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Last update: 06.09.2022

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Graduation: BTECH
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Hindi (Native or Bilingual)


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  • Expertise in commissioning of FL16, FL16A, FL17A,TL16A,TL17A,TL18SP SRAN(SBTS16,17A,18SP,18A)
  • Expertise in XML RNW (Radio Access Network) Plan, Creation/Modification on SRAN(17A/SRAN16.10) 
  • Expertise in Network dump audit manually or by creating tools using VBA for Excel
  • Expertise Troubleshooting and analyses for SCF (Site commissioning File) compared with System Module,  RF Module &other Cards.    
  • Creating New XML templates for new SBTS profiles for creating SCFs of SRAN17A,18SP and SRAN16.10 •  
  • Creating Macros using VBA to automate the work, to audit the  network, KPI monitor, KML plotting.
  • Use Netact tool to implement XMLs or CRFS file to update parameters using CM tool.    
  • Implementing Volte in RoB using 175 golden parameters and 430 supporting parameters.             
  • Good Knowledge of Nokia CM, PM, Monitor, Software manager etc tools of Nokia NetAct16.8, 17.8,18       
  • RF Planning - PCI RSI LNBTS Naming & others.    
  • Hand Over Intra/Inter Cells (TD/FD, GSM-WCDMA-LTE, Reselection-Redirection-Smart Return to LTE) creation& analyses.    
  • Conversation to 3Mhz to 5Mhz & Implementation of Carrier Aggregation of TD-FD in collocated sites.   
  • Ensure that Element managers are working from NetAct - OSS/CM Operation manager & to Verify non operational objects.   
  • Check Tx IP (S-GW, P-GW, MME, NTP others)   
  • Troubleshoot Operational Object & Parametric Optimization, validating with Network Dump (Audit & if any changes required of internal values)   
  • Completion of ZQ Removal process for handover new sites to the MS team with respect to Site Performances, KPI & Health Check.   
  • Check Alarm with FM Statistic & BTS manager & Analyses for Parametric changes. Performing tools such as: CM Application/Editor, NetAct Plan Editor, Citrix, Applications, MAPINFO       

Project history

12/2019 - 12/2019
RF Coordinator
Coordinating with SCFT teams on the field for smooth running of SCFTs.
* 700 SCFT competition and rolling out them.

Received excellence certificate from Bharti Airtel for Successful Launch of LTE on ROB.

Time and spatial flexibility

Travel to any location

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