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Last update: 24.01.2016

Product Development Quality Engineer

Graduation: Master Degree in Industrial Engineering
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Persian (Native or Bilingual)


I am an Industrial Engineer with 7 years of experience working a Fortune 50, in the field of product development from BOAS (business opportunity assessment statement) phase through Strategy, Concept, Development, Validation, and Production phases of a Product Development Life Cycle. I have worked with, lead and collaborated with cross functional teams from different business divisions, from Marketing/Sales, Engineering, Business Development, IT, Overhaul, Customer Service, Manufacturing, and Supply chains. 

Being a Six Sigma Black Belt Certified, I have been coaching and consulting a portfolio of different product development teams with continuous improvements focus across the enterprise. I have working and am working on development programs with more than $50 M budget, being responsible for Financial, Market, Project and Technical Risk Assessment, Mitigation and Management. 

I understand different aspect of products no matter what the product is, as my experience has exposed me to work on different product lines. My skills in statistical data analysis along with the tools such as Excel, Minitab, @Risk (an excel based statistical modeling/simulation software the enables company to make projections utilizing Monte Carlo Simulation methodology to make projections of all kind from future sales forecast, to project cost and schedule estimation considering risk factors, etc.) make a perfect fit for the project you are describing here. I have extensive experience working with finance department on Discounted Cash Flow Analysis and forecasting future Product Volume, Life Cycle Cost, Program cost, Labor and Material Cost, and overhaul and after market cost estimation and projection using time series analysis and multi regression analysis. 

I look forward to having an opportunity to discuss this in further details. Once I have a better picture of the process I will be able to roll out a practical plan in order to set up the goals for this project, define practical milestones/gates to track progress, define metrics to measure deliverable quality, and last but not least documenting all the activities in order to benefit future programs as you can replicate the process we will follow for future development. 

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