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Graduation: BEng, MSc, MBA
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Languages: Chinese (Limited professional) | German (Elementary) | English (Native or Bilingual)


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Project history

02/2022 - 01/2023
Software Responsible
Volvo Cars
Key Responsibilities:

Requirements -Development and managing of ASIL-D signals used in brakes component,
Analysis driving cross functional teams in requirements traceability, assessment of
applications software requirements and ensuring adequate test coverage.
Cyber Security -Responsible for delivery of CS work products ie CS DIA impact assessments,
CSJR and CS Case for Brakes BCMA SW modulation. Held meetings with tier-1
suppliers and supported in CS work package breakdown according to VCC

internal CS central team and legal compliance R13H.
Chinese -supported in collaborations with Chinese with legal certifications requirements
Regulatory GB 21670-2008, providing guidance for legal compliance ISO21340, ISO 26262.
Testing -Identified and updated missing diagnostics DTCs, DIDs CR for P519 platform.
Creation of new DTCs for brakes functionality in Carcom and providing
requirements traceability in Carweaver.
-Testing and extending tests relating to Brakes SW application API using

07/2021 - 01/2022
Software Consultant
PA Consultants
Key Responsibilities:

SEP -Responsible for evaluation of 3G/4G patents for SEP

Security -Responsible for providing intelligence analysis as part of reserve- engineering of
technology AMAG security software. Analysed network authentication, security protocols in
innovation Wireshark as part of CS vulnerability research and mitigation.
AWS -AWS EC2 logging for data diodes as part of NIST CSF
-AWS API, Cloud formation configuration management

01/2021 - 06/2021
Software Engineer
Key Responsibilities:

PNT -Develop value proposition according to marketing director visions on GSS6580
feasibility prototype characterisation for addition of IMU as a Minimum Viable product for
innovation automotive sector.
Delivered IMU data analysis in Python as part of overall MVP evaluation for
performance, security and reliability.
PNT -Use of GNSS GSS7000 SimGen simulator multi constellations, multifrequency
simulators GLONASS, Beidou,Galileo,GPS as part of Real-time MVP.

11/2018 - 01/2021
Software Engineer
Key Responsibilities:

SDLC -Development of software architecture in Visual Paradigm and Matlab for major
Requirements system procurements to ensure emergency solution delivery. Identifying,
Capture analysing and evaluating information for projects and collaboration with other
stakeholders the functionalities, likelihood and use case scenarios authoring
and/or supporting the development of design documentation in accordance
with ESA CDR,PDR and FDR frameworks.
-Provided consultancy for scoping,evaluation and selection of microcontrollers
and RTOS. Contributed to discussions relating microprocessor interface to RPi,
prototyping n manual testing.Schematic capture for microcontroller.Testing in
FreeRTOS Performed connectivity impact assessments and advised with senior
bare metal management of limitations in microprocessors and identify areas of
Arduino,RPi improvement including migration from 8bit to 32bit architectures.
Recommended FreeRTOS.

C/C++ -Integrated Arduino to Rpi, testing App API using Pytest
Testing APIs
sAFE Feasibility assessment of aftermarket installation of technological innovations
NG112 that improve safety pertaining to HGV, buses and coaches. This includes
identification of relevant ADAS features that assist in the prior detection of
eCall potential dangerous driving situations and recommendations on how products
with these features can prevent accidents.Assessment includes identification of
pertinent legislations, ADAS functionalities, available products capabilities,
interfacing requirements and installation costs etc. This report supports the
proposal to EC council for safer driving legislations.

O-RAN Trained internal team on O-RAN architecture

09/2016 - 08/2018
Jaguar Land Rover
Key Responsibilities:

SDLC -Software Design Requirements Analysis for ASIL-B IPMA component, using
DOORs, Collaborate with cross-team stakeholders for design definition for IPMA
SOTA, Diagnostics and ATPC in DOORs.

-Acted as Cyber Security Lead for directing security in IPMA.Responsible for
contributing to discussions relating cyber security policies, security standards,
security assurance and risks management programmes with suppliers including
identifying, analysing, evaluation compliance to regulations, standards, policies and
guidelines for ADAS. Support development of appropriate strategies and threat
mitigation to ensure threat mitigation.

GDPR Performed strategic connectivity impact assessments and advised with senior
management to identify areas of improvement including internal audit and
requirements capture. Recommended GDPR strategies to Vehicle Engineering
including data protection, audit, privacy and DGPR regulations

C/C++ -Develop and set up benchmark test methods and tools for Vehicle Connectivity,
Analysing and reporting defects in jira, slack,Jenkins.

