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Graduation: Informatiker
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Company                : Lufthansa / Frankfurt / Germany
Business                : Loyalty Program / Airline
Period                     : 4/2015
Role                        : senior testmanager
Tools                       :  Jira / Soap UI/ HP Alm 11.xx
 As senior testmanager I was responsible for successfully prepare the takeover the Miles&More testing activities by Tata Consulting services.
Company                : Philips / Aachen / Germany
Business                : Lighting / energy
Project                    : CityTouch – Assetmanagement - Energy-management
Period                     : 3/2012 – 04/2015
Role                        : senior test consultant in an agile environment  (coordination, planning, coaching, analysing, testing)
Tools                       :  Jira / Greenhopper/Soap UI/TestLink/Bugzilla /TeamCity for Continuous Integration /
As senior test coordinator/test analyst I  support Agile Scrum teams regarding all test activities during the sprints.
  • Composing and giving test training courses to junior testers
  • Composing testing documentation
  • Test scenario and testcase making
  • Creation of testplans / test-reports
  • Advise on risk, and resource management
  • Defect trends measuring / Bug sheriff
  • Hardware testing  / webtesting  (silverlight / .NET)
  • Guidance through testing automation
  • Application manager for the Test-Management System (Testlink)
Company                : Swisscom / Berne / Switzerland
Business                                 : Telco  (Wireless, Wireline , TV)
Project                    : Managing multiple projects simultaneously
Period                     : 4/201112/2011
Role                        : senior test manager
A member of Swisscom\'s Test-Center & Releasemanagement (TCR) Test Management team.
Responsible  for several E2E projects in OSS/BSS environment within Swisscom e.g.
- Fiber for  Small and Medium Business Area
- IVR Selfservice for Wireless and Wireline Customers
- TV (video on demand, TV-Select, TV Basic)
- Improved Selfcare and Spamreduction for DSL-Customers
- OneContract 
Duties : Developing test plans and strategies, test requirements, test specifications and test procedures. Defining test objectives, test conditions, exit criteria.
Managing weekly meetings to discuss defects and their resolution.
Developing report generation scripts and providing these reports to deployment teams and upper management Coordination.  Monitoring and controlling testing schedules and timelines. Providing daily reports for tracking and statistics to the Project Leader.
Managing and coordinating User Acceptance Tests.
Backup and assistant for Streamleader.Software-systems used :  SAP (invoicing / Payments) , Siebel (CRM) , Tibco (Middleware),  BSCS (Billing System), OMS (Order Management)
Company                : Die Mobiliar / Berne / Switzerland
Business                                 : Insurance
Projects                  : Migration SPOD_REL / Protekta / Siebel CRM (Vertriebsplatform)  / NTToWeb
Period                     : 4/200910/2010
Role                        : senior test manager
Buzz-words          : Mercury Quality Center, Insurance, IMS, DB2, Migration, J2EE, QuickTest Pro
- Migration SPOD-REL : As a Test manager for this project I am responsible for setting up test strategy, test planning, resource allocation, defect handling, instructing and supporting the testers. Purpose of the project was to migrate IMS-DB to DB2
- Protekta : As a Test manager for this project I am responsible for setting up test strategy, test planning, resource allocation, defect handling, coaching the testers. Organizing health checks on new versions. Preparing system availability for the testers using QuickTestPro.
Purpose of the project was to replace the existing application with a new application.
- Siebel CRM (Vertriebsplatform)  :  Test-support.  Performing test execution, analysis, and logging of results.
- NTToWeb : Assistant-Testmanager and Webtester.  Purpose of the project was to increase sales using the internet. Verification of performance and stability of the application and rollout processes.
Company             : Acerta / Leuven / Belgium
Business               : Social Security services / HR
Project                  : SSGPI (Integrate local and federal Belgium Police in new HR-system)
Period                   : 6/2008 – 02/2009
Role                       : Test-coordinator
Buzz-words          : Social security, Mercury Quality Center , Mainframe
Setting up Test Strategy.  Providing the testers a description of the assignment. Constructing detailed plans and distributes the activities. Supporting the management of test execution.
