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Muhammad Zakria


Last update: 03.01.2019

C#, VB, .NET, WPF, ASP, SQL, Oracle, PHP, Android, VPN, BIGCOM.ANG.JS, HADOOP, PhoneGap,DataScraping

Company: BloomSoft
Graduation: Oracle, ASP.NET, Windows Apps phonegap mobile apps
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Languages: Arabic (Limited professional) | English (Limited professional) | Hindi (Limited professional)





I have 18+ years experience in Web/Desktop Development + Project management. MEAN Stack, HTML5, bootstrap, JS/Jquery, Cordova/phonegap, ionic, app publishing, VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET,WPF,MVC, Telerik Winforms, Telerik WPF, DevX Winforms, DevX WPF, MS SQL, PHP, MYSQL, Visual Basic6, Access, Crystal Reports, ASP Classic 3.0, ActionScripting, Oracle. Video Streaming Solutions, Video rendering Apps, Video Streaming to Mobiles like Iphone, Symbian Mobiles, Android, PlayStation 3 Game Console, windows mobiles, BigCommerce, Volusion, Ebay and Amazon APIs.

I have great experience in MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and NodeJS).

I have done some of very complex logic and good user interface Cordova ionic apps. I have full experience and knowledge of developing back ends for mobile apps using php, .NET or nodejs.

* Experienced in Software and Web Architecture.
* Experienced in Agile and have been working throughout the SDLC
* Adept at database designing and programming
* Quick to learn new technologies and adopt new environments
* Possesses excellent analytical, communication and problem solving skills
* Significant experience of working in multi-cultural and onshore /offshore environments.

•    MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and NodeJS).            (1 year)
•    BPM                                    (3 years)
•    Agile                                    (5 years)
•    SDLC                                    (7 years)
•    Wireframing, Project Requirements gathering, planning, management, support, QA.    (8 years)
•    VB.NET/C#/ASP.NET                            (10 years)
•    MVC4                                    (3 years)
•    WPF                                    (3 years)
•    Crystal Reports                             (13 years)
•    MS SQL Server Databass                            (14 years)
•    Oracle Database/PL.SQL/Cursors/StoredProcedures/Triggers/OracleNet/Administration    (3 years)
•    Visual Basic6/VBA/Office Apps Scripting/Serial Communication/USB Apps/GSM&Analog    (15 years)
•    Classic ASP/Ecommerce/CMS/InteractiveLearning/Intranet                    (13 years)
•    MSAccess/Business Apps/POS/Support Systems                        (3 years)
•    Mysql                                            (10 years)
•    Flex 3/AS2/AS3                                        (1 years)
•    Php/mysql (wamp/lamp) mysql workbench                            (10 years)
•    Joomla, (Virtue Mart/Joombah/JoomSocial)                        (3 years)
•    wordpress, (Responsive Themes Development/Plugins Development/Code Customization)    (6 years)
•    oscommerce,                                        (3 years)
•    netbeans, (Javan Embedded apps for Symbian)                        (2 years)
•    telerik, (Desktop/Web/MVC and KendoUI for Mobiles)                    (3 years)
•    Streaming Video Server VOD & Live Streams with Windows Media services and Adobe Media     (3 years)
•    Video Streaming Iphone/PS3/Symbian/Android                        (3 years)
•    Smart TV Apps                                        (3 years)
•    Concret5                                        (1 years)
•    Android SDK/Android & IOS in using HTML5                        (3 years)
•    VOIP                                            (3 years)
•    VPN (Windows 2008 & 2012)                                (3 years)
•    DNS                                            (3 years)
•    Plesk/WHM                                        (3 years)
•    ZEND                                            (1 years)
•    SIP VOIP                                        (1 years)
•    QuickBooks POS SDK                                    (3 years)
•    BigCommerce API    / Theme                                    (2 years)
•    Automated Bots, Data Scrapers & Harvestors                        (6 years)
•    Private Payment Gateways Development                            (4 years)

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Project history

DiaSoft Inc. New York. NY
Paramountvisibility, New York. NY.
PeoplesVC, New Hampshire
Internet Enterprises, Canada
Molabtvx, Housten. TX.
Nimbus, New York, NY

Time and spatial flexibility

I am available for full time and part time jobs.


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