-Defined and implemented standards for Telematics Control Unit(TCU)
connectivity(RF, GPS,WiFi) performance.Connected car simulation in matlab and
Anite for functional verification of TCU; CANOE/CAN analyzer(vector) for TCU
11898 in Agile, Kanban Scrum methodology.

Testing -IOT data analysis of connectivity performance in AWS

-DSPACE, CANoE, Kvaser, Vector, including CAN/LIN/Ethernet and AWS cloud
API testing,cloud formation development

08/2015 - 08/2016
Senior Software Engineer
Key Responsibilities:

IoT -Software architecture design and development for ThreadX, Cortex, calibration LUT
C/C++ for RFIC LTE chipset in C/C++ TDD, CI/CD in Jenkins, Dstream.

-Led and facilitated the identification of project features, project scoping and delivery
themes for release planning. Led on the development of the programme roadmap and
user journeys. -Performed analysis of tx gain variation and power control schemes.
Interfaced with Senior Managers to identify and analyse core requirements and key

features of projects

-Facilitated training of internal staff in RF measurement instruments

-Managed the insights of managers, directors and stakeholders, helping to ensure all
parties agreed with the current scope and roadmap of projects

-Provided Agile coaching to internal stakeholders on user research and analysis
considerations and leadership to the technical design team where required.

08/2013 - 03/2015
Senior Embedded Engineer
Key Responsibilities:

RTOS -Designed new software architecture for RF driver features in linux nucleus,
C/C++ kernel, memory.

-Devops on customers' requirements capture in C/C++, CI/CD Jenkins, git,
jira, gdb,T32, VSA,DSO,8960,CMW500.

-Implemented new product developments and porting incremental feature
releases in a Scrum Agile environment for the device drivers in C for
Qualcomm chipsets for customers requirements.

-Azure cloud sharepoint stakeholder products management

IoT snapdragon -Developed and documented RF device driver API with multiple dependencies.
Subsequent interface to legacy code; performed TDD unit test, integration and
system test. Profile memory leakage issues in legacy code.

-Supported with technical guidance to internal and cross-border teams during
debugging efforts

Integration -Integrated, tested and debugged performance of embedded device drivers.
testing Tested APIs and supported in resolving various GCF issues.

01/2013 - 08/2013
Technical Back office Officer
Key Responsibilities:

Platform -Responsible as the direct interface for XMM7260 system platform incident
Systems management and triage across global markets. Lead and directed remote
troubleshooting for assessment of GCF issues and actd as first contact impact
analysis.AWS IoT data gathering and analysis of customer software performances,
jira, Jenkins,Anite,Anritsu,CMU,T32,KDGB.
-Performed incident reproduction for nucleus rtos using T32, Test simulators and
recommended bug fixes in product developments CI/CD Jenkins Agile environment.
C/C++ -Conducted training for test teams in TDD and BDD on NW simulators.
python -Supported automation for the recording and analysing of bug fixes
-Integrated, tested and debugged performance of embedded device drivers.

02/2012 - 12/2012
QA Engineer(contract Consultant)
Rohde & Schwarz
Key Responsibilities:

C/C++ -Designed, developed, integrated and tested new LTE Positioning Protocol (LPP)
Python MLAPI for GPS architecture in CMW500 in C/C++, CI/CD Jenkins Agile
Testing environment. Supported in Quality assurance of incremental releases of MLAPI
using python framework.

-Tested API for PNT in Pytest.

-Monitoring,Analysing and reporting non conformance and defects of daily
automated builds for statistical analysis in Linux and Windows environments.
-Technical Documentation for integrated LPP feature.
-Supported with technical guidance to internal and cross-border teams during
debugging efforts.

11/2010 - 12/2011
Technical Lead
Intel Engineer
global customer issue triage, bugs reproduction and bug fixes.Configuration of Linux in C, bug fixes and
troubleshooting purposes.Use of SQL database for data analysis of global customers in IoT applications.

01/2007 - 11/2010
Interoperability Test Engineer
for IoT integration and testing in Linux Suse in C++ for Ericsson handsets against networks and SQL data
extraction, bug fixes, integration and testing.

01/2005 - 12/2006
Vodafone Lead Consultant
leading a team of 10 engineers. Configuration of Linux environment for firmware flash and code signing for
pre-launch commercial phones.IoT and oracle data analysis for analysis of the multimedia data streaming
performance of launched commercial smartphones.

08/2001 - 12/2005
RF Development Engineer
tested RF hardware designs(in cadence and matlab) for umts modems(smartphone). Led in GCF
conformance and EMC certification.Also created teams web page in html and worked in Linux Redhat

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