Responsibility for monitoring progress as well as for reporting about finance, effort and quality. Proposing and implementing solutions `for bottlenecks. Instructing and supporting the testers
Company             : ActiveBilling GmbH & Co KG
Business               : Telco Rating and Billing
Period                   : 11/2006 –  5/2008
Role                       : Testconsultant OSS/BSS and Analyst 
Buzz-words          : Infinys Rating and Billing ,Mercury Quality Center, Remedy
T-Online Germany wants to replace the current billing-system with a billing-system from the company Convergys (Infinys) . I am involved in the testing area. We perform integration and system testing.
Company             : European Patent Office
Business               : Patent registration/maintenance
Period                   : 11/2005 – 10/2006
Role                       : Tester/Anayst  25% / Test automation 75%
Buzz-words          : Host - Java - Db2 - Cobol - Eclipse - CVS -  Rational Functional Tester -  Mercury QuickTestPro, Mercury Test-Director
As member of the Quality team, I am involved in testing software releases for the European Patent Granting System. Using this system, it is possible for EPO to manage requests for patent granting from the applicants in several countries. Designed, build and execute various iterations of Integration, System Testing and User Acceptance  Test conditions build within Quality Centre from the mapping of  requirements to enhancements in the product surrounding delivery.
To improve quality and reduce the costs of testing, EPO decided to introduce test-automation. After a test-phase of 1 Month in which I compared QuickTestPro (Mercury) with Rational Functional Tester (IBM), the team decided to use the IBM-product.  Using the Rational product I create automated test scripts. 
Company             : O2 Germany (München)
Business               : Telco,  (Customer Relationship Management)
Period                   : 05/2003 – 10/2005
Role                       : Tester/Analyst / Test Coordination / Test automation
Buzz-words          : Sun/Solaris –Peoplesoft Vantive 9.0 – Oracle database – Clearcase (version control) – UMTS - TOAD – PHP – Java –  Tomcat – Tmap – Arbor – ClearDDTS/Clearquest . Rational tools (TestManager, Robot)
As member of the Quality team, I am part of the E2E-testteam of O2.  The E2E-testteam is responsible for testing the total Retail Stack (Vantive) and Business  stack before the software is installed in the production environment.  I am involved in creating design, build and execute testplans and  test scripts.
My main area of testing was the risk and fraud application of o2. (Customer Scoring Model, Schufa, Infoscore à the creditworthiness of private consumers.)
To improve quality and reduce costs, the Quality Team is not only involved at the end-part of a release but also in the design of  a release  ( EARLY INVOLVEMENT). Another measurement to reduce costs and improve quality is the introduction of an Automation Test team. From the start I became part of this team. I was involved in creating a framework for test-automation using Rational Robot.
Company             : Vodafone  (Düsseldorf)
Business               : Telco,  (Customer Relationship Management)
Period                   : 10/2002 –  03/2003
Role                       : Tester/Analyst
Buzz-words          : Sun/Solaris –Unix/Tuxedo/Exceed – /Testdirector –Peoplesoft Vantive 8.6 – Oracle database – TOAD – Perl Scripting
The CRM-department is deploying Customer Relationship Management software from Peoplesoft. At this moment Vodafone is using Vantive 8.6.  As a member of the test-team we have to test the software before it goes into production. Kind of tests performed: Module tests, System Tests , Load and Performance Test. Migration Tests.
Company             : Vodafone (Düsseldorf)
Business               : Telco, (Billing and Rating)
Period                   : 03/2002 – 09/2002
Role                       : Tester/Analyst
Buzz-words          : Sun/Solaris –Unix/Tuxedo/Exceed – Winrunner/Testdirector – Amdocs – Maf/MPS – Billing – Oracle database.
