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Melwin Besnard


Last update: 20.03.2023

Front-end Developer, Full-stack Engineer, Front-end Developer

Graduation: Nanyang Technological University; Bachelor’s degree of computer science
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Languages: English (Limited professional)


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Subversion Backend Web3.js Microservices HTML JavaScript (Programming Language) PHP (Programming Language) Amazon Web Services + 42 more keywords




AWS, Angular, API, APIs, backend, back-end, blockchain, Bootstrap, Css, SCSS, Cassandra, Confluence, database, docker, Elasticsearch, figma, Firebase, Git, GraphQL, Html, Jira, Javascript, Laravel, Material UI, Microservices, micro services, Mocha, MongoDB, MySQL, Next.js, nginx, Node.js, NPM, PHP, pixel-perfect, Postgresql, Redux, React, rich text, SQL, serverless, software architecture, code quality, Solidity, Subversion, SVN, SASS, Tailwind CSS, text editing, TypeScript, user controls, vector graphics, Vue, web3.js, Web3, WebRTC, Wordpress

Project history

09/2020 - 10/2022
Front-end Developer
T7T Labs
* Prepared software architecture document detailing user
flow, logical diagram, technology composition,
Microservices, Architectural justification.
* Created frontend using UX design in a pixel-perfect and
user friendly way.
* Created frontend to integrate Live video conferencing &
collaboration function using WebRTC and JavaScript.
* Implemented wallet connection using web3.js.
* Created test cases for the both frond-end and back-end
using Jest / Mocha.
* Plan and deploy micro services using serverless

04/2018 - 08/2020
Front-end Developer
* Developed a blockchain-based NFT marketplace
platform using React, Redux Toolkit, Material-UI,
Storybook, Ethers.js, and MetaMask.
* Introduced an atomic design with descriptive
documentation using Storybook and configured its UI
library and design system on the top of Material-UI using
all the reusable components like atoms, molecules, and
* Built a user-friendly filtering functionality and boosted
the code quality and performance significantly.

06/2015 - 03/2018
Full-stack Engineer
Wee Bee Kids Inc
* Created frontend using figma design for mobile
* Led the development of a unified rich text editor that
runs on mobile, desktop, and web for users.
* Developed a JavaScript-based image annotation app that
runs on desktop and web, it also allows for re-editable
PNGs/JPGs by storing vector annotation data in the
image binary.
* Created a feature to present HTML-based pages in a fullscreen
auto-generated presentation with advanced user
controls and layout options.
* Integrated a build pipelines of 5+ complex applications
to reliably use common rich-text editing component.
* Developed a custom vector graphics library for use in
annotating both bitmaps and PDFs.

09/2013 - 05/2015
Front-end Developer
* Worked on providing API endpoints with
Node.js/Inversify and MongoDB.
* Built from scratch admin platform for managing
platform's database entities and users using React,
Node.js, and Mongoose.
* Implemented complex UI components with
React/TypeScript and SCSS.
* Improved the UX by creating several DnD-based
* Wrote scripts to use and manipulate data from various

Local Availability

Only available for remote work


Programming is something anyone can do with IT skills, but it is difficult to find
a programmer who can work on a client's project clearly and neatly.
Combined Web developemt with Go. Seeing wide and faraway, Thinking deeply with 3rd eyes,
Calculate correctly various cases, Behave calm, No give up till end,
these were main reason can get success in my development career.
Profileimage by Melwin Besnard Front-end Developer, Full-stack Engineer, Front-end Developer from Larochesuryon Front-end Developer, Full-stack Engineer, Front-end Developer