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Programer, Commissioning - Siemens / Rockwell - PLC, SCADA, Network, Drive - Worldwide / Homework

Profileimage by FranzJosef Michely Programmierer - Inbetriebnahme - Siemens / Rockwell - SPS, SCADA, Network, Drive - Weltweit / Zuhause from Rosenheim
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  • Graduation: not provided
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 100 €/hour 800 €/day
    Die Preise gelten nur für die Arbeit in Deutschland zuzüglich Reisekosten und für: Nachtarbeit, Sonntagsarbeit und Arbeit am Feiertag.
  • Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Elementary)
  • Last update: 27.04.2019
Profileimage by FranzJosef Michely Programmierer - Inbetriebnahme - Siemens / Rockwell - SPS, SCADA, Network, Drive - Weltweit / Zuhause from Rosenheim
Draft, programming and startup of logic control systems PLC. Configuration and parameter setting of drive technology (including NC).Network connections via bus systems (NET). Visual representation of the process data and safe operation via panel or PC (HMI SCADA, also web-based). Assign user rights, order processing, recipe management, data logging, traceability. From the field up to management level to the MES, ERP, system SQL Server.
On request, with inclusion of the certification of FDA GMP. Preferably Simatic or Allen Bradley.
Costomer List:
* Automotive industry: Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Ford, Opel. - mostly conveyor systems example Roller conveyors, lift stations, overhead trolley (EMS). - Own development of intelligent vehicle control for electric monorails.
* Chemie / Pharmaceutical industry: Baerlocher, BASF, Henkel, Toros Syral, BF-Goodrich, Alkor, Fronol, SIG. - Gravimetric and Batch- dosing , Process control, Process technology, a.s.o.
* Other Projects:
Special machines with axis positioning (CNC) up to 12 axes and camera monitoring.
Manual and automatic cranes controls; Stacker crane; NH3 Cooling systems up to 8 tons; Big Bag and silo bottling plants ; Contract and recipe management with traceability over 10 years.
Current projects in 2019: Monelez (D)(A), Henkel (D), Herbalife (USA)
instantly - open end
HMI, SCADA, NC, CNC, WinCC, Protool, Transline 2000, Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet OPC Server, programming, solutions, commissioning, Worldwide service, engineering, construction, special engineering, process control, process control, positioning, control, PLC, servo drive, robot control, Robot programming, networking, computing, visualization, remote maintenance, diagnostics, analysis, Simatic service, programmers, PLC automation, material handling, bulk materials, dosing, gravimetric dosing, batch dosing, blender control, MES, ERP, SQL, database, batch pilot, order management, execution, recipe management, batch, lot traceability, tracking, electronic signature, user rights, user management, Step 5, Step 7, conveyors, overhead trolley, monorail, automated crane controls, electrical design

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