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Software Developer in the fields of C++

Company: Rolf Schlup Consulting Inc.
Graduation: not provided
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Languages: English (Native or Bilingual)




P.O. Box 804 * Beausejour, Manitoba R0E 0C0 *
Tel:204.268.1821 Cell:204.268.8808

Dedicated, conscientious Software Engineer with a proven track record of highly successful program advancement demonstrated through hands-on experience in tailoring proprietary software to meet specific industry needs.
> Broad knowledge and success developing, evaluating, and implementing functional applications to improve operational efficiency.
> Strong background meeting business needs by presenting resourceful, sustainable programming solutions with concrete, observable outcomes.
> Thrive in a fast-paced, multi-tasking environment requiring sophisticated problem solving.
> Outstanding communicator, able to convey complex ideas and technologies to all levels of understanding; conversationally bilingual in English and Swiss German.

* System Analysis & Development
* OO Design/Analysis & UML
* Troubleshooting & Problem Resolution
* High-level Programming
* Teamwork & Support
* Applications Development

Hubs, Routers, Switches, Ethernet, SGI (Onyx2, Onyx3, O2, Octane, Fuel), PCs, Solaris, Macs
Microsoft Windows 3.1/9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7; Linux (Red Hat, SuSE versions 6 and up, Ubuntu); SGI IRIX 6.5.10 and up, Oracle 9 and up, MySQL 3 and up, SQLServer 2005 and up.
Software Tools:
MS Office 2007 and up (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), MS Project; Visual Studio 2003 and up; Visio; FrontPage; Norton SystemWorks; Hummingbird Exceed 6.x - 10.0; Take Five SNiFF 3.0 and up; Rational Rose 98 and up, Sparx Enterprise Architect, Purify, Oracle Forms and Reports, MÄK VR-Forces
C/C++, C++ 11, TCL/Tk, Python, Shell (CSH, KSH, Bash), BASIC, STL, Delphi, Pascal, RogueWave Tools, Boost Libraries, MÄK VR-Link Lib (DIS), TrollTech Qt 3.0 and up, PL/SQL ( Stored Procedures ), ACE TAO CORBA, ASN.1, XML, XSD, XSLT,C#, RoseScript, VB script.
Object-Oriented Analysis, Design, & Programming (OOA, OOD, & OOP); Rational Unified Process RUP) & Unified Modeling Language (UML); Object Modeling Technique (OMT), Limited exposure to SCRUM

ROLF SCHLUP CONSULTING INC., Beausejour, Manitoba 2004 to Present
Software Engineer / CEO
Currently working as a contractor / freelancer for hire. Main clients include former employers such as RUAG Defence AG and Sunny Graham Realty.

Real Estate Agent Reference App
Sunny Graham Realty 2013 to Present

* Developing a multi-platform mobile app for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile 8, and Blackberry. Currently in the requirements phase

Tools & Technologies Used: Qt 5.2 ( when released ), Java, Android SDK and NDK, Objective-C, C#, XAML, Visual Studio 2010, Xcode 4.6.3, Eclipse, RUP.

SAPH KAWEST M-109 Howitzer Crew Trainer Upgrade
RUAG Defence 2009 to 2010
* Ported multi-threaded, multi-tiered simulator control and exercise generation currently running on SGI platform to run on machines running SuSE Linux.
* Redesigned a Space Mouse application to run on the Linux 2.6 kernel
* Refactored, debugged, and ported a PL/SQL stored procedure originally developed on an Oracle 9 database to run on Oracle 10i.
* Ported old Korn shell scripts to bash
* Successfully ported and compiled old standard C and C++ to the latest ANSI C and C++ standard.
* Ported and compiled old OSF Motif code with Open Motif
* Ported old OSF Motif based GUIs to Qt4
* Ported old Qt3 apps to Qt4

Tools & Technologies Used: ANSI C++, gcc 4.2, IBM Eclipse, cmake 2.6 and up, Rational Rose,UML 1.1, RUP, SuSE Linux SLES 11, Oracle 10g,PL/SQL, Samba 3.2, Subversion, Windows XP, Windows 7 64bit, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook 2003, Qt 4.3, OCL/OTL, POSIX, Message Queues, Open Motif, bash, Eclipse

Sunny Graham Realty Inc. 2009 to 2010
* Developing a website for a Fort Worth, Texas based Realty company using Adobe\\\\\\\\\'s Flex3 suite and a PHP back-end.

Tools & Technologies Used: Adobe Flex3,PHP, Javascript, UltraEdit32 15.0, Dreamweaver CS3, Altova XMLSpy 2007, Apache Web Server, MySQL, SuSE Linux SLES 10

River Ranch Warmbloods Inc. 2006 to 2011
* Developed my first PHP back-end website from scratch.

