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Last update: 09.05.2023

Kotlin Developer

Company: Calima Solutions SL
Graduation: Computer Science
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)


Flutter Java (Programming Language) JavaScript (Programming Language) PHP (Programming Language) Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Agile Methodology Android (Software) HTML5 Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Code Review + 15 more keywords




Agile, Android app, Angular, API, CSS, Code Reviews, database, dependency injection, Flutter, HTML5, Computer Science, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Model View Controller, MySQL, NodeJS, PHP, Pair programming, push notifications, Python, Scrum Methodology, Software Engineering, SASS, TypeScript, VueJS

Project history

01/2021 - 02/2023
BP/Aral Fuel & Charge App Europe.
Native Android app built with Kotlin for displaying the European
network of EV charging stations on a Google Map based view,
allowing drivers to charge their vehicles from the app and keep
track of their charging history. In this project I had the opportunity
to work not only as a Developer but as an Epic Lead, dealing with
both technical and management tasks in a proactive way.
Regarding the technical tasks, the biggest challenge was the
redesign and refactoring of the whole app into a Clean
Architecture design based on use cases with a Model-View-
ViewModel pattern. To perform it we worked with libraries like
Dagger Hilt for dependency injection as well as Mockito and
Barista for testing purposes.
As an Epic Lead I had to coordinate both Android and iOS teams to
launch the app in Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems. In that
role I developed the whole Android Auto feature using Cars App
Library and at the same time dealt with all the required definitions
to meet business requirements with the technical approach.

01/2021 - 11/2021
Online web desktop platform for innovation ecosystems. This
project gathered together multiple innovation agents (startups,
public administrations, NGO, investors, etc.) so that they could
have fluent communication as well as a common environment to
share their needs and ideas. In this project, I performed as the main
front-end developer. Had to adapt a new design by components in
Angular as well as integrate a real-time chat, push notifications,
and create a whole new challenges module based on a Business
Process. Management system. Using: Angular with SASS

10/2020 - 01/2021
Desktop Enterprise Resource Planning app for a marble working
company. The app allowed the management of different agents
and resources in the company, such as clients, suppliers,
products, orders, invoices, budgets, etc. Started the project being
the only developer. Had to do multiple tasks in both front end and
back end, such as implementing and structuring different
components, creating new endpoints, and structuring the
database. Created different frontend components with VueJS in a
Model View Controller architecture context. Created new API
endpoints in the BE as well as updating existing ones with new
functionalities. Implemented a statistics system based on MySQL
views. Front end integration with Back end endpoint. Using VueJS,
PHP and MySQL.

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