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Experienced Oracle developer with project management experience

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1. Over 14 years of extensive Oracle experience in a variety of roles and responsibilities, using all major versions of Oracle from 7.3.4 onwards. Key areas of experience
• Performance tuning in both black box and white box environments using a variety of tools such as AWR / OEM & Toad.
This skill came into extensive use during my time with Telefónica Germany, as both the legacy and the brought in “off the shelf” solutions, had performance issues with the volume of data they were expected to handle.
• Requirement gathering, design, developing & maintaining PLSQL to an expert level.
This skill was most recently put to use during an implementation lifecycle of an ETL “add on” solution to an “off the shelf” brought in solution. A detailed understanding of the complex incoming data was required, to be able to consolidate the incoming information into commissionable events for processing. As the incoming data came in many different formats based on different business use cases, a flexible test data generator was additionally developed in parallel to enable component testing of all different business use cases.
• Database architect skills, with a focus on scalability, performance & maintainability.
• Exposure to typical DBA tasks, such as installation / tuning of database instances. Additionally have expansive knowledge, and practical experience of data pump, import / export & SQL Loader functionality.
• Support of legacy solutions where code and documentation was not always available.
• Provide mentoring support to less experienced members of staff, where I can pass on my “in the field” experiences with Oracle.
• Maintaining Oracle forms & reports modules, adding functionality and resolving issues when required.
2. Excellent communication skills, which can be demonstrated by the most recent long term contract, where I worked for five years in Germany, where English was frequently the second or third language spoken.
3. Excellent reporting & analysis skills, and I am able to tailor the results to desired audience (technical or non-technical stakeholders), using a variety of applications including Excel & PowerPoint.
4. Extensive full project lifecycle experience. Can take (and discuss) business requirements with all relevant stakeholders (both technical & non-technical), and able to provide/support detailed design, implementation, rollout & maintenance & retirement solutions.
5. Able to work within a team, or independently and show a high level of initiative & responsibility in either scenario. Additionally, I have experience of both RUP and Agile scrum design methodologies and working with on shore / near shore & offshore teams.
Additional Secondary Skills
1. Have experience, of performing full project lifecycle tasks, for applications, implemented using various development languages (such as C++ Builder & Delphi).
2. Design, Installation and maintenance of a successful Windows Server 2003 rollout to 35-50 users.
3. Project management experience, including managing an offshore team, to ensure on time and to budget rollout.
4. UNIX shell & Perl scripting abilities.
Available on request