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ETL, Data Migration, ABAP, SAP R/3, SAP, IDOC, BAPI, BDC, SAPScript, Smartforms, ALV, Business Objects Data Integrator, Business Intelligence, SAP Netweaver, SAP Workflow, ABAP-OO, ABAP Web Dynpro, Adobe LiveCycle Designer, Unix Shell Scripting, Perl Script, DB2, Oracle, Ingres, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP Security Administration, SD, WebDynpro, SAP FI, SAP PS, RFC, Business Objects, ECC
Workflow/ABAP Consultant
06.2012 - 09.2013
SAP Workflow & ABAP Programming.
* Interface development via RFC to SAP with start of custom workflow for inter-company invoice approval
* Developed manual upload program using Desktop-Office-Integration with Excel
* Developed custom workflow for royalty payment approval.
* Developed single change document audit report with dynamic report definition for
- Cost Center,
- Profit Center,
- Cost Element,
- General Ledger Accounts,
- Internal Order,
- Activity Types,
- Joint Venture,
- Joint Operating Agreements,
- Cost Center Groups,
- Profit Center Groups,
- Cost Element Groups,
- Internal Order Groups,
- Activity Type Groups, and
- Report Painter Sets
Information Technology and Services

Senior Workflow Consultant
02.2012 - 05.2012

• Develop ABAP programs
• Upload program with imbedded Excel to
• Create WBS Elements
• Create Network Activities
• Create Standard WBS Elements
• Create Standard Network Activities
• Change Project Definition
• Change WBS Elements
• Change Network Components
• Create Purchase Requisitions
• Develop/ Modify SAPscripts and SMARTFORMS
• Configure Workflow within MM and PS Modules
• Develop Workflow for Variation claim
• Write technical specification documents
• Write test scripts

• Technical expertise in SAP ABAP programming, SMARTFORMS & Workflow.
• Knowledge of SAP modules PS (Project Systems) and MM (Materials Management).
Information Technology and Services

NTG Department of Construction and Infrastructure
SAP Data Migration Analyst
04.2010 - 02.2012
• Develop Migration Plan for Legacy Applications to SAP
• Implement Business Objects Data Services
o Develop Migration routines within Business Objects Data Service
o Develop Cleansing strategy for the Legacy Data.

• Migrated data from 9 legacy applications
• Imported data to new linear ramp-up technical objects (Functional Locations & Equipment)
• 25 years of historical data loaded for Project Systems, Finance, Plant Maintenance, and Materials Management.
Information Technology and Services

Contract ABAP Programmer
02.2010 - 03.2010
• Development of automated FTP VBscript to transfer files
• Development of ABAP program to extract sales order and stock transfer data, and call automated FTP script.

• Completed assignment to customer satisfaction
• Files in correct format for recipient
Information Technology and Services

RCR Tomlinson
Senior Security Consultant
12.2008 - 07.2009
• Re-Implement security roles covering HR, EHS, FI/CO, CS, SD, PS, and MM
• Develop methodology for documenting and sign-off of roles designed
• Documented Security Design Guidelines

• Reduced security complexity by splitting functional and organisational data
• Simplified role assignments
• Developed ABAP/4 programs to help maintain role user/position assignments
o Check roles assigned to user match roles assigned to user/position
o Improve role assignments
• Developed Excel spreadsheet register with VBA functions for managing security implementation.
o Auto generation of document templates based on naming convention
o Generation of sign-off documentation based on exported role definition
o Export of role menu from template for upload in role generation
o Auditing of excel spreadsheet register with generated documents.
Information Technology and Services

Senior SAP ABAP/Workflow Consultant
09.2007 - 09.2008
• Monitor and Control distribution of Heat Tickets to support team
• Respond to heat tickets assigned to myself
• Support OS/DB Migration Process
• Support 4.6C to ECC6 Upgrade Project including portal
• Post production support of SRM upgrade.
• Converted Unix Shell scripts to DOS/Windows Batch
• Implemented Program to scan variants for UNIX file name syntax.
• Implemented method for supporting Unix and Dos/Windows file systems
• Implement and manage program changes for the MM module
• Support other team members in implementing and managing changes
• Developed Excel OLE Inside-Out (ABAP -> Excel) Reports with graphics

Accounts: Western Australian Police, Western Australian Water Corporation.
Information Technology and Services

Supply-Chain Consulting
Senior Consultant
08.2004 - 08.2007
• Participate in and estimate effort in contract bid’s for technical ABAP/Workflow developments
• Participate on implementation and upgrade project teams
• Project Test Team Coordinator
• Developed and modified SAPscript/SmartForm programs and forms.
• Developed ALV reports with drill down functionality.
• Developed interface for Micropay to SAP General Journal.
• Successful Unit and User Acceptance testing on High Tech implementation project.
• Developed Excel OLE Inside-Out (ABAP -> Excel) Reports.
• Design and Develop SAP Workflow for HR Leave approval in multi-language based on workflow role assignment (User Language).
• Design and Develop SAP Workflow for HR New Starter with automation to create user and assign security based on HR Position employee assigned too.
• Design and Develop SAP Workflow for SD Credit Memo/Return with transaction automation.
• Design and Develop SAP Workflow for Purchase Requisition/Order approval with interface to external contract management system.
• Design and Develop HR reports using Logical Databases and SAP native tables.
• Developed Workflows for purchasing approvals, sales order approval, leave approvals, and HR event notifications. Included in approvals process were interfaces to external contract management systems.

