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S4 HANA1909 ,EWM /TM , SD/MM , CS / QM / PM ,CRM

Graduation: B.Tech Mechanical Engg
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Swedish (Limited professional)




SAP 18+ Years in S4 HANA1909 , EWM/TM, SD/MM/LE , CRM, CS/PM/QM

SAP EWM – Design and configure end to end EWM and logistics solution in EWM 9.5
S4 HANA – Conversion - Sales SD and Logistics area
S4 HANA – Embedded TM
SAP CRM – Sales, Service and Utility/Interaction Center
CRM Middleware
SD&MM along with Variant configuration
Designing complete APO GATP solution
SAP PLM CS(Customer Service module) , QM/PM
SAP Logistics Execution LE
Good knowledge in the integration area of FI/CO PP,APO,PM &QM areas
Good in ABAP debugging and Programming
Good in ALE/IDOC and Middleware integration designs

Project history

06/2019 - Present
Senior Application Expert EWM/TM
SKF (>10.000 employees)
Industry and mechanical engineering


Cloud/ERP version      : S4 HANA 1809

Location                       : Gothenburg Sweden

Supported in the conversion of ECC6.0 to S4 HANA. Contributed in the Sales and logistics area. Prepared the Simplification list. Precheck and post check validation. Prepared test plan to do integration testing with S4 and other SKF legacy applications. Supported code remediation and technical validation along with the Technical team. I identified the gaps in integration areas of GTS and International Trade areas and mitigated those gaps. Trained the business with a new way of working in S4 HANA.

09/2016 - 05/2019
Senior Principal Consultant
Infosys Consulting Sweden (>10.000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology

Client                            : SKF AB

Duration                       : 1 May 2017 to 30 May 2019

Role                               : Application expert in Logistics /EWM for Spain rollout & S4 HANA

Cloud/ERP version      : SAP EWM, ECC

Location                       : Gothenburg Sweden , Tudela Spain , St. Cyr France

Written complete blueprint in the logistic area for Spain and France blueprint referring to the R1.0 template. Identified process gaps and document the gaps. Created FSD to fill the gaps. Conducted workshops for gathering business requirements in Spain & France. In several logistics areas like inbound and manufacturing logistics suggested improvements from template design and implemented the same. Also designed and configured complete Spain logistics and EWM area in the system. Major process mapped/designed in complete EWM WH design high rack/bulk and open storage, Inbound logistics integration with Supplier collaboration tools, Advanced production integration ECC and EWM with simple HU and nested HU packing specification, Outbound logistics picking (wave management) , packing and loading along with TU planning and loading building. Cross-docking solution for Trading items. Also, designed the STO flow with the Direct push process from EWM. Designed new RFUI logical transaction for Multi HU putaway , Multi HU picking, and Direct delivery push process. Configured ITS mobile client for RFUI to work on  Mobile Zebra devices and setup Zebra printer and scanner devices for barcode label printing/scanning. Configured HU number range with SSCC as per GLN standard. Written/designed FSD for all customer-specific Transport labels in EWM and ASN EDI messages for Automobile customers like Ford, Bentler, Audi/VW , PSA , Nissan etc. Also designed and built the integration and STO between EWM WH with other SKF legacy WH applications. Designed the WH automation solution using EWM MFS for staging consumables items in manufacturing channels. Designed and customized several PPF action as per the business requirements. Designed/configured Process-oriented storage control process along with layout orientation for Quality, packing and loading process.


Client                            : SKF AB

Duration                       : 2 Sep 2016 to 30 Apr 2018

Role                               : C2C Application expert – SAP HANA SD/MM,C4C,APO,Fiori

Cloud/ERP version      : SD/MM,C4C,EWM,APO,BI, HCP-IoT, HANA live reporting,SolMan,Fiori

Location                       : Gothenburg, Sweden

SKF AB green filed implementation of Sweden and Finland company codes for R1.0 solution. Further involved blueprint preparation of other country's rollouts. Played a key role in designing end to end solution from Quote to Billing. Also designed Invoice integration with external brokers like Liaison and Internal Archiving and involved in complete C2C area business process designed and solution architecting:

Per Sales and Service in C4C integration with ECC. Regular sales order flow with gATP with World-Class Bearing planning solution. Sales order integration with the legacy application using third party flow. Agency business model with Intercompany billing to share the profitability and get gain tax benefits between two companies in SAP. VMI integration major distributor via EDI-IDOC. Webshop order booking and ATP for all major distributor of SKF business. Invoice distribution Paper, Email, eInvoice and EDI-IDOC with external partners/Brokers.

