer
Kalto Company
* Designed and built several micro-services to process payment transactions
using payment instruments like bank transfer, credit card, cash and credit.
* Routed communication between third parties payment processors to select
the cheapest route cost and others relevant strategies.
* Developed high-quality, scalable APIs using Java11, Spring Boot, Hibernate,
Docker, Maven3, AWS (sqs, sns, rds, opensearch, s3)
* Created middle tier component using GraphQL to enhance features integration
between UI and Backend.

10/2020 - 10/2021
Tech Leader
Mercado Libre Company
* Planned features delivery and coordinated with team all estimations of functionalities
related to anti-money laundering operations that occurs inside Mercado Pago
* Designed software using micro services patterns to be developed by the team.
Contributed with proof of concept of software with urgent necessity to detect and
prevent fraud operations.
* Review software quality of each solution before source code integration in repo.
* Conducted fraud rules engine migration from sql relation db to a graph relational schema
using Neo4jDB
* Mentored junior developers to ramp-up quickly theirs contributions in the on-going features
* Set performance goals for staff members and helped teams meet important deadlines

09/2014 - 10/2020
Sr. Software Engineer
Intel Security/McAfee Company
* Developed security software modules for enterprise solutions to detect user suspicious and
malicious actions in endpoints using Java8, Spring Boot, Gradle, Maven, Kafka, K8S, Docker,
AWS (eks, rds), MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Neo4JDB
* Improved software reliability applying fault-tolerant strategies using micro services with
volume attached and auto-setup of ec2 instances rebooted.
* Scaled micro-services using design patterns (CQRS, Event driven domain, others) and
applying concurrency strategies.
* Produced software verification programs and quality assurance strategies using Python
* Mentored newly hired engineers through routine coaching and training opportunities

05/2014 - 09/2014
Sr. Software Engineer
Taller Technologies Company
* Built and developed software modules related to networks metrics used for ASSIA,
Inc using JAVA 6, JavaScript

10/2013 - 05/2014
Software Engineer - Contractor
Nokia Solutions and Network Company
* Developed internal products for several areas of NSN company like: Task
managements and Ticket supports for Networks using JAVA 6, JavaScript,

12/2011 - 10/2013
Software Engineer
Hewlett-Packard Company
* Developed Seat Reservation software modules for American Airlines Co. Contributed in
several projects like Preferred Seats, Main Cabin Extra and others using JAVA6,
* Wrote Python scripts to orchestrate the IBM Web Sphere migration from WAS6 to WAS8.

08/2010 - 12/2011
Software Engineer
Globant Company
* Contributed fixing bugs for Southwest Airlines website using JAVA6, JSP, JavaScript.
* Monitored and supported airline website in production stage to keep the system in healthy
mode using page tool to get alerts and ack.

08/2008 - 08/2010
Jr. Software Engineer
First Steps In Computer Science
* YUGOO startup (1 year): Developed desktop application. Stack of technologies: Microsoft
.Net and MySQL

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