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Ilya Rumyantsev

Linux Infrastructure / Python Development / Web Development / Training

not available until 09/30/2021
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Profileimage by Ilya Rumyantsev DevOps Consultant mit Schwerpunkten Automatisierung / Python / Training from Troisdorf
Welcome, to my profile.
My name is Ilya Rumyantsev, I am a freelance automation consultant and developer.
During my studies of physics I have built a strong theoretical understanding and a structured mindset. Already then I have become an enthusiast of open source technologies and sophisticated solutions. I like getting in contact with various challenges and working with various people, different ways of thinking and changing technologies.
In my opinion, a constant challenge is the key to a productive working environment as well as motivated employees. Therefore I concentrate on automation of repetitive tasks as well as training in new technologies. This allows my clients to keep their maintenance efforts low and to keep motivation on a high level.

My Main Skills and Technologies:
  • Creation and implementation of concepts in topics of infrastructure
  • Training and knowledge transfer
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Linux (SLES / CENTOS)
  • Ansible
  • AWX / Ansible Tower
  • Python (+Django)
  • GIT
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Graylog
  • 07/2018 - Present

    • Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
    • >10.000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • DevOps Architect
  • A heterogeneous outgrown IAM infrastructure
    needed to be migrated into a uniform automated environment.
    Also a modern aproach for infrastructure provisioning and
    monitoring needed to be established. Therefore the main goal
    was to concept and implement a fully automated reliable modern
    cloud environment.
    The client also required know-how in the fields of SSO-systems (SAML2 / OIDC) as well
    as consulting and implementation of a role-based
    aproach in access and rights management.

    Tasks include:

    • Overall conceptioning, implementation and
      introduction of an automated infrastructure aproach

    • Introduction of a staging/pipelining concept for the infrastructure

    • Introduction of a centrilized logging with decentralized log listener components

    • Dockerizing application

    • Consulting in concerns of SSO (Best practices, troubleshooting, implementation)

    • Python development of production-ready tools (web- and command line based)

    • Introduction and evaluation of a test kubernetes cluster

    Technologies inlude:

    • Ansible for Infrastructure automation as well as provisioning

    • Python for custom tools and ansible modules

    • Gitlab CI/CD for automated deployments

    • Docker for application encapsulation, reliable deployments and system independency

    • Prometheus + cAdvisor + nodeExporter + Grafana for monitoring and alerting

    • fluentd + Graylog for centralized logging

    • CentOS as base System

    • Kubernetes for automatic container provisioning and orchestration (POC)

    Achievements include:

    • Establishment of a modern cloud environment

    • future-proof concept for infrastructure, application rollout/staging

    • Knowledge transfer to the client in order to be able to run the new infrastructure

  • 04/2019 - 04/2019

    • Kapsch AG
    • 5000-10.000 employees
    • Transport and Logistics
  • Workshop Ansible Tower / AWX / Docker

  • An old deployment / config management system needed replacement. The goal for the workshop was to consult with regard to the system architecture as well as internal processes. Moreover Ansible Tower / Awx needed to be presented as the new tool for future deployments.
    Also a roadmap for the next steps (and the future architecture) needed to be provided to the client.
    In addition to that the client also needed to learn about chances and possibilities of container virtualization with docker.

    Tasks include:
    • Presentation of Ansible, Ansible Tower, AWX, Docker
    • Proof of Concept Ansible customization (inventories, frontends)
    • Analysis of the legacy infrastructure and processes
    • Analysis for possible improvements
    • Presentation of possibilities with container virtualization
    Technologies include:
    • Ansible
    • Ansible Tower / AWX
    • Docker
    • Python
    Achievements include:
    • Roadmap to establish Ansible / AWX in the company
    • Partial implementation of the processes
    • Custom inventories
    • Dashboard mockups

  • 03/2018 - 07/2018

    • AKDB
    • 500-1000 employees
    • Public service
  • DevOps Engineer
  • A service platform for citizens was about to be ported to a microservice architecture. Goal was to prepare the CI/CD pipelines as well as standartized methods for a smooth transition into a kubernetes cluster. A second goal was to an overall pipelining/operations concept for the future kubernetes environment.
    Tasks include:

    • Establishment of new automation concepts

    • Establishment of robust delivery pipelines

    • Preparation of a reliable resource monitoring and alerting infrastructure for the future kubernetes cluster

    • Consulting in concerns of future operation standards

    • Establishment of a performance monitoring for the application

    Technologies include:

    • Ansible for systems provisioning

    • Gitlab + Gitlab CI/CD for automatic provisioning/deployment

    • Prometheus + cAdvisor + Node Exporter for resource monitoring / alerting / graphing

    • Selenium for performance monitoring

    • Docker for delivery of microservices

    • Python for static checks / testing / data analysis

    Achievements include:

    • Installation/configuration of a functional Prometheus cluster

    • Update concepts

    • Concept +implementation for seamless application delivery with gitlab CI + ansible

  • 09/2015 - 03/2018

    • Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
    • >10.000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • DevOps Architect / FullStack Developer
  • A large IAM project required an intuitie interface for role-basedaccess and rights management. At the same tme, new workfows for role based access, life time and monitoring had to be established
    Tasks include:

    • Creation of a web portal for role- and rights management

    • Establishing a connection to the existing MicroFocus role solution

    • Development of new role-based workflows and processes, as well as training and support

    • Maintenance of existing infrastructure

    Techologies include:

    • Django for the roles- and rights management tool backend (backend is a REST interface)

    • Angular for the easy frontend interaction

    • HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap3 for the frontend

    • Ansible + Docker for 1-click deployments

    Achievements include:

    • A web based tool for an intuitive role assignment and administration

    • Online overview of company structures, projects, etc

    • Tools for role review, reporting and troubleshooting

  • 01/2015 - 09/2015

    • Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
    • >10.000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Responsible for infrastructure architecture with regard
    on the future development and tool selectsion in the field of
    identity and access management

    Tasks include:

    • Selection of future-proof tools for a large infrastructure

    • Infrastructure migration into a cloudstack cloud

    • Quality assurance in terms of documentation

    • Tool development for infrastructure overview

    • Development of ansible modules for client

    • Migration from SLES11 to SLES12

    Technologies include:

    • Python for custom tool development,

    • Ansible for infrastructure migration and cloud configuration

    • SLES12

    • Django for Visualization

    Achievements include:

    • Ansible module for SLES12 System + Package registration

    • Python tool for ACL-administration in cloud

    • Fully automated migration of old systems into cloud with ansible playbooks/roles

    • Django tool on LDAP - Schema Review

  • 03/2014 - 09/2015

    • Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
    • >10.000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Responsible for infrastruture architechture/automation as well
    as custom tool development on a project for directory services
    and identity/access management in a large heterogenious environment.
    Tasks Include:

    • Design and implementation of update and deployment process automation.

    • Quality assurance by design of infrastructure monitoring,
      centralized logging solutions and documentation

    • Customized tool creation for ldap operations

    • Installation and maintanence of single sign on solutions

    • Customer support in ldap/infrastructural/programming concerns

    Technologies Include:

    • Ansible for infrastructure automation and configuration

    • Python for custom Tool development

    • nxLog + rsyslog + graylog for logging infrastructure

    • NOVELL eDirectory

    • Shibboleth as identity Provider combined with ldap

    • SLES 11

    • Git for configuration and documentation versioning

    Achievements include:

    • Drastically accelerated (~20x faster) the update
      process and improved its reliability by introduction
      of centralized configuration management.

    • Extended the python-ldap library
      with interfaces for simplified access
      and modification of LDAP-Objects and searches.

    • Introduction of a complete and reliable centralized
      logging solution including log filtering and alerting
      for both windows and linux systems.

  • 09/2013 - 03/2014

    • Amadeus Germany
    • 1000-5000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Systems Analyst
  • Responsible for data transformation and tool
    customization on a migration (legacy c++ code from
    solaris to linux systems) project.

    Tasks include:

    • Tool development for identification of
      critical spots in code

    • Legacy code analysis

    • Quality assurance

    • Department-wide training in python

    • Consulting in topics of migration to git

    Technologies include:

    • Python

    • Git

    • Linux(Debian)

    Achievements include:

    • Implementing code coverage and dynamic code

    • checker for c++ legacy source code based on gcov

    • Introduction of Python + Environment in project

  • 10/2012 - 09/2013

    • Amadeus Germany
    • 1000-5000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Systems Analyst
  • Responsible for the infrastructure including performance
    and quality assurance on a large social media project.

    Tasks include:

    • Organization and care of a cloud
      network (Debian systems)

    • Support for software developers

    • Configuration of open source tools for
      code quality and documentation

    • Implementation of performance checks

    • Implementation of automated reports
      on code quality and performance

    Technologies include:

    • Python + Django for tool development

    • Sonar as static and dynamic tool for code analysis

    • OpenLDAP for user rights management

    • JIRA as the issue tracking/SCRUM tool

    Achievements include:

    • Customized wiki and documentation
      application for developers with jenkins and git integration

    • Customized wiki and documentation application
      for developers with jenkins and git integration

    • Django web application to test the product performance
      using selenium tests in background with customizable tests/test
      environments and a graphical evaluation using the jqplot
      library (also javascript/jquery)

    • Improvement of the overall code quality by
      raising test coverage (+ ~30%) and identification + elimination
      of potential code flaws

  • 12/2011 - 10/2012

    • Accenture Tech. Solutions
    • >10.000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • IT Consultant
  • Large public service project with the goal to establish
    a platform for handling of finance processes with a very
    high number of transactions. Main focus was the migration
    of legacy data, by assuring data quality and transformation
    into various formats

    Tasks include:

    • Customer consulting with regard to
      loading/unloading interfaces

    • Definition of requirements for transformation
      of legacy data

    • Implementation of algorithms for data

    • Tool development for secure data transport

    • Tool development for tests of data
      quality/interface implementation

    Technologies include:

    • Standard Linux tools, such as awk, sed, grep, …

    • Python for in-depth data anlysis

    • JAVA for transport layers

    • IBM DataStage

    Achievements include:

    • Definition of uniform standards

    • Introduction of the standard linux
      stack as global toolset for data analysis in project


I will be available for a new project by Jan. 01, 2019
I am interested in international projects.