The portability of telephone numbers is regulated in the Telecommunications The following are excerpts from this: Operators of telecommunication networks must guarantee that in their networks the user can keep their assigned telephone number if they change operators but stay at the same location (network operator portability). As a member of the MNP-team, my main responsibility is testing the Maf/MPS/Billing modules as port of the overall system-test. Due to the nature of the project, 90 % of the billing software will be tested with regression tests. Checking logfiles, unix-scripts, database-tables, creating winrunner scrips is part of the jobs.
Company             : Ekabel Hessen (Weiterstadt) (Consulting Comp. IBM-Frankfurt)
Business               : Telco, Kabel (Billing and Rating)
Period                   : 04/2001 – 03/2002
Role                       : Tester/Team Leader
Buzz-words          : ICMS - AS400 - Customer Services, Billing and customer care, Migration
IBM is installing the package \"ICMS\". With this Customer-Care application,
Ekabel will be able to support both analogue and digital Cable/Pay TV services ;
• Enables service, equipment provisioning, billing, warehouse and franchise management ;
• Supports Pay Per View (PPV), Impulse Pay Per View (IPPV), and Near Video On Demand (NVOD), recurring and pro-rated charges using a variety of discount plans, for virtually and combination Cable/Pay TV products and services
Company             : T-Mobil (Bonn)
Business               : Telco (Billing and Rating)
Period                   : 05/1999 - 03/2001
Role                       : Tester/Analyst
Buzz-words          : Dec 7000 - OpenVMS - ClearDDTS (testtool) - Oracle Rdb
                                 - XML -System integration testing, conformance testing: plan, write,
                                 execute test cases.
Since May 1999, Marco Farre is working as a tester for the German Telecom. He is part of a team, that is responsible for testing billing application (DPPS). Using this application, DeTeMobil is able to bill their customers (D1). Special areas: International Roaming, GPRS, SMS. Test phases; system testing and user acceptance testing.
Company             : Commerzbank A.G. - (Frankfurt)
Business               : Investmentbanking
Period                   : 01/1999 - 04/1999
Role                       : Tester
Buzz-words          : Sun-Solaris - Windows NT - Client-Server -
                                 Cyrano (test-tool)
Key-changes        : Year2000
Since January 1999, Marco Farre was working as a tester in a project-team of 40 people. The team was responsible for testing financial application used by the Commerzbank. Applications:  Marktgerechtheidsprüfung mit JostmeierSoft.
DevDispo (Devisen Disposition)
Company             : Bull A.G. - (Frankfurt Area - Berlin)
Business               : Telecom (Billing)
Period                   : 11/1996 - 12/1998
Role                       : Programmer/Analyst  - Tester
Buzz-words          : C - Unix /scripts - Cobol/Delta - AIX 4.2 - HVX - HVS - Escalla -
                                 Bull BPS/6 - Billing System
Key-changes        : Connectivity (open market) - Year2000 - Euro
Since October 1996, Marco Farre was working as a programmer/analyst in a project-team of 50 people. The team was responsible for maintaining financial systems for the German Telecom. Using theses systems, Telecom was able to bill their customers. Due to new European regulations the system
has to be changed to be able to handle the open-telecom market. Other changes refer to the Year-2000 and EURO problems. Systems were developed in Delta/Cobol. Later the software was migrated to an HVS/UNIX environment.  Cobol/Delta-programs were processed on the HVS-part. Bourne-scipts were developed on the unix-part to handle operational subjects.
Company             : Mayfran International (Netherlands)
Business               : MRP
Period                   : 09/1996 - 10/1996
Role                       : Programmer/Analyst
Buzz-words          : Cobol - Hp3000 - Image dB - Jobscope - C
During this period, Marco Farre was responsible for developing an interface between JOBSCOPE (MRP-application) and a p.c.-based telebanking system. The software on the host-computer is designed using Cobol. The pc-interface software was designed using C.
Company             : Logica B.V.
Business               : Telecom
Period                   : 06/1996 - 08/1996
Role                       : Programmer/Analyst
Buzz-words          : Cobol - Clipper 5.2.e - Sizing Techniques
During this period, Marco Farre was involved in two projects for the Dutch Telecom.
