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Application Development and SQL Server Consultant and Data Cleansing at The Farber Consulting Grp

Profileimage by Doron Farber Application Development and SQL Server Consultant and Data Cleansing at The Farber Consulting Grp from Marlboro
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  • Graduation: MBA majoring in MIS
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  • Last update: 06.11.2013
Profileimage by Doron Farber Application Development and SQL Server Consultant and Data Cleansing at The Farber Consulting Grp from Marlboro
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The Farber Consulting Group, Inc.
Owner - Senior Developer
01.1992 - today

Database design using data modeling tool, creating stored procedures for MS SQL. Perform data warehouse utilizing .Net and Visual FoxPro and SSIS. Develop web based applications using Alpha Five.

Develop Search engine and also implement a Fuzzy logic into a 1TB database. Create custom applications while using .Net. Manage projects for different database applications. Remove duplicate records, Dedupe records. Provides data cleansing services. Provides Remote DBA either for MS SQL or mySQL.

Remote DBA for your databases:

Convert MS Access to Web Based application:

Alpha Five Software Developers at:
Develop web based database applications using the Alpha Five Technology.

Imrove your database performance:
Many un-experienced developers or IT managers are writing code by using scalar UDF which dramatically decreased overall performance.

We identified those important procedures by using SQL Profiler and optimized them by rewriting and replacing UDFs with temporary tables or tabled valued UDF. We may combine scalar UDF code into a stored procedure. See more info here:

Data Cleansing and Remove Duplicate Records in a smart way:

Upsize Visual FoxPro applications into MS SQL database. Convert Visual FoxPro applications into Alpha Five or Dot net, while using MS SQL database as back end.
Visual FoxPro Consulting Services:
Computer Software
1-10 employees

Wank Adams Slavin and Associates
IT Manager/MIS Director
05.1986 - 01.1992
Established and manage the Computer Department. Prepared project specifications for the entire system development life cycle (SDLC) evaluate, procure, install and support applications. Coordinated engineering disciplines regarding CADD production. Installed, maintained and administered SCO/Unix operating systems and related networks including TCP/IP.

Purchased hardware, software and accessories. Provide technical support and training for engineering staff. Develop in house FoxPro applications for the engineering and the architectural departments.

Develop commercial application as Building Condition Assessment Tool, which helps the user to select deficiencies found in buildings and it provides recommendations for resolving the current selected deficiency. In this custom software you can enter all locations per building which could be a room a stair or roof. The above was developed while using FoxPro.

The system initially was tested in Colombia University while working on different campuses.
Architecture & Planning
When we provide database services in our team we have MS MVP that work with us for 5 years and has 13 years of database and SSIS experience. Our most experienced developer has 26 years of software development experience.

Optimize database and improve performance. Develop Microsoft SQL Server applications. Database maintenance and MSSQL database Planning, Architecture, and database Design. Work with large scale of data and perform data cleansing using SSIS for data integration and transformation. Providing data migration services. Check our MS SQL blog. Upgrade older MS SQL databases into MS SQL 2012.

We build software that makes companies to be more efficient. We analyses your operation to see which is best way to convert your manual procedures into a software solution. We can also convert your old application into web based. We provide solutions using Alpha Five or Visual Studio with .Net . We can also convert your MS Access applications as web based while using same database or convert it to MS SQL server or MySQL database. Develop web application that works for desktop or any mobile device.
As a remote database administrator (DBA) we can be responsible for the design, implementation, and the maintenance of your company's database, and mostly improves the database performance.
We have an experience with large scale of the database in the TBs.

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