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Steven Wu


Last update: 26.09.2018

Senior UX designer, User experience expert, Excel VBA/VBS programmer

Graduation: Bachelor of science
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Languages: Chinese (Native or Bilingual) | English (Limited professional)


UX Designer UE designer VBA programmer VBS programmer




UX design, Usability Testing, Web/Android&iOS,
Product Management, Requirements Analysis,
Axure, Visio, Xmind,
Excel VBA, VBS, Python, MySQL

Project history

2010/10 -2018/5   Spreadtrum Communications(Shanghai)
Position: Product manager, UX design specialist 
Main responsibility and tasks: 
1.    Provide technical product vison, create the roadmap, and drive its development.
2.    Conduct market and competitor analysis.
3.    Make requirement management including defining new product requirement baseline, requirement tracking and requirement changes control.
4.    Identify and collect product requirements through customers, communication protocols (3GPP, GSMA, OMA), operator's requirements and Spreadtrum internal functional teams, prioritize the requirements and ensure the requirements are implemented by stages and coordinate the alignment with R&D, Test and marketing team.
5.    Identify dependencies and risks that pose threat to successful delivery. Evaluate trade-offs and make critical program decisions with the marketing, RD, Test and other stakeholders.
6.    Maintain data sync for Global Scree System. Create VBA/VBS/Python scripts to process product requirements data in order to upload them to Global Scree System.
7.    Create requirements and UX design (key pages) for
8.    Summarize the UI style guidelines of iOS, Android, webOS(palm pre), and make UI style guidelines for Mozilla B2G platform and Mocor platform.
9.    Create UX designs for input methods, phonebook, mainmenu and other applications for the project of Android platform.
10.    Lead my team to conduct usability test on current design. In addition. Collaborate with former principle designer in Nokia with a project on UX test on Chinese users.
11.    Define and track requirements for IOTproject: SC6531E+SC2393.
12.    In my work, I raised the idea of balance between using data and managing data in mobile interaction design and focus on using data, because I noted that data entries are used more often than they are created and updated.
Projects names: (a leading B2B platform in construction and installation industry  for buyers and suppliers)
    Sharkl2, SharkLE, SharkL3, Whale2, iWhale2, iSharkl2 --(Middle & Low tier projects, Android platform)
    Tshark, PikeL, Sharkls--(Low tier projects, Android platform)
    SC9820A, SC9820W, SC9820E(Ultra low tier projects, Android platform)
    SC8810/6820-- (Low tier projects, Android platform)
    SC6530/SC6531/NemoG/Mocor 09A (Feature phone project, Mocor platform), Mozilla B2G
    SC6531E (IOT project: GSM/GPRS+BT BLE4.1+GPS/Glonass/Beidou Dual Mode)

2009/02-2010/10    ZTE corporation Nanjing R&D center
Position: Product manager , UX design specialist 
Main responsibility and tasks: 
1.    Be in charge of product planning for project U600, U722, U526, and Kp81. Work with Feature Owner to create MRD and detailed technical requirement document as product requirements and handle all requirement related change requests.
2.    Be in charge of UX design and SW requirements for Vodafone ordered mobile phones. Provided UI solution to balance between operator requirement and UI strategy. Be assigned by Vodafone to be responsible for their projects designed in ZTE due to my excellent work.
3.    Took part in touch screen user interaction design for TD-scdma mobile phone. Delivered the design for key mapping, keys definition, basic screen layout, charset selection, font size (bitmap fonts and vector fonts), text presentation, text entry mode, typical screens&UI components, and event handling rules.
4.    I introduced a two-dimensional navigation mode in the design of sns phone, and applied for a patent.
Projects names: 
    Eva (vodafone ordered GSM phone)
    Vivi (AT&T customized GSM phone)
    U600(TD-scdma phone)
    Kp81 (UMTS(WCDMA) phone)
    U722/U526 (TD-scdma phone)

2006/10-2008/12    Shanghai Dingyue Information technology 
Position: Product manager
Main responsibility and tasks: 
1.    I am a copartner to establish Dingyue information tech company, which is a branch of Qiaoxing group like CECT. I handled some administration works.
2.    Led engineers from marketing and product planning departments to define SW requirements and UX design. Conduct expert reviews in the view of usability engineering.
3.    My customer preferred Nokia fonts, and I transplanted Nokia fonts to the mobile phones.
 Projects names: 
    GP880(GSM phone with GPS)
    DP800 (GSM/PHS dual mode mobile phone)
    DH100/DH200 (low tier phone)

2004/07-2006/10 UTStarcom corporation shanghai R&D center
Position: Product manager, UX design specialist
Main responsibility and tasks:
1.    Be in charge of product planning for WCDMA/PHS dual mode handset. Work with Sales and Feature Owner to create MRD.
2.    Submitted fundamental UX design documents for 3G mobile and CDMA mobile in regard to UI components & typical screen, screen layout, interaction style, key mapping, text entry mode, theme, LCD backlight control and sound routing. 
3.    Created technical requirement document (UI specs) for 3G mobile phone. And Coordinated with SW developers/Test engineers to solve problems encounted in development.
4.    Led team members to make a standard GSM UI spec.
Projects names:
    GW206(3G mobile phone), GW208 (3G mobile phone)
    GP810 (GSM /PHS dual mode mobile phone)
    C1305/C1500 (CDMA mobile phone)
    PCCT100(HSDPA data card PC software)

1999/09-2004/07     Inventec corporation (Nanjing R&D center)
Position: Product manager , SW requirements engineer , UX designer
Main responsibility and tasks:  
1.    Made the UX design for the touch screen series mobile phone (GSM mobile phone, LCD resolution: 240*320). I was the key engineer in the later of the development. I accumulated rich technology on mobile phone function, for example, voice call, supplementary service, SMS/EMS/MMS, email, gprs, browser, and so on.
2.    Led my team to be responsible for SW requirements and UX design for PHS series products (mobile phone), fixed SMS phone, fixed telephones with internet browser(www browser), email and PIM functions.
3.    Be responsible for the built-in ringtones and I lead 2 engineers to work out the 4-track soft midi ringtone for PHS mobile phone, which saved about $3 for each PHS mobile phone.
Projects names: 
    mpg/mpg+/pg2000 (touch panel UI GSMmobile phone)
    V15 (mobile phone for kid)
    Ps88/ps288/PW668… (PHS mobile phone)
    Pw66 (multimedia fixed phone with web browser , email , calendar and so on)
    E500/E400 (Email station, ordered by British Telecom)

Time and spatial flexibility

I will be available on all weekdays and weekends.


You can access to me via any of the means:
cell phone: +8618221674910
WeChat: 18221674910

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