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Over 13 years of experience in programming mainly on Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Java, C#, J2EE, Oracle

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Over 13 years of experience working in software product development mainly on Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Java, J2EE and Oracle technologies
Worked with Israel based Bluephoenix solutions (NASDAQ:BPHX) as Technical Manager in their Nicosia, Cyprus branch from September 2004 to May 2011.
Currently working as a freelance programmer. Based in Cyprus, extensive experience working remotely with teams all over the world

Project history

Project Name : (Working from Jan 2013 - Present)
Environment: Ruby on Rails, Postgresql, heroku, ubuntu, abbyy cloud ocr sdk, amazon web services, Git is a service provided by a boston based startup that allows teachers to create tests online, print it and conduct exams. The handwritten answer sheets are scanned and uploaded into the system. The system uses OCR to automatically identify the student and auto grade multiple choice questions. The teacher can further do manual grading for open response questions. The system also provides analytics on student performance, question by question analysis of student learning etc

Project Name : and
Environment: PHP, MySql, jQuery tools, Google Analytics is a virtual shopping mall which was very successful from 2009 to 2011. This site was sold to new management and they hired me to enhance and do bug fixing for the site. There was no documentation or hand over from previous developers. Also created a similar site for Canada called

Client: Metadesign Software Services India (Freelance Work Done remotely from Cyprus)
Project Name : Prototype for Mobile applications
Environment: jQuery Mobile, Phonegap, Dreamweaver CS6
Identified the right technologies and created prototypes for two applications. The first application was a Questionnaire app which would show multiple questionnaires one after the other based on answers provided and invoke a web service to transfer data related to answers provided. The second app was for doctors working with NHS UK. The doctors are audited every year and they needed a way to store details of each consultation on their phones. Forms were designed and data was stored on SQLite database on the phone.

Client: Metadesign Software Services India (Freelance Work Done remotely from Cyprus)
Product Name : PHP Code Generator
Environment: PHP, MySql, Kohana framework, jQuery tools

This project involves reading the database metadata tables and generating views, models and controllers using the Kohana framework.

Product Name : COOL:GEN migration tool
Clients : Chicago Mercantile Exchange / Antares / Swedbank
COOL:Gen migration tool written in java converts COOL:GEN applications to Cobol/Java/C#. The clients provide their COOL:GEN banking/asset management applications to us and we convert the code using our tool, test it, enhance/bug fix and deliver the converted code to the customer.
Environment: Core Java, antlr, JSF, Tomcat, Eclipse, SQLJ, DB2, Oracle, .NET, C#, Bugzilla
Role & Responsibilities:
Was responsible for enhancing the java tool to handle more constructs, enhancing the JSF converted applications, debugging, bug fixing and testing. Managed a six member team (2 in Cyprus and 4 in St. Petersburg).
? Learnt and implemented an automated testing framework based on Visual Studio 2008 Test Edition which helped in cutting the time taken for regression testing by 80%. Regression testing is very important because the product is continuously being enhanced.
Mar 2006 - Oct 2007 Team Lead

Product Name : Appbuilder
Clients : Temenos / Terra Corebanking

Appbuilder is a 20 year old bluephoenix product which is widely used in the banking and insurance industries worldwide. Appbuilder is an application development platform which has its own programming language. The code written in this language can be further converted to Cobol/Java/ C# making the applications future proof.
Appbuilder has a java runtime library which is used by the Appbuilder GUI as well as by the J2EE applications generated by Appbuilder. A team in Cyprus was responsible for this library and was involved in adding new enhancements / features for new versions and bug fixing for existing versions.

Environment: Core Java, J2EE, Web Services, Oracle, XML, XSLT, Appbuilder
Role & Responsibilities:
? Was the point of contact for the 5 member Cyprus team and was responsible for collaborating with the R&D team in US for clarifying requirements, finalizing the design, coding and allocating work to the team
Product Name : PB2J (PowerBuilder to Java)
Client : Swiss Kanton Solothurn
PB2J is a BluePhoenix tool written in java which is used to convert PowerBuilder code to Java and also to provide an API for a PB developer who has learnt Java to maintain the converted code.

Environment: Core Java, Antlr, Extreme Programming, Test driven development

Role & Responsibilities:
? Coordinating with the team in Israel
? Modifying and enhancing the PB source parser
? Adding features to the API.

Time and spatial flexibility

Prefer to work remotely. Available for short assignments in Europe.

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