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Profileimage by Carlos Gardenal Java Architect from Piracicaba
Architect / Team Leader / Analyst / Programmer. Graduated in Computer Science.
Technologies: Java, Eclipse, Enterprise Architect, Hibernate, IBM
(ClearCase, ClearQuest, DB2, RSA, WebSphere), Jboss, JSF, RichFaces, Spring,
BANK BRADESCO - Team Leader and Analyst - Current job since July/2012
Development of new system that implements workflow for approval and request
insurance quote. Responsible for data modeling, Java development, team leadership,
assignment of activities and testing the functionalities developed by the team.
Positioning on the progress of the project (sending weekly status report), maintenance
of the project timeline.

ASTRAZENECA - Analyst and Programmer - September/2011 to July/2012
Maintenance and new developments of sales force portal that integrates with SAP,
Cognos, BI and a workflow system.

DIEBOLD - Architect and Systems Analyst – March/2010 to September/2011
Modeling, development and maintenance of a large-sized banking automation system
using free software - Project SISAG. Technical leader responsible for a team of seven
Modeling sequence diagrams from use case specification. Programming features from
documentation (diagrams, specification, interface, business rules, layout of messages
with legacy systems).
Technologies: Eclipse, Hibernate, IBM (ClearCase, ClearQuest, RSA), Java/J2EE,
Javascript, JBoss, PostgreSQL, Tomcat, UML, XML.

BRIGHTSTAR - Analyst and Programmer - January/2009 to March/2010
Maintaining order application, sale and distribution of handsets/smartphones of a
customer from Telecom.

Technologies: Ant, CVS, Hibernate, Java6/J2EE, Javascript, Eclipse, MVC, Spring,
Struts2, Tomcat6, UML

BANK SANTANDER - Team Leader and Analyst - July/2007 to December/2008
Development team leader, responsible for customer contact, assignment of new
demands and job tracking of other developers on the team. Development of banking
products with Java desktop (AWT / Swing) and UML diagrams.
Technologies: Ant, Apache Tomcat, CVS, Enterprise Architect, Java (AWT / Swing),
SourceSafe, UML.

PRODESP - Team Leader and Systems Analyst - November/2006 to June/2007
Development of documentation using UML with Enterprise Architect and Java
Preparation of technical documentation using Use Case, Class, Sequence and Activities
diagrams Contencioso and AiimWeb systems. The system manages AiimWeb fines
issued to companies that have not paid taxes and did not comply with current tax
legislation. The system manages the judgment of processes generated for fines that
had not been paid by companies notified by AiimWeb system. Testing and publishing
applications on IBM WebSphere (WAS and WPS) in the development environment.
Technologies: Ant, CVS, Enterprise Architect, JAVA, J2EE, EJB, WSAD IDE, IBM
WebSphere (WAS, WPS), OO, RUP, UML.

BANK BRADESCO - Team Leader and Systems Analyst - February/2006 to
Leadership development team, assigning tasks to interns, performing tests and
publishing content development environment. Development of financial management:
management of customer accounts. Preparation and submission of artifacts for the
bank and transaction testing.
Technologies: Ant, Enterprise Architect, JAVA, JSP / Servlets, J2EE, UML, Struts,
Eclipse IDE, IBM WebSphere (WAS), JUnit, CVS, SVN, MS-Visio.

BANK REAL - Programmer - June/2005 to January/2006
Maintenance of applications using framework JAS - Java Application Server (set of
APIs similar to J2EE). Developing systems that mediate the communication of the
bank external applications (clients) and mainframe. The applications were developed in
Java without user interface and configuration of the application was made by means of
information written in XML.
Technologies: CVS, NetBeans IDE, Java, JSP / Servlets, JAS, XML.

BV FINANCEIRA - Programmer - January/2005 to May/2005

Development of a module responsible for financing vehicles, agricultural machinery
and loan capital. Creation of registry and maintenance contracts, financing and control
portions of finance charges. Developers were given Use Case diagrams, Class and
Sequence (prepared by a team responsible for analysis and specification) to developed
application functionality.
Technologies: Ant, CVS, EJB, Eclipse, Java, JSP, J2EE, UML.

FGWILSON - Analyst and Programmer - January/2002 to December/2004
Maintenance and system documentation (DER, DFD, Visual Basic) inventory control,
purchasing, sales, accounting, financial records and reports. Analysis (UML) and
software development (Visual Basic) for data collectors Psion-Teklogics (mobile devices
that read bar code through the infrared ray communication). Maintaining Queries,
Stored Procedures and Views in SQLServer 2000 database. Developing software in
Java / Swing.
Technologies: Crystal Reports, DER, DFD, Oracle, SQLServer, UML, Visual Basic 6
Full time.