* Analysing Cobol-sources (Unisys) to determine base sizing points for
redesigning an invoicing system  written in C.
* As a member of the NSN-team (New Service Numbers: 0800/0900) he was responsible for the software changes in a pc-based user application.
Company             : MayFran International (Netherlands)
Business               : MRP
Period                   : 04/1996 - 06/1996
Role                       : Progammer/Analyst
Buzz-words          : Cobol - Image dB- Jobscope (MRP) - HP3000
As a result of the company policy to standardize information systems,
Mayfran Engineering Company Cleveland, introduced JOBSCOPE in Mayfran
Jobscope is an integrated manufacturing management system designed for the special needs of engineer-to-order companies. In particular, the system addresses this type company\'s unique challenges in Estimating, Job Costing, Material Management, Cost Control and Finite Scheduling.
The responsibility of Marco Farre was to replace the legacy system with JOBSCOPE and adapt the US-version to the requirements of the Dutch Organisation.
Company             : Du Pont de Nemours  (Netherlands)
Business               : Chemical/Transport/MRP
Period                   : 10/1994 - 03/1996
Role                       : Business Analyst - Programmer/Analyst - DBA - Project Manager
Buzz-words          : Cobol - Image dB- Supply Chain - HP3000 - C - MAP - SAP R2
- Security 3000 - Maestro – Dbgeneral -Microsoft Project -Financial Systems -        Conversion Projects - Access 2.0 - Novell - Sycero dB.
During the period of 18 months, Marco Farre worked in several project for Du Pont de Nemours.
* As a business analyst he was responsible for introducing the concept of UPTIME. (= the corporate recognized metric that measures a plant\'s ability to operate at its maximum Demonstrated Rate);
* As a data consultant he was participating in several SAP-teams. Several software systems were replaced by SAP-modules. He was responsible for the migration and ending the live-cycle of some HP3000-based systems (SAP-->R2),e.g. Human Recource , Material Management, Purchasing ;
* As a developer, he was responsible to develop a Inventory Record Keeping system for the recycling plant in Born using Access 2.0 ;
* Setting up and supporting electronic message exchange between Dupont and his Freight Carriers. Inhouse files were converted to standard messages (EDIFACT).
* Support of MM3000 application (Material Management);
* Support a management information system for the Teflon Division. This system was designed in Clipper 5.2. and Sycero db, some interfaces to scales were designed using C.
Company             : Logistic Consulting Group  (Netherlands)
Business               : Consulting
Period                   : 07/1994 - 09/1994
Role                       : Programmer/Analyst
Buzz-words          : Powerbuilder - S-Designer - Watcom - Oracle - SQL-base
During this period, Marco Farre worked as a consultant for the Logistic Consulting Group. He helped designed a Non-Conformance system. His involvement was mainly data-modelling and developing a prototype with Powerbuilder and testing with different DBMS.
Company             : ENBI-Nuth B.V.  (Netherlands)
Business               : MRP
Period                   : 03/1994 - 06/1994
Role                       : Programmer/Analyst
Buzz-words          : Novell-Network - C - RS6000 - AIX
During this period, Marco Farre worked as a analyst for ENBI-Nuth. He designed and implemented a software-system for their laboratory. The system was designed using Sycero dB. Interfaces to the host-system (RS6000) were developed using C.
Company             : Ornatex B.V.  (Netherlands)
Business               : MRP/Logistic
Period                   : 08/1987 - 02/1994
Role                       : Progammer/Analyst - Teamleader - IT-coordinator -
Buzz-words      : HP3000 - Cobol - C - Powerhouse -Image db - Allbase -   Mpex - Security 3000 - Maestro - Dbgeneral
Before Marco Farre started his career as an independent consultant,  he worked several years for Ornatex B.V. as an employee. He was involved in several supply-chain related projects. He worked as programmer, IT-coordinator and System Manager.

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