Tools & Technologies Used: UltraEdit32 8.0,Macromedia Dreamweaver 2004, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Apache Web Server, SuSE SLES Linux 11

SIM KIUG RUAG Electronics 2006 to 2013
* Developed a highly database-based configurable middleware layer to encapsulate the DIS library for easy configuration with future projects
* Developed Windows-based multi-threaded C++ test GUIs using Qt3 and Qt4.
* Developed TCP/IP servers that act as gateways from RF based applications to .Net based applications.
* Developed C# wrappers for old software components for use in .Net applications
* Migrated from SQLServer to Oracle 9i database and later Oracle 10g
* Developed a CORBA Notification Service based Simulator Event gathering server
* Developed highly complex PL/SQL stored procedures for handling of simulation event data in the background for later use with Crystal Reports.
* Worked on middleware for use to communicate with soldier worn simulation systems via proprietary firmware hardware interfaces.
* Worked on middleware to communicate with Wirelessly connected handheld devices in the field.

Tools & Technologies Used: Visual C++ 6.0-9.0, Visual Studio 2003-12, C# 3.0 – 4.0, Microsoft .Net, Rational Rose C++, UML 1.1, RUP, ACE TAO CORBA 1.7a, TOAD 11.0, Visual Source Safe 2005, Subversion, Tortoise 1.7, Oracle 9i and 11g, SQLServer 2005, Qt 3.7, Qt 4.8.4, Windows XP, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook 2010 and 2010, Boost 1.46.1, TCP/IP, UDP, ASN.1, Byte Order Manipulation, Pointer arithmetic, DIS.

STES VBCI RUAG Electronics 2008 to 2009
* Developed a virtual weather simulation model server which calculates ambient light using solar ephemeris models and algorithms, time based weather transitions, and allows for instant weather changes by issuing requests via a CORBA interface.
* Developed a highly configurable CORBA server which used an XML schema to C++ compiler from Code Sythesis and an XML parser from Apache called Xerces.

Tools & Technologies Used: Boost 1.38, ANSI C++, gcc 4.1, ACE TAO CORBA 1.7a, XML, XML Schema, SuSE Linux 10.1, Oracle 10g, SNiFF+ 4.2, Rational Rose 2003,UML 1.1, RUP, XMLSpy 2008, Windows XP, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook 2003, Code Sythesis xsd 3.1, Xerces 2.8, Samba 3.2, CVS, DIS

* Created simulator servers that were controlled and initialized using an XML data structure which is parsed by first using Code Synthesis XML Schema to C++ compiler to generate the code necessary to parse the received object.

LSUP RUAG Electronics 2007 to 2009
* Developed a crater, building damage, and illumination entity handling server that creates craters, simulates building damage, or creates a floating illumination round depending on the type of ordinance that was fired and the location it detonated.
* Developed a highly configurable CORBA server which used an XML schema to C++ compiler from Code Synthesis and an XML parser from Apache called Xerces.
* Developed Python wrappers for Visual Control system to speed up testing and allow for rapid testing of visual system control scenarios.

Tools & Technologies Used: PyPlusPlus 1.1, Boost 1.35, ANSI C++, gcc 3.8, ACE TAO CORBA 1.7a, XML, XML Schema, SuSE Linux 10.1, Oracle 10g, SNiFF+ 4.2, Rational Rose 2003,UML 1.1, RUP, Windows XP, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook 2003, XMLSpy 2008, Code Synthesis xsd 3.1, Xerces 2.6, Samba 3.1, CVS, DIS

ADTS Advanced Driver Training Simulator, RUAG Electronics 2004 to 2005
* Developed an in-house multi-platform DIS library to IEEE 1278 specification
* Employed high speed/high efficiency computing methodologies to improve speed of code.
* Developed an in-house multi-platform DIS logging application for use in playback of exercises during After Action Reviews (AAR)
* Developed numerous UDP based logging applications, mainly for testing purposes.

Tools & Technologies Used: Boost 1.34.1, ANSI C++, gcc 3.2, SuSE Linux 9.3, Oracle 9i, SNiFF+ 4.2, Rational Rose 2000,UML 1.1, RUP, Samba 2.9, CVS, Windows XP, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook 2003, HEC ( High Efficiency Computing )

RUAG ELECTRONICS AG, Berne, Switzerland 1999 to 2004
Software Engineer
Key member of software engineering team tasked with maintaining and developing simulation software for the Swiss army as well as other military institutions worldwide. Developed thread-based real-time applications that ran entirely on the IRIX and Linux operating systems. Created cross-platform applications that ran on IRIX, Linux and Windows. Supported marketing department as translator, proofreader, and technical consultant.

ELSA Crew Fire Training System 2002-2004
* Developed Qt 3 based GUI applications for various parts of the simulator\\\\\\\\\'s data management system.
* Developed code using Rational Rose`s ANSI C++ round trip engineering add-in.
* Developed CORBA interface wrappers to improve the ease of use by team members
* Created a number of GUI based applications for the testing of a number of different distributed applications and their interfaces.
* Wrote numerous start scripts for applications.

