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Software Architect coder und team leader

Profileimage by Siebe Brouwer Software Architect  coder und team leader from Helsinki
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  • Last update: 23.01.2017
Profileimage by Siebe Brouwer Software Architect  coder und team leader from Helsinki
Siebe Brouwer - Curriculum Vitae
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Siebe is a Software engineer with a passion for developing high quality products with a great team using sprints and a test driven approach.

Has many years of software architecture and hands-on coding experience. Enjoys working with Android for the past six years and working with design teams to build fast and responsive apps.

Knows about Java (21 years), Android, Full stack, Micro service architectures, Relational and NoSQL databases, REST protocols, source-control, defect tracking and many other technologies. 

He is looking for new opportunities closer to the mountains and would love to move to Munich. He loves the outdoors, snowboarding, mountain biking and climbing.
Siebe Projects - A Local Software Brewery 
software architect, coder and Founder 
04.2003 - today 
At Siebe Projects we have great respect for people who are deterministic mined to realize Their dreams. People who dare to put everything aside to build What They believe We have a great passion for creativity and we are therefor very eager to help you build the software you need to .. The more innovative, crazy or weird yoursidea is, de more passionate we are helping you realize it. 

03.2014 - 05.2014 
As CTO I am responsible for the technical realization of hardware and services like Tespack \ 's new social location based mobile platform. 

Tespack is a technology company providing wearable solutions for green energy and mobile data with its first line of products being innovative SmartPacks. 

SmartPacks are backpacks Containing a build-in solar panel and a powerful battery banks. charge your phone, tablet and laptop with only a couple hours of sun. Great for the city, holiday, hiking, trekking and monthlong expeditions. 

Check out Tespack and start taking charge of your energy! 


Glome Inc. 
Android App & SDK development (Consultant) 
06.2013 - 03.2014 
Together with Glome Inc. we designed and developed the Glome Wallet on anonymous Data Wallet Which Allows people to control, view, profit from and take benefit of Their online data. 

Together with Glome we developed the Glome Android SDK. A software developer kit Allowing Android developers to plugin Their mobile apps into the Glome platform. , This app Allows developers to establish a communication with users and Both profit fromdata generated by users 

software engineer 
01.2002 - 01.2003 
. At Nokia Siebe Brouwer worked as a software engineer working on products ranging from large servers to gaming APIs for the Nokia mobile phones 
10,001+ employees
Enjoys snowboarding, climbing and mountainbiking

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