Accounts: Orica (Melbourne), Nylex (Melbourne), Coles/Myers (Melbourne) – Project Kevin, Rusty (Perth), Codan Limited (Adelaide), Co-Operative Bulk Handling (Perth), LaFarge Plasterboard (Sydney / Melbourne)
Information Technology and Services

Senior Computer Systems Officer
12.2001 - 08.2004
• Provide technical leadership with a team of 4 developers covering SAP, Oracle, Ingres & OpenROAD development efforts.
• Provide training to internal resources on ABAP/4 development, Workflow, Field exits, User exits, security, AWK, and Unix shell scripts.
• Participate in the project start up and feasibility stages for the Network Management Information System, and Full Retail Contestability projects.
• Provide Technical team leadership for the CIS/OV upgrade to version 5.1.1 from CIS/OV 3.07.
• Initiate upgrade projects for Crystal Enterprise, and Unicenter TNG.
• Negotiate license renewals with software vendors(BEA, BMC, and Micro Focus) resulting in budget savings, $60,000.
• Negotiated license renewal with Crystal Decisions for upgrade of Seagate Info to Crystal Enterprise, resulted in Budget Saving of $3,000, total maintenance budget $25,000.
• Guide development and projects to successful implementation, in a mentoring role.
• Mentored Analysis Programmer to assume the position of a Business Analyst in another business area.
• Seagate Info upgraded to Crystal Enterprise 9 with no loss of functionality.
Information Technology and Services

Systems Consultant
08.1999 - 12.2001
• SAP Security Administration
• SAP System Administration
• SAP Development, ABAP/4, Workflow, Field Exits, User Exits and Modifications.
• Seagate Info, Seagate Reports, and Seagate Analysis Administration.
• Administration of Corporate Electronic Fax services.
• Provide team leadership to a 2 person team covering Ingres & OpenROAD, Oracle Forms & Reports, and Microsoft Access development platforms.
• Mentored internal functional consultants to administer role based functional security.
• Created procedures and documentation such that user administration was outsourced.
• Implemented inbound fax routing, initial project budget $30,000, final cost $10,000.
• Reduced the number of workflows in error by 80%, resulting in less administration overheads.
• Increased workflow performance by 30% through investigating, designed and developing a program to delete completed workflow data.
• Implemented corporate wide reporting solution using Seagate products.
Information Technology and Services

AlintaGas Pty Ltd
SAP Security Administrator
05.1998 - 07.1999
Administer SAP Security on 3.0F
Build Security Authorizations
Attach Security Authorizations to Single Security Profiles
Attach Single Security Profiles to Composite Security Profiles
Maintain and administer Security profile assignment to HR Positions.
Maintain and administer HR Structural Authorizations
Information Technology and Services

AlintaGas Pty Ltd
Mainframe Consultant
01.1995 - 04.1998
AlintaGas was split from the State Energy Commission of Western Australia (SECWA). The spit formed AlintaGas and Western Power. AlintaGas is now Alinta Energy.

After the split I was responsible for administering the Mainframe applications co-developed and maintained by Western Power. Reporting to the IT manager on all development efforts and the progress.

Handling the billing of mainframe costs to the respective business units within AlintaGas, and suggesting ways in which the costs could be reduced.

During this period SAP was introduced, and I was responsible for handling the Extractions and transformation of the data from all mainframe sources including (DB2, SAS, IMS, VSAM, and Flat File).

Extraction included the platform conversion of data from Mainframe EBCDIC to ASCII. File were stored on Unix Servers. For files to be read by the transformation engines running on windows, the files also needed a Unix-To-Dos conversion.
Transformation was accomplished using multiple Microsoft Access Databases with VBA. Transformation included writing the files back to the Unix Server for loading into SAP and the Dos-To-Unix conversion.
Information Technology and Services

Northern Territory Government - NCOM Division
Database Administor
12.1989 - 12.1994
Maintain and Administer various database platforms
Mainframe DB2,
Mainframe Oracle,
Mainframe IMS,
VMS Oracle,
VMS RDB, and
Windows Oracle
Information Technology and Services
Available 01/10/2013
Willing to Travel where ever the work takes me
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