09/2014 - 08/2016
Senior Consultant
Capgemini AB Sweden (>10.000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology

Client                            : Postnord AB

Duration                       : 1Jan 2016 to Aug 2016

Role                               : SAP Lead – CRM , ECC , PI

CRM/ERP version        : Salesforce , SAP CRM , SAP ECC

Location                        : Stockholm, Sweden

In Postnord AB for rolling out Salesforce in Sweden and Finland for moving out SAP CRM. My role as SAP Team lead to support for this migration into Salesforce and establish the existing functionalities and interfaces to Salesforce.


Client                            : Atlascopco AB

Duration                       : Nov 2014 to Aug 2016

Role                               : SAP SD Lead

ERP version                  : ECC 6.0EHP7

Location                        : Stockholm, Sweden

In Atlascopco AB as Application development/support SD areas. Atlascopco are expertise is in compressors, vacuum solutions, and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools, and assembly systems. I am supporting the complete global operations in complete SAP SD/MM areas and responsible for handling change requests and tickets. Involved in the roll-out projects for different countries.


Client                            : Göteborg Energy

Duration                       : Oct 2014 to Aug 2016

Role                               : SAP CRM

CRM/ERP version        : CRM EHP3 & ECC IS-Utility

Location                        : Göteborg,Sweden

Parallel worked with Göteborg Energy for the CRM EHP3 upgrade SAP Utility. Göteborg Energy under the up-gradation project of CRM system from CRM4.0 to CRM7.0 EHP3, I am part of the upgrade team as well as AM support. In the upgrade, the project helped to design WebUI screens as per the customer requirement and solved the complex upgrade related issue.

09/2005 - 08/2014
Senior Consultant
IBM (>10.000 employees)
Industry and mechanical engineering

Client                            : SKF Sverige AB , Göteborg

Duration                       : Sep 2012 to July 2014

Role                               : SAP CRM/SD/CS & APO GATP (Solution Architect)

CRM/ERP version        : CRM 7.0 EHP2 , ECC 6.0EHP4 & SCM 7.0– Full Cycle

Location                        : Göteborg / Sweden


The major business process designed and configured in the system by me in SKF

  • Quotation and Contract management process in CRM
  • Org Model and Org structure design for global
  • CRM Service Quote/contract, In-house Repair, Field Services & CO integration
  • CRM Sales order management with Scenario A,X – MTS , MTO , Third party
  • SKF specific Credit Management solution in CRM
  • Complete SKF specific Pricing solution for Quotation/Contract/Billing plan/Sales order/Return order/Complaints
  • Down payment process – CRM ERP order(LORD2) , Rebate agreement
  • Intercompany solution
  • CRM GATP check in APO – RBA & PLA
  • CRM External ATP check
  • Complete pricing solution – CRM & ECC for Sales and Service
  • CRM Service – Quotation, Contract, Service order, Service confirmation, Debit memo request, Purchase Requisition  &  In-house Repair
  • CRM Service – CO integration setup Internal order & WBS, CATS integration with HR
  • Complete CRM middleware setup – Sandbox, Development, Quality system & Production
  • Logistics Execution process


Client                            : Sony Mobile communication AB (former Sony Ericsson AB)-Electronic

Duration                       : Sep 2009 to Aug 2012

Role                               : Team Lead

ERP version                  : CRM 7.0 EHP1 & ECC6.0 EHP2

Location                        : Lund / Sweden


Major business process Enhanced and modifications

  • Third-party logistics SD/MM
  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI) – Fill up / Issue
  • GR, GI, Transfer postings, Advance shipment notifications (ASN), Returns
  • Invoice posting, Blocking, and release, ERS
  • Intercompany billing
  • Rebate agreement
  • Stock transfer between companies (STO)
  • Build to stock with Multilevel GATP & CPS(Configurable process scheduling)
  • Build to stock with Rule-based GATP (RBA)
  • Brazil Electronic Nota fiscal – Nfe
  • Handled all EDI/IDOC integration with customers and Vendors, Forwarders, and Factories– ORDERS, ORDCHG, DESADV, SHPMNT, STPPOD, INVOICE , LOIPRO, MAMAS and APO CIF. Also few custom-defined IDOC message types for communication with the internal application.


Client                            : Celestica Inc., Canada-Electronic – R3 4.6c

Duration                       : Aug 2005 to Aug 2009

Role                               : Team Lead

Location                        : Canada 4 months for KT and Reset supported from India.

