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Profileimage by Joerg Kaschner Dipl. Ing FH Kraftwerks- und Industrieanlagen from Aachen
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  • Graduation: Dipl.-Ingenieur (FH)
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 82 €/hour 650 €/day
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  • Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | Finnish (Elementary) | English (Full Professional)
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Profileimage by Joerg Kaschner Dipl. Ing FH Kraftwerks- und Industrieanlagen from Aachen
Project management of plant projects, HSE, plant design, pipe design, component design, 
manufacturing specifications :  DIN EN ISO, KTA, ASME, ENSI, AD 2000 etc.
CAD - Software
Autocad, Micro station, Inventor
Office, MS Project, VB,

Name: Jörg Kaschner
Date / place of birth 29.10.1954 in Köln
Studies Sec. School level I, apprenticeship as physics laboratory assistant at Bayer AG, Leverkusen
Dipl.Ing. FH, FH Aachen, Physics
health and safety officer
security cleared, radiation protection monitored, medical test G26.3
technical rules DIN, EN, ISO, KTA, ASME, ENSI
Scope of work Design and project management of power plant and industrial plant projects
Languages German (native), English(fluent), Indonesian(conversational)
Computing knowledge CAD Mikro Station (Bentley), Autocad, Office, MS Project
Work experience Self employed since 1979

Reference, selected projects

Eon Kernkraft GmbH
nuclear power sation Unterweser
project management dismantling design 
basic design, development of dismantling methods
Herr Andre Rademacher +49 511 439 2580 (Abteilungsleiter)
Herr Randolf Okrey +49 4732 802435 (Vorgesetzter) und
Herr Georg Hell +49 4732 802066 (Kollege),
May. 15 – Mar 16

nuclear power station  Leibstadt, Swiss
project manager nuclear components
project manager nuclear, safety related pipelines
permit application spare pa
Jul. 13 – Dec. 14
HochTief  Essen
Saint Gobain, block type power plant and steam vessel
lay out design,
pipe design
Aug. 12 – Feb. 13
Steag GmbH, Essen
Pipe monitoring, life cycle management.
Installation of tools, interpretation of measure data, strength- stress-analysis acc. TRD, analysis of creep and fatigue behaviour of power plant parts.
Project manager pipelines
Jan, 12 – Jun. 12
Nuclear power station Unterweser
Eon Energie GmbH
Project manager pipelines
organization of design,
conversation with authorities, customer, subcontractors, technical inspection agencies, own stuff,
budget- and time scheduling,
stakeholder analysis, risk analysis, reporting to management board, organizing and leading meetings
Aug, 10 – Aug. 11
Nuclear power station Unterweser
Subcontractor of Kraftanlagen Heidelberg GmbH
Design and management of miscellaneous pipeline projects,
f.e. transformer cooling equipment of  main transformers of the plant
Mar. 09 - May 10
Miscellaneous coal fired power plant  Hitachi Duisburg
Subproject manager pressure part boiler
Design inspection
process engineering
structural and stress analysis
manufacturing engineering
Coordination of external German and foreign engineering offices
Oct.06 - Dec. 08
Phosphatförderanlage Eshidiya / Jordanien
Project management over all documentation
May.06 - Oct.06
Nuclear power station Isar II/Germany
Pipeline design
Jan.06 - May 06
Water pump station Sirt B und Sirt End / Libyen
Project management of mechanical part of project
supervision of a Turkish subcontractor while design,
structural and stress analysis,
process engineering
Ankara and Sirt site
Complex composition of numerous companies in an international environment to be organized
Mar.05 - Sep. 07
Klinikum Aachen
Complex pipeline systems,
medical and technical gases,
preventive fire protection,
electric equipment,
building services
Overall project management
June 02- Dec.10
Steam turbine power station Thun / Swiss
Exhaust steam and condensation system of steam turbine
Project management pipe design
Sep.01 – Mar. 02
Steam turbine power station Haguenau / France
Exhaust steam and condensation system of steam turbine
Project management pipe design
May 01-Jun.01
Allianz - building Frankfurt
Building services
Project management of detail design including
hot water,
cold water,
cooling water
Air conditioning
Pipelines, air ducts, equipment
Jun. 00 - Jun.01
Engine test bench
Vemac GmbH
Project management
Basic engineering
Assembly design
Pipeline design
June 99 – Mar. 00
HKW Hermes  + HKW Garath
Gas turbine and steam boiler plant
Basic engineering
Assembly design
Pipeline design
Oct.98 - Nov.99
Engineering company in Indonesia
Set up and management of an engineering company in Jakarta with up to 10 local engineers
1997 - 2010
coal fired power plant Pai Ton, desulfurization plant(Indonesia)
on the spot support of an Indonesian subcontractor while phase of detail design, supervision
Sep.97 - Jan.98
Waste incineration plant Krefeld
Exhaust steam and condensation system of steam turbine
Pipe design, structural and dynamic pipe analysis
Feb. - June 97
GuD power stations Gent/Brügge
1x350MW, 1x450MW el.power
Exhaust steam and condensation system of steam turbine
Pipe design
Oct.95 - Dec.96
Waste incineration plant Offenbach
Exhaust steam and condensation system of steam turbine
Pipe design
Sep.94 - Oct 95
RWE Energie AG, KW Frimmersdorf
Miscellaneous platforms
lay out and detail design including structural analysis
Aug.94 - Sept. 94
Maschinenbau Halberstadt GmbH
Block type thermal power station with additional steam vessel
detail design of complete plant,
material flow organisation,
authorities and monitoring agencies conversation,
Sep.92 - Dec. 93
Bayer AG Uerdingen, Anilin - tankfarm
Inlet – outlet - station
pipe design,
detail engineering,
Concept development of  plant changes while
Site supervision
manifold plant design for waste incineration plant,
pipe line design and pipe support design
KKW Grohnde KWU Nürnberg via ARG Mineralölbau
KKW Mühlheim Kärlich Deutsche Babcock via Göcke+Voigt

R+D in laboratory and pilot plant
Interatom via WIG
Deutsche Babcock
vessel wall design,
combustion air inlet design
1979 - 1990

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