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Information Technology Consultant

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Project history

Lakstins Family, LLC
05.2007 - today
I started hosting web sites using Virtual Machines on VMWare in 2007.

I've maintained web based applications for clients. This includes multiple E-Commerce based web sites that I monitor and keep secure.

I've consulted on site for clients on software development projects and server management projects.
Computer Software

WilliamsRandall Marketing Communications
Lead Developer
0.1999 - 0.2007
I created an object oriented development platform using JScript and VBScript for Classic ASP. Entities are able to manage their basic CRUD storage needs without having to write SQL code.

I lead a team of developers to create multiple web sites using this development platform. Some of those web sites created in 1999 are still in use today using the same basic code.

In 2005, I started using Visual Studio 2005 to develop in C# for the .NET 2.0 platform. C# is much like Object Pascal, so it felt very comfortable and natural to me.

I created several ASP.NET based web sites.

I managed the web servers starting with Windows NT 4.0 servers and upgrading through Windows Server 2003 servers. I started with HP based hardware and moved to IBM servers and then added IBM blade servers. The latest servers I deployed ran VMWare with Virtual Windows based servers actually hosting the web sites.
Marketing and Advertising
11-50 employees

Briansoft, Inc
Independent Computer Consultant
05.1995 - 06.1999
At first, I did consulting for a defense contract. I traveled to different locations as the system administration part of the team. I updated code for software that was a mix of Delphi, Visual Basic, and Microsoft Access code.

I needed to have a server on the Internet to help with my defense department consulting. I checked with a Terre Haute Internet Service Provider (ABCS Online) about it. I ended up taking over management of all the servers and the network. I managed Cisco routers, Linux servers, Windows servers, Internet Mail (SMTP, POP3, IMAP), Listserv hosting, DNS hosting, ftp hosting, web hosting, and dial up equipment.

One of the programs I wrote during this time was an automatic update program that ran in Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. It would keep the custom software for other projects up to date. It was deployed on computer systems used by the US Air Force.

I also wrote a shareware web server utility for sending email from a web form (BriFormMail). I didn't really market it, but some people still bought it. There were not too many solutions at the time for sending email from a web form. I found out later that it was used as part of a college course on building web sites.

I started creating web applications using "Classic ASP" using a mixture of VBScript and JScript. One of these web applications was a newspaper web site that was designed to be reusable for multiple newspapers. It was first used for the Columbus, IN newspaper.
Computer Software

United States Air Force
04.1994 - 04.1995
I managed multiple Windows NT Servers. Some were file servers, some domain controllers, and some were Microsoft SQL Servers. I actually took some courses on managing Windows Server products (SQL Server and Windows NT).

I started the switch from being just a system administrator to also being a software developer. I first started writing code on a TRS 80 and a DOS based PC back in high school, but this was my first opportunity to write programs for Windows based computers. I started to write code in Object Pascal using Borland's Delphi.
Defense & Space
10,001+ employees

United States Air Force
04.1992 - 04.1994
I performed studies and analyses of radar systems in a Top Secret/SCI environment. I probably shouldn't include anything about what those were about.

When I first reported for duty, my commander asked me if I knew anything about IBM compatible personal computers. I replied in the affirmative (I had one that I used for playing games and word processing during college). He told me that I was now their computer expert. I started learning as much as I could as quickly as I could.

During that time, I also learned about managing VAX systems running VMS and Sun systems running Solaris. I deployed a DEC Alpha based Windows NT 3.1 Server shortly after Windows NT 3.1 came out.

Since I was working in a Top Secret/SCI environment, all computer management was designed to be secure computer management. Computer security was always of prime importance. I've continued to focus on secure computing in all systems that I'm involved with.
Defense & Space
10,001+ employees

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