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José E. Ornelas Da Silva

José Eugenio Ornelas Da Silva

Profileimage by JosE OrnelasDaSilva José Eugenio Ornelas Da Silva from Valencia
  • 2003 Valencia Freelancer in
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  • Last update: 22.08.2015
Ofice 2010, MS Project, M&E,  Hysis (process plant design), Visual Studio (FORTRAN), Visual FoxPro, Phyton, Excel, Auto Cad, 6Sigma,APQP, Statistical Process Control, Problem Analysis and Decision Making, Principles of Excellence
-Autoespuma, C.A. 06/1979-07/1981(QC Manager, Production Manager)

-Flexven C.A. 08/1981 - 08/1983 (Plant Administrator)

-Amusa, 09/1983 - 06/1991 (Plant Manager, General Manager)

-Coorporación Ceramicas Carabobo, 07/1991 - 02/1992 (Assistant to Vice Presidency of Operations)

-Bertrand Faure de Venezuela, S.A., 03/1992 - 02/1995 (Plant Manager [Molded Polyurethane Plant], R$D-Product Engineering Manager)

-Autoparna, C.A., 02/1995 - 02/1996 (Plant Manager [Molded Polyurethane Plant], R$D-Product Engineering Manager)

-Industrias Cosmopartes, C.A., 03/1996 - 12/1996 (Plant Manager)

-Consultant 03/1997 – Up today (Consultant in Molded Polyurethane Foam-Thermoforming-Industrial Automation Projects, )

-Ferropolimeros, C.A. 09/1997 – 04/1998 (Design, fabrication, software development and start up for two machines in Accordance With JIS standard: one for compression tests (Hardness of Foam) and the second one to test Tensile and Tear resistance. It's operation is full automatic, the first, the operator only put the part up the test block aligned with the indentator and push the button and the second, placed the specimens between the jaws and push button, both machines can print the chart the test, as the final test report; Making the mold for manufacturing insulation Dash Panel on car TOYOTA Corolla)

-Aglolam Falcón, C.A., 07/1997 – 06/2002 (General Manager)

-UC Carabobo University, 06/2002 – 02/2004 R&D to create a software of Perceptron con el fin de utilizarlo como base de datos predictiva.

-Procesadora de Alimentos Prodalic, C.A., 02/2008 - 06/2008 (diseño e implementación del sistema de llenado automático para las líneas de kétchup y pasta de tomate en presentaciones superiores a 1 kg)

 -Softcarl, C.A. 03/2010 – 08/2010 (Overhauling and upgrading of equipment compressive and tensile manufactured in 1997, manufacturing equipment for flammability test according to JIS Standard, design and manufacture of automatic test equipment for Resilience according to JIS standard, the operator only sets the steel ball and press the start button, the machine prints the report and graph behavior of the sphere

-ANC Termoformado, C.A. 09/2010 – Up today (R&D and Operations Director)

-Servicios de Limpieza AquaJet, C.A., 04/2013 – 12/2014 (General Manager)
-R&D: Molded Foam and thrmoformed  parts to automotive industries in Venezuela. like Foam seats, Batery boxes, stirrups, bumpers among others
I am currently in the development stage of an investigation for the implementation of a software learning neural networks in order to determine behavior in molded foam since the mold removal time (demolding) Until 72 hours after produced (time of stabilizing properties) to Establish With an effective system of monitoring over the production of molded foam seats and in That Way Develop new equipment for testing on molded foams maximum 30 minutes after the demolding.
Also Currently I am finishing a feasibility study for the production of sodium hypochlorite, detergents and disinfectants for the Venezuelan domestic market.