Tools & Technologies Used: Boost 1.32, ANSI C++, gcc 2.5, ACE TAO CORBA 1.4a, XML, SuSE Linux9.3, Oracle 9i, SNiFF+ 4.2, bash, Rational Rose 2003,UML 1.1, RUP, Samba 2.7, CVS, Windows XP, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook 97

* Developed a standalone version of the exercise creation software for the SAPH KAWEST project.
* Developed a Windows to IRIX audio conversion script using Windows batch files.

Tools & Technologies Used: Boost 1.32, ANSI C++, gcc 2.5, SuSE Linux 9.3,SGI IRIX 6.5.14, Oracle 9, SNiFF+ 3.0, Rational Rose 98, UML 1.1, RUP, Samba 2.7, RCS, Windows XP, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook 97, PL/SQL, Korn shell, bash shell, SGI Fuel

WES 2001-2002
* Served as a technical consultant to the marketing department in preparation for the project procurement phase of the project WES Canada.
* Wrote a 1000 page software specification detailing every aspect of a Live simulation software system. Detailed everything from low level embedded systems to exercise monitoring software.
* Assisted the hardware engineers in translating/proofreading 5000+ hardware specification and various other documentation from German to English.

Tools & Technologies Used: DOORS, Microsoft Word, Excel, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook XP, Checkpoint VPN. Rational Rose 2000, UML 1.1, Visio 2002,Adobe Photoshop 7,

SAPH KAWEST M-109 Howitzer Crew Trainer 1999-2003
* Developed multi-threaded, multi-tiered simulator control and exercise generation software using the C++ language which used message queues for inter-thread communication.
* Developed all applications using Rational Rose 98 and UML 1.1 and Rose`s code generation features.
* Created a number of RoseScripts to speed up software development. Scripts for state machine code generation, business object initialization, and automatic reverse engineering.
* Created a number of Excel Macros to generate code from Excel spreadsheet packet definitions.
* Developed Motif based C++ exercise control, monitoring and creation applications.
* Developed a driver for Logitech Space Mouse on Linux kernel 2.4.
* Developed multi-database transfer PL/SQL and SQL scripts for the transfer of exercises from one simulator site to another.
* Helped develop Reports using Oracle Reports.
* Helped migrate database access software from using Pro C to OCI/OTL
* Developed POSIX thread management in a 100+ thread application on a system which only employs a round robin thread scheduling system.
* Implemented GUI based test scripts using TCL/Tk
* Implemented GUI based test applications using Qt 2.x and later 3.x

Tools & Technologies Used: ANSI C++, MIPS C/C++ compiler, SGI STL, RogueWave tools, SGI IRIX 6.5.14, Oracle 9, PL/SQL, Oracle Reports. SNiFF+ 3.0, Rational Rose 98,UML 1.1, Samba 2.2, RCS, Windows NT, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook 97, TCL/Tk 8.1, Qt 2.7-3.2, OCL/OTL, RoseScript, POSIX, Message Queues, OSF Motif, XDesigner 3.1, Korn shell, SGI Octane, Onyx2, Onyx3, and Fuel.

TWI AG, Biel, Switzerland 1999
Junior Software Engineer
Translated and reprogrammed German HTML web pages into English. Gathered mission-critical data for enhancement of international web-page publication.

Bachelor of Science Degree * Major in Computer Science (1995-1999)
American Institute for Computer Sciences, Birmingham, Alabama

Computer Electronics Technology (Diploma) (1991-92)
Herzing Institutes, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Industrial Electronics & Robotics (Diploma) (1989-92)
National Radio Institute
McGraw-Hill Continuing Education Center
Washington DC

* Flight & Ground Simulation (Certificate), Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY
* Advanced C++ Programming using the Standard Template Library (STL)
* Institute of Electronic & Electrical Engineers (IEEE)
* Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Project history

Walter Josi
Bundesamt für Verkehr (BAV)
CH-3003 Bern

Bus Tel +41 313 255 042
Mobile +41 79 660 1121
Home Tel +41 33 654 7905

Heinz Hofer
RUAG Defence
Stauffacherstrasse 65
P.O. Box
CH-3000 Bern 22

Bus Tel +41 31 376 6503
Home Tel +41 32 633 1688

Patrick Diezi
Chief Executive Officer
Baltenswilerstrasse 9
8309 Nürensdorf

Mobile +41 79 302 7952

Axel W Volley
Manager Visual Systems
Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co. KG
Krauss-Maffei-Str. 11
80997 München

Mobile +49 (162) 890-0796

Local Availability

Only available for the countries Canada
Telecommutable and Physically in the Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada area
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