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We can provide developers in any computer and applications language knowledge

Profileimage by Canh Mai We can provide developers in any computer and applications language knowledge   from HoChiMinhCity
  • Ho Chi Minh City Freelancer in
  • Graduation: bachelor degree in economics
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 13 $/hour 100 $/day
    Rates can vary depending on job and experiences needed
  • Languages: English (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 21.05.2014
Profileimage by Canh Mai We can provide developers in any computer and applications language knowledge   from HoChiMinhCity
Here at Remote Resources, we can provide any IT services that is demand by our clients. We can provide services such as:

Web designing,
Web development,
NET development,
PHP development,
Website maintenance and SEO Services

We are experienced in languages such as:
-Visual Basic
-Ruby on Rails
-Microsoft .NET

We can also cover:
-Application Software Development
-System Software Development
-Web Development

These can specialize these expertise in ranges of:
-System Architectures
-System Analyst
-Programmers and Data Management

Remote Resources are also highly passionate about the development and cost solutions for the gaming industry. For the gaming industry, we years of knowledge in areas such as:
-Open GL/ Open GL ES
-Unity 3D, Unreal Engine
-ISO/ Android/ Windows 8 SDK
-Adobe Photoshop/ Adobe Flash/ Abode AIR
-3DS Mark
-Autodesk Maya/ Blender
-Microsoft Blend

Some example roles that we are currently providing for our clients include:
-NET developers
-User Interface Developers
-ISO/ Objective-C/ Android/ and Windows games Developers
-PHP web platform Developers
-Frontend and Backend Developers
-Systems Engineers
-C++ Programmers
-Oracle Consultants

We are able to provide this by catering directly and personally to each out of clients/
Remote Resources
RemoteResources is an offshore staffing provider specialized in setting up, hosting and managing offshore staff & operations for clients from all over the world. We are a multinational company with offices throughout Australia & Asia.

Our expertise and experience resonates from our unique ability to create & develop offshore operations for clients in every industry and of all sizes. We facilitate foreign companies in gaining all of the benefits that Offshore Staffing has to offer.

RemoteResources is able to become a strong partner for all businesses. With several different engagement models and transparent pricing formulas, our core business goal is to provide clients with the best possible staff for their offshore team. Thus, we do not to profit from charging the highest price from the least expensed amount.

We strive to partner with clients to meet and exceed their ongoing expectations. We build strong relationships between offshore staff and clients, ensuring the successful longevity of client offshore operations.

Clients offshoring their workflow processes are able to: become more agile & flexible; increase capacity & production; gain greater access to specialized staff; decrease costs by around 70% – whilst at the same time expanding their international presence
Depending on the urgency of the clients, we can have our developers working full time for our clients in as little as two weeks.
We a capable of find any developer, in any computer language and knowledge base, with any years of experience demand by our clients.

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