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Profileimage by Adam Warski SoftwareMill - Extraordinary Software as a Standard from Warsaw
We are a software development house founded in 2010 based in Poland. The main differentiator of our offer is the emphasis on quality of the software that we produce. Quality during the whole process: starting from the planning phase, through our work methodology, to extensive unit/integration testing and using static analysis tools.

We have experience in a variety of fields:
- banking software (both private and public-facing systems, credit management, integration with other systems through ESBs)
- web 2.0/\"social network\"-like sites (creating rich interactive websites, developing for the cloud), which also includes
- processing and analyzing large amounts of data
- high-throughput, fault-tolerant messaging systems

The main platform we work on is the JVM and JVM-based languages. Depending on the system, this is either Java (enterprise software), (J)Ruby (Ruby On Rails + Javascript for websites), Scala (+ Akka, for distributed systems).

We are using modern so-called \"agile\" methodologies when working with our clients. Thanks to that the client always knows how advanced is the project and receives working packages regularly. Also the requirements aren\'t usually set upfront, making it easy to accommodate to an evolving specification. All that to make sure that the client receives a working system that meets your needs.

Moreover, we are the organizers of an annual conference on Agile methodologies in Warsaw, Agile By Example (

A very big asset of SoftwareMill is the team, consisting of the best software engineers: many of us are active members of local JUG communities, organizing conferences (Java4People, Javarsovia), commiters to open-source project (Struts, Hibernate), speakers at major Java and Technology conferences (Devoxx, Jazoon).
Public work examples:
* - a Document Management System, deployed on and using many AWS services, offers a highly secure document store with workflow functionalities and an innovative document organization scheme,
* - a server monitoring system working in the cloud, offering linear scalability (without any central coordinators, scales by adding new servers)
* - a home alarm management system. Consists of a VoIP part, which receives alarm events using DTMF tone recognition and performs calls to notify users that an alarm was triggered, and a WebUI part for managing the alarm systems

Our open source software:
* - a Hibernate core module, an entity auditing framework
* - a replicated message queue, compatible with Amazon SQS
* - a helper library for JSF, CDI, testing

Written references:
We work remotely with clients from around the world: US, Australia, Europe, Africa

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