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Profileimage by francesco DiBartolo J2EE architect from santodomingo
Maven, Drools, Data Mining, OSGi, WebSphere Application Server, Oracle Application Server, Hudson, Software Project Management, Expert Systems, Core Java, Struts, Web Development, Spring, EJB, Hibernate, Derivatives, Artificial Intelligence, Threads, JMS, ESB, OSS, ExtJS, SOA, JavaScript, Game Development, Android, BEA, Scrum, Subversion, Messaging Systems, Agile, Oracle Portal, CMS, J2EE, Visual C#, Lucene, Java Enterprise Edition, MongoDB, E-commerce SEO, Hadoop, Git, Oracle, Web Services
Formez & Consulting
09.2008 - today
Working on a Saas Ecommerce product called Cloudy Ecommerce
Information Technology and Services

Intune Networks
J2EE senior engineer
02.2012 - 11.2012
Working on the integration of Beta nodes with external
elements of the european network via restful web services.
51-200 employees

Senior integration engineer
11.2011 - 02.2012
Working on a porting system between irish telecom operators
Information Technology and Services
10,001+ employees

Senior java engineer
01.2011 - 10.2011
The customer has built a web interface that shows network entities such as net nodes, ftp servers, sites and so on. The interface is built with RCP framework and all the system is built upon OSGI framework and bundles mechanism, the data is loaded from an object oriented database called Versant.
Apart from this graphical interface there is a built in accesscontrol system called Tbac(target based access control system) that takes care of deciding "who can see what" in the graphical interface connecting to a proprietary credential server called TSS.
This Tbac is built upon osgi bundles and can be deployed in a few scenarios, sometimes as OSGI service sometimes as managed component.I am one of the two main designers in this project,i am responsible of writing technical specification documents and write the funcionalities.
I worked on the connection with the TSS server via CORBA and I created a notification framework to notify the changes in the security server to all different counterparties,
Via JMS, plain java queues , OSGI whiteboard pattern and RMI. As I said this product as to be deployed in a few different enviroments. The customer uses agile methodologies extensively, so we have a wiki for all documentations and jira for task submission and management.
10,001+ employees

J2EE Architect , Project Manager
02.2009 - 11.2010
February 2009 October 2010
My role in this project was to define software architecture in a commercial backend system,
the customer need was to port some of the legacy AS400 systems in java, using the
Websphere application server. In less than a year I formed AS400 developers in J2EE
Technologies and after a first Analysis phase where functional and technical requirement
were elicited i built the software architecture .
The project is now in production showing much better performance than before and
developers are now able to modify the code in a few hours compared to the monolithical
Approach of RPG software .
Information Technology and Services

J2EE architect
09.2008 - 03.2009
September 2008 March 2009
The customer had the need to automatize a lot of processes that formerly where written in
php plus other subsystems. The system was divided in several projects : prenotation,
queue manager, agenda, cash, they communicate each other via web services. My job as
J2EE architect was to build the single projects architectures, And identify the
macrofunctionality that every single subsystem had to expose . I divided the single projects
in three or four layers , a DAO layer, a Business logic Layer a Web Services layer and
eventually a webLayer, all the project were deployed on a cluster of jboss servers .

Actually the system is fully functional and manages more than 40,000 requests per day .
Information Technology and Services

J2EE architect
02.2008 - 07.2008
February 2008 July 2008
The customer is a great telecom operator in italy and wanted to create a campaign manager with
a web interface for the internal employees made with FLEX and a back end layer made in java, the
system had to integrate with a Siebel CRM sublayer for the management of all the customers. My
role in this project was of J2EE architect. the major difficulty I had was to manage the large
amount of final users that upon the insertion of a new campaign had to receive an SMS on their
phone, we replicated all the software system in a cluster of Bea weblogic server instances.
Information Technology and Services

J2EE architect
10.2007 - 06.2008
October 2007 June 2008
Choose the architecture for a system that has a front end suited for high end user that has the chance to vision the railways projects in all the phases of the work and a back end that has to integrate with eterogeneous systems built in .NET and SAP. The RBMS drools was used to let the manager user modify dynamically the logic underneath the approval of the railways contracts. The main challenge with this project was to let the high-end user to change The underlying logic of the system without having to call the developers, I decided to use a business rule approach and so I isolated all the business Logic that had to be dynamically modified and created a set of rule
packages In orchestration with the developers.
Information Technology and Services

Senior Java Developer
09.2007 - 12.2007
September 2007 December 2007
In this project I had the role of senior Developer, I worked on an event manager that had to
interact with every application present in the customer system , formally it managed human
communications between the departments of INAIL that is National Italian Insurance Institute.
the system was built in java with the BEA integration instrument, the communications could be
make in SMS, email ,certified email and FAX, my job was to build some of the BPM processes.
Information Technology and Services

Senjor Java Developer
01.2007 - 08.2007
The customer expressed the need to implement a documental structured software with a web interface accessible to the stakeholders that manages in a digitalized way a huge amount of cartaceous documents. The main task was to map the fisic position of the archives in a logic
structure that made possible to the final users a speedy and indicized way to access and consult the documents. My role was of Senior Developer, I developed all the web interface with the Struts MVC framework and connected with the back-end business Logic using EJB .
Information Technology and Services

J2EE Developer,Analyst
01.2006 - 05.2006
• Reengineering of a documental system that processes 6000 documents per day and uses a batch procedure that, with the help of the verity, indicize the documents to achieve a full text research. The software was built in a monolothic manner, without design pattern principles and exposed an excessive slow behaviour. My role in this project was of Analyst and Developer, I had to reingeneer all the software architecture , The system was developed with Bea integration instrument,
• The system was able to indicize the documents in about 1 hour, compared to the 6 hours of the old implementation.
Information Technology and Services

04.2005 - 12.2005
• The customer is the national institute of statistics, I had to port a software part of an internal subsystem that was implemented in Oracle Procedures and Oracle Forms, I used Struts Framework to build all the web interface, and made a layer of business logic that was independent from the data access Layer. I had to implement a lot of Web Services Client because I needed data coming from another Customer Department.
• At the end of the job , the visual interface made the customer have a much more clear view of statistical data improving the quality of the research they had to made.
Information Technology and Services

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