Area worked                 :CS/SD/WM/QM/EDI-IDOC,ABAP workflow–Support & Enhancement


Celestica Inc is a world leader in the delivery of Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS). Worked in the blow business process like :

•        Repair and Return

•        Advance Exchange

•        Service Centre orders

•        Resource related billing(RRB)  with dynamic item processor(DIP)

•        WM – Transfer order

•        Incoming Inspection with skip lot.


During my association with Celestica, successfully delivered/implemented to two major projects full life cycle in Repair and Return. In one of the projects with the Bar code reader interface in the repair receipt process, I delivered a cost-saving solution for  10milllion USD/year by Re-engineering the complete business process. Handled interface-related issue with other applications like Shop floor system, Lotus notes, Mastero and with Middlewares like Extricity, GXS, XI, etc, and IDOC related issue with SAP EDI. Integration with WM. Managing Project timeline and milestones for each team.

09/2003 - 08/2005
Seniro Consultant
Siemens Information System Ltd (5000-10.000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology

Client                            : Rane Madras LTD and Rane Brakes LTD-Automobile-R3 4.7- Full cycle

Duration                       : Jul 2004 to Aug 2005

Role                               : Functional consultant

Location                        : India

Area worked                 : SD/CS/WM/QM

Worked as a Functional consultant for the full cycle implementation of the QM&CS module. Major business process configured: Goods receipt inspection with stages Model,PPAP, Series. Quality Management system for vendors. Vendor/Subcontractor rejection and return and scrap. In-house scrap and rework process with internal problem notifications. Calibration inspection with serial number management. Customer Returns and warranty process. Incoming/In process in-house inspection and in-house /vendor rejection. Warranty rejection handling using Customer service. Developed 5 user-defined LIS reports and several SAP query’s.


Client                            : Precot Mills LTD., - Textile industries-  R3 4.7- Full cycle

Duration                       : Sep 2003 to May 2004

Role                               : Functional consultant

Location                        : India

Area worked                 : QM/PM

Worked as a Functional consultant for the full cycle implementation of the QM&PM module. Major business process configured: Goods receipt inspection. Transferring the inspection result to batch. Frequency-based in-process inspection process. Activation of BADI – Flexible inspection plan for dynamic selection of inspection parameters before releasing the lot. Activation of user exit to monitor the previous inspection lot acceptance. Configuration of calculated characteristics using Function modules to meet the Textile standards. Development of 30 Query report to monitor the Quality performance of the in –process. Development of User-defined LIS report for monitoring Vendor performance at incoming.

03/2003 - 08/2003
Functional consultant
TATA Technologies Ltd (5000-10.000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology

Client                            : TATA Motors Ltd.,(Automobile)- R3 4.7- Full cycle

Duration                       : Mar 2003 to Aug 2003

Role                               : Functional consultant

Location                        : India

Area worked                 : CS/QM/PM

Worked as a Functional consultant for the implementation of QM/PM/CS module, Starting from AS-IS till post golive. Process mapped: Goods receipt inspection with stages Model, PPAP, Series, Rejection Handling In-house, vendor and subcontracting, Product audit inspection, In-house repair, and return, Reports LIS, Query &BIW.

Time and spatial flexibility

I can travel 50-60% . I have a European passport. I leave in Sweden Gothenburg currently.


Around 7 years in Domain Industry - Manufacturing and Automobile

Siemens VDO Automotive Ltd 
Jun 2001 to Feb 2003
Siemens VDO is one of the leading manufactures and re-manufacturers Speedo meters, instrument clusters in the world. The first company introduced Speedo system in India. Roles played: Vendor development and Performance monitoring – SQA. Designed the Quality Management and Assurance manual for the company and implemented QS9000. Received Best SQA Engineer award for implementing QS9000 practices at supplier’s end.
Delco Remy  Electricals India  Ltd Jun 1997 to May 2001
DREIL is one of the leading manufactures and re-manufacturers of auto ancillaries in the world. The main products of  DREIL are Heavy duty Starters. Roles played: Process Engineering and New product development. Developed several new products and done several PPAP. Interacted with Automotive customer and got the PPAP approval. Established Lean manufacturing practices in several of in-house manufacturing and external vendor sites. Received Best employee award for implementing Lean manufacturing practice, improving the process capabilities, reducing rejection rate less than 500ppm and achieved huge cost cuttings in manufacturing areas.

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