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Ramunas Jurgilas

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iOS Architect - Consultant | SwiftUI • Swift • UIKit • objective-c • Scrum

Graduation: Bachelor of Informatics Engineering
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Languages: German (Elementary) | English (Full Professional) | Russian (Elementary) | Lithuanian (Native or Bilingual)




  • iOS app architect and developer since 2010
  • Fluent with design patterns, best practices, and Apple’s iOS human interface guidelines (HIG)
  • Well-versed in publishing apps on the App Store

  • iOS: Swift, objective-C, SwiftUI, Combine, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, Core Animation, Core Graphics, Networking, Core Location and MapKit, XCTest
  • Data: Core Data, Firestore, SQLite, MySQL
  • Tools: Xcode, Instruments, Git, CocoaPods, TestFlight, JIRA, Sketch
  • Best Practices: Protocol-Oriented Programming, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Design Patterns, User Experience (UE/UX), Concurrent Programming, SCRUM, Test-Driven Development (TDD), Internationalization and localization
  • Projekt Management: Kanban, Scrum, JIRA, JIRA Scrum Board

Project history

06/2022 - 11/2022
iOS Consultant
Global Scale GmbH
  • SwiftUI: Refactored an app that it will be based only on SwiftUI
  • XCTest: Introduced UI and unit testing in project
  • CI/CD: I have set up Xcode Cloud pipelines for distributing builds using TestFlight
  • async/await for better handling asynchronous tasks 
  • URLSession for network communication with RESTful backend
  • VisionKit for document scanning
  • PDFKit for document preview
  • The codebase designed in the way, that it will be easy way to support white-label products. One base source code used for multiple mobile applications. With this app, customers can scan health-related documents, upload them for review to health institutions and get review status about the document validation progress. To implement these functionalities it was used: SwiftUI, Swift, Combine, async/await, VisionKit, Networking, PDFKit, UIKit and other.
  • SDK - App:
  • Beihilfe-Service:

02/2021 - 06/2022
iOS Architect · Developer · Scrum master
Teltonika Telemedic (1000-5000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
  • Swift, SwiftUI, Combine, and UIKit were used for user interface development
  • CoreBluetooth used to connect and communicate with BLE (Bluetooth) devices
  • McuManager and CBOR were used for communication with BLE device
  • FHIR (Fast Health Interoperability Resources from HL7) integration into iOS app using RESTful API
  • CoreData for saving users' data
  • HealthKit for reading electrocardiograms from the iOS device
  • Health data representation:  ECG, heart rate and step counts
  • SCRUM master as for iOS and Android projects
  • I was developing health app (MyHealth). An app was responsible for pairing with medical device using Bluetooth. User sign-in and authentication using AWS Cognito. Communication with FHIR* supported backend. Data persistence using CoreData. Medical data (electrocardiograms (ECG), heart rates and steps) visualization in the app. As well I have worked as SCRUM master. I have been preparing and creating technical tasks for iOS and Android Teams. 
*FHRI - Fast Health Interoperability Resources from HL7

10/2012 - 09/2020
iOS Developer | CTO
MB Electas (< 10 employees)
  • Places around you:
    • SwiftUI & Combine
    • API RESTful integration for Google place
    • Google Firebase integration: Firestore, remote configs, storage
    • MapKit
    • CoreData for saving data in data base
    • AdMob integration
  • Kidi Parks
    • Created product road map
    • Wrote technical documentation for the project
    • Searching for Android developer regarding project implementation
    • Hiring UI designer and communicating with UI designer about app needs
    • Coaching and guiding junior Android developer
    • I have implemented Kidi Parks app for iOS app


  • Car Repair:
  • KidiParks:

07/2018 - 03/2020
iOS Architect - Consultant · Scrum master
Danske Bank Lithuania
  • objective-c was used to maintain and fix legacy app Mobile-ID
  • Swift to implement to new branded app Dasnke-ID
  • Networking communication using RESTful API
  • Touch/Face ID, Encrypt & decrypt data (Security.framework)
  • UIKit
  • Test Driven Development, Unit testing, UI testing
  • CI/CD: Continues Integration & Delivery using Xcode Server
  • Danske ID and Mobile ID is Danske Bank’s secure authentication App. With Danske ID app users can to authenticate and approve actions on Mobile Bank and eBanking. I was responsible for designing and leading the team building Danske ID application. Besides, that I was responsible to maintain an old Mobile ID app.
  • Danske ID:
  • Mobile ID:

