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Software Developer - IT Consultant

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  • Languages: English (Full Professional) | Italian (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 09.12.2016
Profileimage by Francesco Pischedda Software Developer - IT Consultant from Berlin
C++, C, Java, Linux, Python, Ruby, C#, Ruby on Rails, Programming, Assembly, Game Design, MySQL, JavaScript, Subversion, jQuery, Git, Objective-C, OOP, JSON, Software Design, Object Oriented Design, XHTML, Eclipse, Operating Systems, AJAX, HTML, Web Applications, Open Source, LAMP, Scripting, HTML5, MVC, Web Development, Design Patterns, REST, ActionScript, NetBeans, Software Engineering, UML, Software Development, Scrum, TDD, Databases, Xcode, iPhone, API, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, PHP, SQL
Software developer - DevOps
09.2013 - 02.2014 (closed business)
Added developer for an upcoming open source ERP solution built with python, pyqt4 and postgress; the project died before we had to opportunity to change our stack; responsible of our buildbot setup, logstash, test, installation and other sysadmin related stuff.

BangBite srl
Software Developer
03.2010 - 08.2014
Here I act mainly as a web developer (php, c#, ASP.NET) but sometimes the good god of the programmers let me do some system and tools development (Java, python)
Information Technology and Services

BangBite Srl (Kiver Group)
Lead Programmer
0.2010 - today

Information Technology and Services

Kiver - BangBite
Lead Developer
0.2010 - today

Information Technology and Services

Televideocom s.r.l
Software Developer
03.2008 - 01.2010
· design and development of a content delivery application for the MIDP2 platform;
· Java Web Start download manager integrated with a content distribuition system for an online music and movie shop
· development and maintainement of various web sites with widely used stacks such as LAMP, WAMP, ISS+.NET+MSsql
· responsable of the maintaining of our custom ffmpeg builds
Information Technology and Services

Our Game Company :)
Lead Programmer
0.2009 - 0.2009
This is not really a company, it\'s just an excuse to concentrate my home efforts in game development in a single spot

Here are some of the experiments: (not all games are mine) (you need to login to see the match player)

more coming soon...hopefully :)
Computer Games

Athena s.r.l
Java programmer
06.2007 - 03.2008
· complete and extend an existing J2EE web application used by local healt care organization
· data migration from the older application to our new web application\'s database
Information Technology and Services

Framestudios interactive
Lead programmer
11.2006 - 05.2007
· port a popular 2D puzzle game to a 3D look to get a Wii developer license; the prototype has
been developed in c++ with the open source engine Irrlicht and lua as the scripting engine
Information Technology and Services

BigBangSolutions, Navacchio
Lead programmer, game designer
11.2004 - 10.2006
· develop web application with the stack ASP + IIS + MSSql and the LAMP stack
· manage and develop flash games from concept/game design to the finished product
· development of MIDP games
· develop game prototypes with the Torque game engine and Torque 2D
Information Technology and Services

Gruppo Snai, Porcari
Programmer, Troubleshooter
02.2004 - 11.2004
· re-write a bet machine software from the ground up; the software was developed in
c for an embedded linux Motif environment
· manage and maintain the build scripts for the internal libraries and code
Information Technology and Services

Prograph Research, Longarone
Programmer, Troubleshooter
04.2002 - 05.2002
· develop the AI of the CPU controlled players for a street bascket Game Boy
Advance commercial game
· contribuite to the internal core engine
· test game features - peer review
· build tools for the next series of games
Information Technology and Services

Facoltà di Chimica dell\'università
Lead Programmer
01.1999 - 01.2000
· develop an education tool to test student capabilities; target platform Win32 C++
and MFC
Information Technology and Services

scrittore :)
0.1999 - 0.2000

Information Technology and Services
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