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Profileimage by antonio massara web editor, writer, blogger, self publishing from palermo
In carrying out its work, Antonio Massara has developed different levels of experience on several objects :
Marketing : he loves to write that, in his long career , the marketing has changed twice , and the world at least three. The changes have not affected the validity of marketing basic assumption: the relationship between product, price and target audience. Today perhaps even greater the importance of the product is even greater today, it’s the first real and essential marketing tool . Today , all attention should be placed first in the product , not only on material and use items , but also to the emotional level , and then in the context of its design .
Design : collaborating for years with various and numerous advertising agencies and numerous creative , he developed a method , acquiring long experience views and insights for the design management within projects, both physical and virtual, on the web or not . Although he refused to learn the use of Indesign and Illustrator software package, he adopted a strategic approach to communication through design ;
Web design : as part of his work, he made ??a decisive contribution to the design of at least a dozen sites brand oriented, three-product web site and a large number of blogs; he got skills on wordpress and wordpress site management ;
Storytelling : his passionate readings, the self-study of psychology and myth, introduced him to storytelling. He experienced first hand as a novelist , but then ended up applying it in the preparation of business plans , design and e-marketing . he thought that storytelling is the appropriate base to success in any business, no matter how complex . Moreover, he sees at business model more as a storytelling adventure than a business complexity which must handled with specialized care.
Photography : when he was a teenager he developed a passion for photography , which led him to learn in short classic darkroom procedures, development and printing his photo in B & W. Since 1999, he handled photography in commercial purposes , with the use of Photoshop and digital scanning Scanners Nikon 35 mm . Switched to digital photography in 2005, he returned to film in 2012. He use currently an Hasselblad 6x6 film camera, Contag g2 , Leica r7 .
Computer: Mac and IOS using for years , with all its applications , extensive use of Microsoft Excel. He use six different word processor, depending on the need. Photoshop, Sigil ( for ebook ) and several web applications for the promotion of its activities.
“Distillato”, ikonovelle, author print, 2005; ediz. 2012, ebook su iBookstore;
“Cinquanta euro”, romanzo, 2005, in print on demand (esaurito). Oggi disponibile su Amazon ;
“Nato tre Volte, romanzo, 2006, in print on demand (esaurito). Oggi disponibile in pdf su Lulu;
“Cinque Rose di Negroamaro”, romanzo, 2007, su Lulu;
“Reversione”, romanzo, 2009, presto disponibile in ebook;
“Cercando Lisbona”, photo book, 2012, su iBookstore;
“Tre giorni a Dusseldorf”, photo book, 2012, su iBookstore;
“ Jenny eleven”, short novel, ebook, 2013, su Amazon;
A Gentile, S Andolina, A Massara, and others: “A Multichannel Information System to Ensure Rich User-Experience in Exhibits and Museums”. Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology.
A Gentile, S Andolina, A Massara, and others. 2011 International Conference on Broadband and Wireless Computing, Communication and Applications (BWCCA), pp.57-64, 26-28 Oct. 2011.“QRouteMe: a multichannel information system to ensure rich User Experiences in exhibit and museum” - Paper - Journal of telecommunications and information technology - 1/2012;
“Il Castello di Mussomeli”, short guide, ebook, su Amazon;
“MoldOnYou”, short novel, 2013 in italian su Amazon - English version su Amazon;
“La Lente”, short novel, 2013, su Amazon;
“Evento Zero”, short novel by, 2013, su Amazon;
“Lo Scrigno di Ruggero”, with others, 2013, su iBookstore;
“Il Furbo”, short novel, 2013, su Smashwords
“Il Bellafiore digitale”, with others, essay on digital publishing, 2013, Smashwords;
“Bookenberg, the vision”, essay on digital publishing business model, 2013, non yet published;
“Diario Americano”, 2014, su Smashwords;
2-3 hours per day, or 1 month project full time.