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Int. Project Consulting 360° USA

Company: Int. Project Consulting 360°
Graduation: 4 years (Diplom) Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Plastics Engineering + Vocal education as Injection Mould Maker
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Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional)


Profil Pauli 01.03.2021-O.pdf
Profil english Pauli 01.03.2021-O.pdf


Deliverables 360°
Interim Management, Project Management, Task-force Management, Supply Chain Management, Purchasing, Supplier Management, Product Development (PDP, Stage-Gate-Process), Manufacturing

Areas of competency 360°
Plastic, Metal, Automotive, Medical devices, Customer Support, Lean Manufacturing, Purchasing, Supplier evaluation, Injection molding, Task-foce Management, Equipment /Tool sourcing and tracking, Project Management, Supplier Management, Welding, Stamping, Assembly, Production Launch, Trouble-shooting, Outsourcing, Production Relocation, Start-up Assistance, Tool Tracking, GMP, ISO 13485, ISO 16949,  Exterior and Interior Trim, Powertrain, Aluminium die-casting

Coverage 360°
Europe, USA, South Carolina. North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Greenville, Spartanburg, Atlanta, Charlotte, Michigan, Detroit

Project history

Plastic, Injection Molding, Trouble Shouting, Project Management, Supplier Management, Lean Manufacturing, Purchasing, Engineering, Automotive, Medical, Tool Tracking.

Time and spatial flexibility

Europe + USA (South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennesse, Alabama, Georgia, Michigan)

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