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Looking for projects in any Mobile domain, .Net, Java.....check the website : www.aptsoftware.com

Profileimage by Abhishankar Adhikary Looking for projects in any Mobile domain, .Net, Java.....check the website : www.aptsoftware.com from SaltLake
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Leverage our rich experience in product engineering services in developing cutting age applications in wireless, mobile and enterprise domain without compromising quality through a highly talented technocrats in India at very competitive price.

We would like to introduce ourselves, Apt Software Avenues Pvt. Ltd. ( www.aptsoftware.com) as one of the leading technology company operating since 1994 .

We have been providing complete product engineering services for mobile and multimedia applications for IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) deployments in the LTE network. Some of our successful applications are Bluetooth Profiles, Instant Messaging and Presence Services (IMPS), VOIP (Voice over IP) and Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC). These have been developed for international clients like NTT DoCoMo, SKT, Motorola and Verizon.

We also have significant experience in the Oil and Gas industry where we have been working with the Energistics standards WITSML and PRODML to create state of the art servers for processing data from drilling and production.

Technologies we used :

iOS, Android, Symbian, WM, Blackberry, Bluetuth, SIP, IMS, XDM, MSRP,
PhoneGap etc.

Testing tools – Selenium, MonkeyRunner, DeviceAnywhere etc.

We have a strong in-house testing team which can conduct functional, stress, black box, white box and corner case testing with our without automation tools.

We have also done some device testing. Like :
A. Qualification of Alerts, Offers and Proximity application for Visa
B. Qualification of VOIP, SMS, Video and Push to Talk applications for Ecrio
C. Qualification of Voice over LTE network, SMS over LTE network

APT wants to be a co-operator in bringing better value for money to IT service users and achieve greater client satisfactions through Commitment and Quality. APT believes that the best way to fulfill the corporate vision is by forming a close partnership with each and every customer. APT envisages profit as a by-product of long term association with the clients and hence offers a very attractive and competitive price for their service. Moreover, as a matter of principle, APT provides Buffer Resources, Technical Guidance and Quality Assurance at no additional cost in order to prevent cost and schedule overrun.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Mobile Technologies
Ecrio Inc, CA, USA
Ecrio is a leading provider of communications and commerce client software and solutions for service and infrastructure providers, device manufacturers, retailers, consumer packaged goods companies and web portals.
We have worked closely with Ecrio since 1999 on software development and support for all their products which have seen successful deployments all over the world. Today we work with Ecrio on their signature products both in communications and commerce on a variety of platforms including Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Mio Technology Corporation, Taiwan
Mio Technology is one of the fastest-growing GPS navigation companies in the world. We are proud to have collaborated with their teams in Chengdu and Taiwan for the development of software for Navigation devices, including Bluetooth profiles (PBAP, MAP and SYNC) and voice guidance.

mErgence Mobile Inc, CA, USA
mErgence specializes in developing products specific to the mobile industry and is involved some very cutting edge products like mobile TV, eBay on mobile phone and has developed some patent pending innovative applications for their clients.
We are working with mErgence on developing some cutting edge software applications on iPhones, BREW and Symbian UIQ.

Oil & Drilling
Kongsberg Intellifield, Kristiansand, Norway
Kongsberg Intellifield is a subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime which came into existence after the acquisition of Sense Intellifield by Kongsberg. Our relationship with Sense Intellifield goes back nearly five years during which we collaborated to develop the first successful state of the art high performance server for processing drilling data and conforming to the WITSML specifications.
We continue to work closely with Kongsberg Intellifield to develop and support their SiteCom suite of offerings for Data Management and their Discovery Suite for Visualization & Analysis.

Geologix Ltd, UK
Geologix is developer of the GEO Software Suite of PC-based, well log drawing and data management applications. Over a period of three years, we have helped them with the development of GEOX-Section™ and Well Information Portal System (WIPS™).

Circuits and Systems
EIA IBIS Open Forum, USA
The IBIS Forum is an organization of semiconductor vendors, EDA (Electronic Design Automation) software vendors and IC end users, who have developed the ANSI/EIA 656 standard for exchange of model information, for input/output buffers used in ICs. A parser for checking compliance of IBIS buffer model files against the ANSI/EIA-656 standard was implemented by us and we have continued to support and enhance it as the specification has evolved over the years.

Applied Simulation Technology Inc., San Jose, CA, USA
Applied Simulation Technology develops Signal Integrity, Power Integrity and EMI/EMC analysis software for IC, Package and PCB design considering Imperfect / Non-Ideal Power / Ground. We have collaborated with Apsim over the years on a number of their products including ApsimSPICE/SLS, ApsimRLGC and ApsimIBISToolkit.

Banking & Finance
NCH Spa (Network Computer House) Italy was a leading provider of software solutions in the area of Banking and Finance until 2006 when it underwent a merger with TAS Spa of Italy.
We have had a working relationship with NCH since 1996 during the course of which we collaborated on a number of projects. In 2005, our successful relationship with NCH led to the establishment of a JV company (NCH-ds Data Systems Pvt Ltd) in India to work as an offshore software development arm for NCH. This JV Company executed projects in the area of Fashion Retail and also developed the Banking Portal for the Italian Postal Department.

Manufacturing & Process Control
Performix Inc, Houston, USA
Performix specializes in manufacturing execution systems (MES) software solutions for the pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemical and process industries with a focus on flexibility, ease of use, and out-of-box integration with the major ERP vendors like SAP.

Our enterprise team has worked with Performix over the last couple of years to implement a UI for PDAs to be used on the production floor for tracking, tracing and execution of a Production Order and its overall administration.

Media & Entertainment
Intellinet, Norway
Intellinet has developed the highly successful Content Distribution Engine (CDE) for Dansk Reklame Film (DRF) which allows advertising campaigns to be distributed to cinemas and other advertising venues based on Geographic and Demographic criteria. We collaborated on the development of CDE using state of the art technologies (including integration with a content management system SCALA). We continue to enhance, maintain and support the product
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