02/2018 - 07/2018
iOS Consultant
  • Swift & objective-c
  • Storyboard & UIKit
  • Spotify and Apple Music integration
  • StoreKit (In-App Purchase) for auto renew subscriptions implementation
  • ACRCloud integration for automatic songs recognition
  • AVFoundation (AVQueuePlayer): custom player implementation for Spotify and Apple Music streams
  • Support & maintenance for fixing major, critical and clocker issues
  • I was responsible for supporting and maintaining legacy code. Support for bigger screen resolutions. Better handling huge data parsing which were retrieved from Spotify api.
  • WhoSampled:

08/2015 - 02/2018
Senior iOS Architect
Mediafon ID
  • Swift, objective-c and C++
  • OpenSSL Have used it for generating PEM and PKCS12 (p12) certificates on iPhone
  • Security framework I have used for generating RSA and EC (elliptic curve) keys
  • Touch ID, encrypt & decrypt data (Security.framework)
  • UIKit
  • Unit testing  and UI testing
  • PDFKit
  • I was responsible on architecting and implementing: MobiSgin and Mediafon ID. 
    • MobiSing* app was created for signing digital documents and managing signed documents.
    • Mediafon* is a second factor authenticator app for confirming bank transactions.
*An app not any more in the App Store market.

01/2009 - 12/2015
Software Engineer
Vodafone Group Services GmbH
  • Swift and iOS: SmartPass prototype
  • objective-c and iOS: 360 Client, Vodafone Cloud and NetAlert
  • Java and Android: NetAlert & Vodafone Cloud
  • QT and Symbian S60: 360 Sync Client
  • C++ and Symbian S60: People Client
  • git
  • Unit testing and UI testing
  • People Client* and 360 Client* is a social network aggregation and address book back up application for the Vodafone 360 service. Have worked on many technologies like Java, QT, C++, objective-c and others. 
  • NetAlert* application/tool for iOS and Android platforms. This application helps in easy way to report mobile network problems. It will automatically collect necessary information (location, roaming status, MCC, MNC and other info) which helps to highlight areas of poor network coverage.
  • Vodafone Cloud* application allows user to backup photos and videos from iPhone/iPad. It supports photo browsing, video watching, music playing and documents viewing.
  • 360 Sync Client for Symbian 5.x. This application was implemented using QT (a cross-platform application and UI framework).
All projects were done using an interactive and incremental agile software development method - SCRUM. Code reviews (peer reviews) were done to improving quality of the software and the developers' skills. Test-driven development (TDD) and automated unit test were written to increase software stability. Git and SVN systems for source code management were used.

*None of these projects any more in the market.

01/2005 - 01/2009
Mobile application developer, platform architect
TeleSoftas Ltd.
  • C++
  • Symbian S60 & UIQ
  • SVN
  • HandyWi* is an application to discover WiFi spots. Connect to WiFi spots automatically or manually and do authentication using WISPr (Wireless Internet Service Provider roaming) protocol.
  • Eurobate* is an application to observe SMS events (received & sent), make backup of then and sync with the server.
  • Azi360* is an application to listen GPS location changes. Send locations to the backend. Using MobileSpeak framework result from back end was loudly spoken. Azi360 project dedicated for disabled persons (unseeing).
* Not any more in the market.

01/2003 - 12/2006
Software developer
Dac Planet Development Ltd.
  • C++, Symbian S60
  • php
  • MySql
  • HTML
  • OvaoWhiz* photo sharing application (Symbian, php, MySql, HTML)
  • AirPedia* e-books reader (Symbian, C++, php, MySql, HTML)
  • RSS reader* (J2ME, Java, php, HTML)
*Not any more in the market.


Async/Await and Actors - Concurrency in Swift
SwiftUI - Declarative Interfaces for any Apple Device
Test Driven Development in iOS Using Swift
MVVM Design Pattern in iOS Using SwiftUI

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Profileimage by Ramunas Jurgilas iOS Architect - Consultant | SwiftUI • Swift • UIKit • objective-c • Scrum from Duesseldorf iOS Architect - Consultant | SwiftUI • Swift • UIKit • objective-c • Scrum